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  1. emadelbatran

    How to create 3d Lotus petal mesh?

    I forget to tell you after you making the network of shape you need to write in prompt command ((MESHOPTIONS)) and from the winddows select the object to tessellate and then select the network will converting to mesh and the press refine
  2. emadelbatran

    How to create 3d Lotus petal mesh?

    you can choose a network command from surface tab to select right and left and up and down and you will get the shape you want then go to mesh tab and then select the refine mesh and you will get the mesh you want that's all hope I help you
  3. it's so easy to make, without using the taper command , what you need to stand on the left side elevation and draw this triangle and then forced extrude with the value of wide of the rectangle of top view above then you need to move it again to rear elevation and draw again the opening in this view and make extrude for short distance and make subtract , then you will got you looking for, hope I help you