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  1. Hi. I'm trying to create a block-based multileader style in ACAD 2014 LT, but I'm running in a weird color behavior issue. below is the block used as the base as seen in block editor : The issue arise with the hatch. I've been using a version without a hatch for a long time without any issues ever, but I would like to have hatch so that I don't have to trim overlapping lines or add boundaries to background hatches, which make any kind of afterthought modifications a pain. In model space, everything seems fine : But when seen in paper space, the hatch suddenly takes the layer color (in this case, blue). It's the same wether the multileader is copied directly on the paper or viewed through a viewport. Why is this happening and is there a workaround? I can't use a wipeout because for some reason, I can't do an ellipsoid wipeout and you can't make an ellipse with polyline arcs. Thank you