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    Design Engineer with over 12 years experience in the design and manufacture of industrial machines and equipment. My main CAD tools are AutoCAD and Solidworks.
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    2D & 3D Design with Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD

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    Design Engineer
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    I am responsible for designing industrial equipment the company manufactures. Some of my projects includes, Silos, Belt Conveyors, Food Processing Machines.

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    AutoCAD 2002
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    SolidWorks, Photoshop

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    Windows 7
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    HP Pavilion dv7
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    Intel Core i7
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    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6570
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  1. Use the Measure Command to measure objects.
  2. paaray

    Challenge Exercise

    xpro, Rmark is right its Txt.shx. You can always use the preview option to verify.
  3. paaray


    I think the LISPS might have caused that problem. Try the following troubleshooting options. 1. Login to a different user account on your system and run AutoCAD to find out if it's also affected. If it is not affected, then the AutoCAD system settings at your regular account has been tempered with. In this case you may try resetting AutoCAD to default settings. 2. How to Resset AutoCAD to Default Settings. Go to: Start menu > All Programs > Autodesk > AutoCAD 201x > Reset Settings To Default. Proceed with caution, you can read more about it from the autodesk knowledge website. Good luck.
  4. paaray

    Show your AutoCAD screen thread

    This is mine before I start work.
  5. paaray

    Mechanical Desktop 6

    The problem is there will be distortions in the object sizes.
  6. paaray

    Challenge Exercise

    The link has been removed so there is no violation here.
  7. paaray

    Challenge Exercise

    I have added more, you can try your hands on it.
  8. paaray

    Challenge Exercise

    No problem, more will follow soon.
  9. paaray


    For example "L" is ALIAS for the "LINE" Command, "C" is ALIAS for "CIRCLE" Command. The short form of a command is ALIAS.
  10. paaray

    Challenge Exercise

    xpr0 this is excellent, really professional.
  11. paaray

    Challenge Exercise

    Well noted, thanks.
  12. Complete these drawings.
  13. paaray

    How do I draw this top portion?

    Create the complete outline in 2D. Use the fillet command to create the rounds. Use the PEDIT Command to join all the entities and then use the extruded command to extrude. You can then position it on the main block and join.
  14. Do you need exercises to practice? Here you are. http://www.novafel.com