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  1. Robdraw, can you be a little more specific on setting up the template without involving any backwards style? Like a template that mirrors everything by default?
  2. Indeed, i was thinking about using some kind of a macro. I m going to try that. I keep you guys posted. Tanx for the input! Just extruding and exporting / saving in .stl doesn't take time and isn't worth the pain of involving lisp probably. Grtz
  3. Perhaps it is, Dana, thanx for your input. I hadn't expected it would involve lisp...
  4. Ok Dana, tanx, but i would like to automate this as i will have to make numerous stamps... I was seeing it like: just open a file, type the name of the employee and the social securit number and some other basic info, and it would produce me a 3d file, ready to be saved in .stl and hence, ready to send to my printer...
  5. Worked perfectly so now i'm working in OCR B font!! Though i put my new éstyle" in backwards mode (it is a stamp so it needs to be backwords and mirrored). With "Express Tools" i've explode the font to make actual geometry from it. I want to extrude it, to make it 3D so i can print. After exploding, i lose the mirrored effect and it is no longer backwards :-( Any suggestions? Tanx
  6. Tanx for the anser ReMark, btw I m running wondows 8.1 I ll check it out and keep you guys posted...
  7. Hi fellow designers! Basically i want to 3D print a series of stamps (fysical stamps with ink). Most steps on how to to this, i've already managed to figure out. However i need to work with OCR B font style characters on the stamp (required by legislation). I Don't see this font inside the list of possible fonts when i define or change a textstyle... On the internet i have already found the font (alas never for free, does anyone know where to get it for free?) In what format does the font have to be? How can i make it appear in the list at "font style" checkbox? Do i need to put it in a certain subfolder or searchpath? Thanx for your attention 'n input! Tekkieflippo