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  1. freebutterflyx

    copying XREF-layersettings between Xref's

    I still have to look at the use of "layer states" and see if it works. Some xrefs are updated on a regular basis. So it is important that I can simply adjust the xref link to the new file without applying all layer chages again.
  2. I have a drawing with currently 5 xrefs. These Xrefs are not from our company and don't come from autocad. They are a dwg export. Each xref has +-500 layers. I don't want to put them together because these xrefs are changing sometimes. For the first xref, I have applied some changes to the layers: - layers OFF - changed color of layers (mainly change colors to grey - colors 252 tot 254) - changed linetypes - ... I would like to apply these changes to all my Xrefs. Currently 5 xref but more need the be added to the drawing. Can I copy my setting from xref1 tot the other xrefs? All xref have there own name but their layers are the same (some minor exeptions).
  3. For a current project, we need to provide a "info-file" for each dwg file. This should be in txt or XLS. This information file should at least contain the following info: - file-name (+ path maybe) - XREF names/info - used layers - used blocks - used ctb-file and printer info/settings - ... Someone was allready starting making this manually in excel but this would be a very long work to do for every drawing. Can this be done directly in acad of with a lisp routine or something?
  4. freebutterflyx

    Dynamic blocks in acad 2007

    I just mentioned 2007 as an exemple. I thought about an older version without the dynamic block function. Are the dynamic blocks fully compatible between version lets say 2007 and 2016?
  5. For most projects we need to cooperate with others. These other companies don't always use the same acad version (sometimes newer and sometimes older). Lets say I use acad 2016 and I use dynamic blocks in my drawing (lets say a rectangle with a custumable width and height, internal partitions,...) and I use this block several times with different dimensions. If I send this drawing to someone who uses acad 2007 (or maybe older), what happens to the dynamic blocks?
  6. freebutterflyx

    Stepping into BIM: some (a lot) questions

    Currently we draw everything (both architectural and structural) in 2D, just "normal" autocad and sometimes with the help of some simple lisp. Recently we had some clients that were asking if we could deliver our files in Revit or Tekla format (or an open BIM format). Our management also saw drawings and 3D models from other companys. So they started to think about it. The management doesn't use these programmes, they only see the result and they have to deliver the result to the client. Because of the questions of the clients, the "looks" of other "3D models" and the fact that BIM is "modern" now, they started to think about it. Most of the management doens't know BIM, Revit, Tekla or whatever, they only see our results (2D drawings) and the results of others (similar companys). So, what we (the management actually) want ... shortly said : doiing like other do and building 3D models in stead of drawing in 2D. This for both the architectural side and the structural side: - architectural drawing: plans + details - structural drawing: overview + details ( - structural details of steel contructions - reinforcement drawings BTW: the question for switching from 2D to 3D didn't come from "the working people" but it was the management that came with the idea first.
  7. freebutterflyx

    Stepping into BIM: some (a lot) questions

    I got the humor of it... The simpliest way would be to buy all of it, test all of it in some projects en see what works best for our needs. But that would be to expencive and to time consuming. @tzframpton The transition will not be made in a hurry. It will be resaerched deeply so we can make the most correct decision. About the older people: I know some of them don't have a 3D vision. But that's a problem for the managers. I just want to give some good advice.
  8. freebutterflyx

    Stepping into BIM: some (a lot) questions

    We are currently looking at all options. this can be Autodesk software because we are using autocad now. But this can also be something like Tekla Structures. I'm very aware of the fact that it will take (a lot of) time to build the first models and to build up experience. (I'm not going to try to convice others, thats the job of the management)
  9. freebutterflyx

    Stepping into BIM: some (a lot) questions

    Not the answer I expected ... I'm not the one who has to pay for the software but I want to give some good advice or suggestions because I (and my colleagues) are the ones who have to work with it. Buying all of it and so also including (parts of) software we can use occasionally but don't realy need will be to expensive (I think) which may result in canceling everything.
  10. (I don't know if this is the wright section to ask) Our company is thinking of moving to a "BIM" style designing. Both our architectural en structural departement work in "normal" autocad. What we currectly do: - architectural drawing (everything in 2D): plans + details - structural drawing: overview + details (with the architecutal drawing as an XREF) - everything in 2D - structural details of steel contructions (with some own (old) lisp routines) - reinforcement drawings (with soms own (old) lisp routines) Non of us has real experience with 3D BIM software. I have limited experience in 3D autocad and I have experience with 3D modeling in a calculation software. Some of us use Sketchup for a visual representation of the design, not for making the drawings. Now our company is considering a swith to BIM software. Some of the older guys don't like the idea very much because they will need to learn a new software and because it is another way of working. But the main question is: What do we need? I have no idea (also no idea yet if both departements will make the switch at the same time) I think the basis is Autodesk Revit architectural and structural. For "my" departement (strutural side of the design) I think with this we can make the basic structural drawings (floor levels with beams and columns, some details,...). Correct me if I'm wrong. What about the layer structure we currently use? But then... what do we need to draw steel detail drawings? Autodesk advance steel? What do we need to draw concrete reinforcement drawings (overview drawings, shop list of reinforcement,...)? Is this possible with Revit of do we need lets say Advanced concrete. Can anyone give some advice of point us in a good directions.
  11. I tried it but it doesn't work like I would like to. Currently I have a dwg I use as Xref. In this xref are a lot of (large) blocks all on layer 0. If I explode these blocks, I see the elements of this blocks are on different layers and the colors are not bylayer. The setbylayer command doesn't work apparently with an xref. I only works within the original drawing but I prefer not to change the original drawing.
  12. I allways use drawings of other people as Xref and I allways change every color of this Xref to grey so I can draw my own details on top of it in my own colors and use my own plot style table. But often things (and parts of blocks) in the xref are not drawn in a bylayer color. So if I change the layer colors of my xref, the color of this object isn't changed. Sometimes I change the colors in the original file (after exploding blocks). But this is nog very practical because I have to do it again when I receive an updated xref. Is there a way I can change everything in a xref to a certain color (grey), no matter what color it is originaly (bylayer or not). Possible in modelspace or in a viewport. I use acad 2009 but I have acces to acad 2016.
  13. freebutterflyx

    transfer license to trial version

    I will check it out. I thought the transfer license function was meant for something like this because only one acad version is working at every time.
  14. freebutterflyx

    transfer license to trial version

    We use also extra software on top of acad. These didn't always work well with acad clones in the past. (We tried) So, what's the purpose of the possibility of transfering a license?
  15. freebutterflyx

    transfer license to trial version

    You mean this isn't legal? We mostly use 2009 (with licenses) because we have an extra application running on 2009. We have 1 acad 2015 license just to have a recent version. We only running 1 acad 2015 at the same time. The person who needs acad2015 transfers the license to his PC to use it. On my PC, acad2015 was installed without a serial, so just as a trail version.