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  1. thanks, but I'm looking for something that is immediate, and temporary. one command only kind of thing.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a macro (preferably. if not, then a lisp) that will allow me to pick an object, then set an imaginary line between two points, and make the object move only along that line. it should be similar to the MOVE command. any ideas?
  3. Hello again! I have a follow-up challenge here- the command works great on simple blocks, but It won't insert any block inside the requested block, even when they are both in the same folder... any ideas?
  4. Thanks Dana, that was really helpful I've managed to make the arrow lines stretch to both sides, now to figure out how to make them move to the center of the stretched block... any suggestions?
  5. Hello, I am having trouble with a dynamic block I've created... I'm looking for a way to automate stair drawing. I've made a block that stretches and adds stairs just great- but I haven't succeeded keeping the 'direction arrow' centered, and with both ends at the and-points of stair width... confused? I've add pic's
  6. well, now I've got a different problem... the recorded command works great in the file where I've created it. not so good on any other file...
  7. Hi there! A simple question- I've recorded a sequence of commands, and saved them as one recorded command. Now- I've tried looking my new command in the CUI command list, and it's not listed... so WHERE is it? can I make a button for it? can I transfer it to other computers? Thank you for your time.
  8. Thank's again for all of your advice! I'd rather just type the serial No. ,then trying to find it in the tool-palette
  9. thanks Steven, but how do I set the block's folder location?
  10. Hi! I'm looking for a script that does this: insert block from specific (non changing) folder, *type in name of block* no rotation no scaling insert to picked point on screen (meaning- i only want to type the name end pick a point of insertion) any ideas? thanks a lot!