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  1. But my dwg files may contain for example 50 dimension with field and each field manual convert to text - needs much time.
  2. This is example file - needs what all field will convert to text and all object stay correct. Now I have lisp (find in internet), but this lisp do not convert filed in dimension and main symbol "∅" diameter convert to symbol "?". In my dwg files too much symbols "∅". example.dwg fieldtotext.lsp
  3. Mline text, blocks, dimensions can containt field. If I use burst, I will be crusched this object (Mline text, blocks, dimensions). Exsits manual method to covert field to text - right button mouse -> convert to text. This action must be done with each field, but in dwg file may be to much field.
  4. Hello! Can you help me - which way convert all field to text in Autocad
  5. Yes, maybe need more discipline. But people are different, and some people have problems with discipline and this problem can not be solved. For example at the end of the working day, when the state of a bit nervous and tired, I want to program to do the discipline as much as possible. Then at work there are old people who have little knowledge of AutoCAD and who have reduced attention. They also need a safety net. Backup is an additional and convenient work only for large projects. It is not convenient for small but important projects for 2-3 days. Because you will spend more time on the backup, you do the project. Due to the power failure information loss does not happen, because we use the APC. Loss of data occurs because the users themselves or fatal errors AutoCAD. I worked for several years with AutoCAD without using bak and sv$ and not lost information. And the question I asked in order to improve my skills and to help people with low discipline.
  6. >May we ask why you want to save .sv$ files? Exist much case. For example: if I closed file without save (it happen not usual, but it happend), using *.sv$ file I can recover version of file which autosaving several minute ago. >Do you have AutoCAD set up to create .bak files? Yes, I have. But logic creating *.bak and *.sv$ not same. >Do you regularly make backups of all your .dwg files? I make backup each or two week, but not each day or half-day. >What is AUTOSAVE set to? Options>Open and save> Automatic save - 30 minutes. I find this little trick http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?21642-Autosave-SV-Files
  7. Hello! When working options "Automatic save", autocad creating *.sv$ file. But if I closed autocad without error this files automatic will be deleted. Exist way what autocad do not deleted automatic *.sv$ files?
  8. maratovich , thank you button is working too. Dana W In my particular case, I prefer a zero tolerance, then the lines exactly similar to polylines. Thanks for the reply
  9. Hello! For example I have many lines like as Fig. Needs convert line to polylines. Usual solution using pjoin many times. Exist posibility Converted many line to many polylines using one times command?
  10. Hello! My question about Automatic dimension line is located close to the text. Exist posibility what create dimension line bottom text on Fig. 1 like as Fig. 2?
  11. engmech

    dynamic blocks not correctly work

    Good simple solution to use miror for this block:) But mirror not for all cases - for example when this block (picture) is part big dynamic block. And needs what mirror not apply for all part of block, only for some part block. I have a similar case. Now I found a solution without a mirror. It was not easy - in the block(picture) I add 1 linear parametr, 2 visibility and etc...
  12. Can you help - so that after flip block is working right like before flip. ex1.dwg
  13. engmech

    attributes parametr

    "You need to select Area as value of S, not a*b" It works, thank you.
  14. engmech

    attributes parametr

    Thank you! I use this tutorial http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/acadblog/tutorial-use-fields-to-automatically-label-dynamic-blocks/ and I found solution how to link parametr "a" with attribute "A". But the formula for the area att "S" is still not calculated. In value "S" displayed for example 60*60, but I needs value 3600. Mode "Closed" will not work, because I need to attribute value is displayed in the properties. As I understand attribute can not be done, to together display the attribute in the properties and would not editable. column2.dwg