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  1. thnx dana for the reply but unfortunately, pickfirst value is already set to 1, changed it to 0 then to 1.... but NO success!
  2. when I want to use Arabic text in AutoCAD, I use times new roman font, but my problem is that the displayed text is sooo wide in an annoying way, & if I go to properties to decrease the width to 0.6 for example, it would appear compressed! in addition to that when I print the file the text would be backwards & detached! any suggestions for my problems? I am having this problem in all late AutoCAD versions!
  3. I newly installed AutoCAD 2014 on my Win 7 operating system, problem is that when I want to use the quick select tool, it would be empty, with no items in it , even if I made selection to some items... I formatted my computer & reinstalled AutoCAD but unfortunately I still have the same problem!