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  1. Steven-g what a genius! I can never think of this. Thank you very much. Is there any way to make it update automatically when I drag it? or the only way is to regen?
  2. I have the following block where I have successfully inserted stretch action (no limits) and array action (limit 20). I need to display the array count number next to the block so that I don't have to count the aisles every time I have to use the action. Dynamic Array Count.dwg
  3. I have the application attached below with these problems: 1. The flip action works fine on (1 to 1) but for the rest it's a mess. 2. The Length is not updating instantly I must regen. I want it to update automatically without regenerating the file Thank you Dynamic Lanes.dwg
  4. Dear ReMark, I am sorry to revive this post but I would really like to know how did you put a field in the text which update automatically without regen. Thank you
  5. How can we have an array with variable distance between columns in dynamic block? I have an application where I used a lookup table for a stretch action, I want the array distance to change when I change the value in the lookup table.
  6. Yes it does, but I don't want to regen my drawing everytime I want to use stretch action, any advice on how to automate it? Thank you for your reply
  7. I have a dynamic block suppose a rectangle where I applied a stretch action, I want a label telling the user the length of the rectangle every time he stretches it. A small research on the web informed me that it is possible to put a label inside the rectangle that displays its length, but when stretching the block the value does not change. Any idea how to reach my goal?