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  1. chubarka

    Need help with Solidworks 2016

    Reggy, I too was in the same boat that you are in not long ago. I have found the quickest way to get into the view that you are looking for is the original factory settings for Solidworks, with the Command Manager in full view at top. You get there by the Registry. Go into Google and it will give you very simple instructions how to restore the GUI to factory settings. Hope this helps you Chubarka
  2. chubarka

    Solidworks Real View

    I am personally not knowledgeable on RVG as I only use it for one small purpose, but I do know that the more memory in the card, the greater the price. The card that you mention for $30.00 probably sports 512 MGB, whereas the $400.00 one probably has 3 or 4 GB. I have seen them having 8 GB and selling for $4,000.00.
  3. I need to add the .125" radius at top bridged between the ends of the two vertical lines
  4. It seems that I did not explain myself properly, see attachment for how I need to use the arc tool in AutoCAD.
  5. Someone here please share with me the command sequence needed to put a .125" radius, between the end points of two lines using the arc tool. Thanking you is, Chubarka
  6. chubarka

    Invalid or incomplete DXF input

    guigonse, and BIGAL, Thank you so much for your replies. Unfortunately you are both at a much higher level of skill at AutoCAD than I, and consequently I don't have a clue as to understanding your solutions. I wouldn't know how to post the dxf, nor have I ever heard of adjusting a dxf Generator. If you could kindly elaborate at a lower level, I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you again, Chubarka
  7. Has anyone seen this error message, and can anything be done about it? Invalid or incomplete DXF input, drawing discarded. I received this message after converting a line drawing in the JPG format to a vector file in the DXF format, and scaling it down in size. And when the message says "discarded", that is exactly what happened, the file is gone. Chubarka
  8. Sanchez, With regards to a format that you are looking for, there's nothing carved in stone on this anywhere in the Industry. If you are making 2-D prints in AutoCAD for example, the format that has been in place since the Industrial revolution started is still acceptable, Front, Side, and top views are pretty standard. Since you are on a Solidworks Forum, 3-D Isometric views are fine. I can't give you any AutoCAD or Solidworks files, but you are welcome to the screen shots that I enclose. Hope they are of some help. Chubarka
  9. Here is one to play with. LDB Foldover amendments.dwg
  10. When I am able to print out from AutoCAD, that means that my printer can handle the size, I have no problems whatsoever with accuracy whether I print pdf or dxf at 1 : 1. However because a printer recognizes pdf , it is not necessarily compatible with AutoCAD, is only a guess on my part. For example I just today had a print for a progressive die printed out at a large franchise printing service. The length of the die itself is 13". It came out 13.130". When I gave it to the Printer, I was told to save it as a pdf. As sure as you are a foot high, I will get a complaint from the Client. Thank you again, Chubarka
  11. Thanks for your response. That is a pretty low price, I have never seen anything approach that one. I have had printings done using pdf in the past, I believe they were done by printers using the percentage technique to increase or decrease, they never did approach real accuracy like that I get by doing it 1:1 in AutoCAD. Since I posted this query, I have been in touch with a Blueprint company that boasts real good accuracy, we'll find out real quick. I thank you for your response again. Chubarka
  12. Hello, I design automatic tooling for micro-parts, and 95 percent of my work I am able to print out myself using a standard 8.5 X 11 size printer. However there is that pesky 5 percent that will not fit on standard size paper and requires either legal 8.5 X 17, or ledger 11 X 17 printing, at printing 1:1. 5 percent does not justify my purchasing an oversize printer or plotter. That being said, would anyone here know of a printing service that recognizes CAD formats, so I can print out the few that I need one to one. The formats I use are dxf, dwg, sldprt, sldasm, 3dm. Thank you, Chubarka