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  1. Hi All Im sitting with at little quistion, because I have alot of dwg's with different blocks in them. I now need to change one specific block with another block. Since I have around 100 drawings where I have to change the block then I was hoping that there would be an easy way so I don't have to go in manually in each dwg. Can you help me or give me some hints on how to do this? FYI: I can not change the old block in block editor because I still need it.
  2. It's working now. Thanks Steve. I did go through the "double click", so that was why it didn't work. Thank you very much for this Steve
  3. No worries Steve, I'm just very happy that you want to help. I can't get it to work. Maybe it's me. If I change the Status to "B" and then use "regen" does the "Purpose of issue" then change on your computer?
  4. Hmm.. It dosen't seem to change by it self om my computer. Does your "Purpose of issue" change by it self when you update the status?
  5. The "logic" is that when the status says D and then go to C and then B then the drawing is an Approval drawing. When it in the end gets an A status then it's Construction. I don't know if its logic. Im danish but I work in UK and I have never had this Approval before.
  6. Hi Guys. Thanks for you respond. I have tried FIELDS, but I can't get it to work. I'm not using SheetsSet, because that will be to big a difference from what people normally did. I have attached a drawing where my current template is in, then it maybe is easier for you guys to see how I have set it up now. SMARTTITLE.dwg
  7. Hi Guys I'm trying to make a "Smart" title block (My own name for it). The thing is that I think it takes way to long time to write the various text in a title block, so I'm trying to make it easier. It have brought me to this stage where I need help to to problems. Both of them is where in need an IF-command (Excel term) but I don't know how to do this in Autocad. In my title block I have to boxes. One is a "Status" (A, B, C & D) and the second is "Purpose of Issue". I would like the "POS" to automatic change from APPROVAL to CONSTRUCTION when the Status box gets to A. Can you guys help me with this? The other thing is my REVISION box. I don't know with you but I forget to update this little important box all the time, when I make a revision. I have three boxes where there are room to write revisions in. I then want my revision box to find the highest number in the three boxes. But I don't know how. Can you help me with this also? These two commands would be so easy to do in excel, but I don't understand the system in AutoCAD and I have search on the internet for almost 3 days now, without any luck.