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  1. dmleach

    Joining walls of varying angles

    I can't seem to attached anything. Not sure what I'm doing wrong..... Sorry.
  2. dmleach

    Joining walls of varying angles

    I am using the 3D walls and it tends to be the same type of partition wall and the same height. Wasn't sure where to post this. Sorry. Any help would be great
  3. Hello all, Please can anyone help with this question ? So after many years of just dealing with shoddy walls joining together I have decided to ask how this can be done. So, if you draw 3 walls in varying angles and thicknesses together how can I do this so it all looks clean rather than 2 joining and the other one looking 'cut off' ? Does this make sense ? Given how wonderful AutoCAD is I am sure there must be some way of dealing with this ! Thanks for any help !
  4. Point taken. Thanks for the reprimand ! Sounds like it might be me ! Glad it's all sorted now though.......
  5. Brilliant ! Thanks Steven. I am not sure how it did it in the first place - one of those strange quirks of AutoCAD perhaps ! Really helped me. Cheers.
  6. Hi All, Please can you help with issue. I am not sure what I did to make this happen but I now cannot pick up multiple objects to copy or move unless I pick all of them up in one hit. I now have to move/copy one item then go on to the next. It's slowing me down. Does anyone have any idea of how to solve this please ? Does that all make sense !?!? Thanks.