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  1. ChristopherM

    Dimension Line Full

    The dimensioning are done exactly the same way on both images. Clicking Dimensions on the Annotation bar. Then clicking on the Circle ring. Then click again to adjust the text placement. I have NOT used Linear on the image to the left. Done the same on the right image but the result is different, though the steps are the same. Its a different file so perhaps something with the file template option...? I already went through the Dimension Style Manager and made sure they look the same to get the same result but not working. I am thinking the option is somewhere else...? CM
  2. Hi Does anyone know where the setting to make the Dimension line full as the picture on the left left side. The picture on the right will not turn into a full line just half. Thanks for the help CM
  3. Hi Tried to look for something like the topic says but only found topics that explodes everything. And I want to explode ONLY the blocks that are inside a block and then keeping the main block that is placed. I have hundreds blocks and some of them are inside a block so something automatic would be nice Thank for the help CM
  4. Hi Is there out there a better tool than Boundry Creation tool. I get too many "boundry cannot be determined" or perhaps there is some workflow to fix this ? Tolerance level ? or select all and tell it to join/extend/... up ? Thanks CM
  5. Don't think I understand or I wasn't clear enough. I have lots of objects in different layers with different colors and it will take too long to select each single object or layer and give that object a color. I want to select them all and automatically give them a specific color based on the layer. Fast and easy, or so it seems. If color on Layer red, give all objects on that layer red. Still possible?
  6. Hi Is there a command where I can select all and change the properties from Color ByLayer to specific color, which is the same color as the color ByLayer. Say there is a layer set to color red ByLayer and everything in that layer I want to move to a new layer which is green. But I want to keep those things red and not make them green. Thanks for the help CM
  7. ChristopherM

    Single Line tool?

    I was writing letter in the increment, since I wanted to increment with letters. But its the Format that has the letter, and just number of increment in "Increment" XD Thanks
  8. ChristopherM

    Single Line tool?

    Does anyone know if Lee's can increase with a letter instead of number A, B, C etc. I havent been able to do this, perhaps I am missing something...
  9. Thank you for this Was helpful for me as well in 2016 June
  10. ChristopherM

    Single Line tool?

    Great cheers for the help
  11. Hi I have lots of rooms that I need to mark with and ID. 1 , 2 , 3 and so on. My question is, is there a way I can do this fast and easy. Without having to copy the single line text and paste it in the new room and then change the number. Perhaps there is somehow I can click write the number then click in the new place write the new number and so on going to the hundreds of rooms ? It has to be Single Line text, or at least at the end it has to be single line text Thanks
  12. No, there is nothing hidden or freezed. It has something to do with nested blocks. Blocks inside a block. So if there is a command to Qselect nested blocks I could easily find them and eXplode them. Or Qselect un-named blocks *1 , *2 and such block... :/
  13. Hi there perhaps someone here can help me There are some blocks that move to a new location (guessing X=0 Y=0) and I am having trouble figuring which blocks it is. This happens after I export as 2007 dxf and import to another program. so I dont see the wrong Blocks in Autocad which makes things hard to correct I am guessing it has something to do with reference and blocks as I received the file from someone else. Is there a command or a special format to save to so I can see the error and the correct it ? Any help would be much appreciated. (Image shows where the blocks shows up afterwards but not in AutoCAD 2015)
  14. ChristopherM

    Anon Blocks

    Thank you. I will try it
  15. ChristopherM

    Anon Blocks

    they star with U And I tried this : (ssget '((2 . "`*U*"))) but that just selected them without the possiblity of me doing anything more afterwards. It keeps asking for objects to select. if I press esc I lose the selection. Didn't understand it right i think... and QSelect I tried to use *U by Wildcard Match but that didnt work either...