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  1. jnoltremari

    Layer Properties not updating properly

    I have a macro that fixes layer colors. You could use something like this, adjusted to exactly what you need. ^C^C-LAYER;C;30;am_0_object;C;CYAN;am_1_object_1;...and so on.... Then again, as 'lamensterms' stated, I'm not sure I know what you're aiming for.
  2. jnoltremari

    Layer Properties not updating properly

    You probably need to purge all layers first. If you drag in layers that have the same name, AutoCAD will keep the current layer properties.
  3. jnoltremari

    Use tilde key for escape?

    I use an app called "KeyTweak". It allows you to remap keyboard keys to any other key value. I know some people don't like the idea of using a key remapper, but it works fine for me. I set my tilde to be the delete key, so Esc and delete are right there together. Since I have to use feet and inches for my work, I set the + key on the number pad to be the foot symbol. It makes foot and inch input faster and much easier. I never use tilde for anything so losing that key didn't bother me, I remapped the + key because I have another + key next to the backspace key. All is well...
  4. jnoltremari

    Change color of array path

    Your welcome. Glad to help.
  5. jnoltremari

    Change color of array path

    Try making the changes from the "arrayedit" command Command Line: arrayedit (then select the array) S (for source) then select the original object, then do your layer/color/bylayer editing from there. Click "Save Changes" when done.
  6. jnoltremari

    Change color of array path

    Make sure "Object Color" is set to "ByLayer"
  7. Yep or ^C^C_spline;near;\\near;\;;;
  8. jnoltremari

    Polyline width not in the center

    You could just use polar tracking and start your polyline at the halfway distance to begin width, then it would already be "centered". P.S. I don't think Osnaps work very well with multiline or dline, but I'm not sure...
  9. jnoltremari

    Saved drawings shifting when re-opened

    No problem! Glad to help.
  10. jnoltremari

    Saved drawings shifting when re-opened

    This is an old post so I don't know how useful this will be. The problem you are describing is "normal"(a bug in my opinion) for AutoCad. It has to do with the order in which AutoCad loads everything it needs to load, tool palettes, command line(s), tab bar, the drawing etc... Basically AutoCad is trying to position the drawing to zoom extents but doing so while all the other things are loading, therefore it is shifting the drawing down a little to stay out of the way of the tool palettes that are loading. You are probably seeing this when you are opening a drawing with no other drawings open. You can confirm this is what is happening by opening a drawing, then open another drawing that you know is zoomed to extents, it should open and not be shifted down. This is because tool palettes etc... are already there. If that is not what happens then you may have another problem. However, I feel sure what you are getting is "normal". What I do to keep that from happening is open AutoCad and leave the default "Drawing1" open before I start opening my other drawings. This way anything I open is correctly zoomed to extents. I hope all of that made sense... P.S. I forgot to mention; if you zoom extents and save with the properties window open it will shift the drawing a little to the left upon reopening...