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  1. hugha

    Vertical Wood Grain Hatch Pattern

    That is a Revit model pattern that can also be used in AutoCAD. If you are working in Revit, you can 1) rotate a model pattern in situ where it has ben used as a surface pattern 2) use the free HatchKit Add-In for Revit to rotate the fill definition or create another rotated fill within the project. 3) load a pre-rotated pattern from a .PAT file. If you are working in AutoCAD you can 1) rotate a hatch pattern while specifying a hatched area using that pattern 2) use a pre-rotated pattern from a custom .PAT file. Here is your posted pattern rotated 27 degrees, suitable for Revit ot AutoCAD: ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Written by HatchKit Team Edition Trial ; HatchKit Team Edition Trial ©1990-2018 Cadro Pty Ltd ; www.hatchkit.com.au/ ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-Date : 2018-08-02 ;-Time : 15:06:12 ;-HatchKit Team Trial Version : ;-HatchKit Team Trial Output Filetype : Revit with HatchKit Add-In ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;%VERSION=3.0 ;%UNITS=MM *WOOD-REVIT ;%TYPE=MODEL 53.5650716758,-0.090797,0.1782,1.34164136,0.44721392,1.118,-1.1180684 45.434964197,0.3564,0.1816,0.948683222744,-0.316228023757,0.63246,-2.52981797483 63.8699222443,-0.31779,0.6237,3.60000102367,-0.200000116499,0.5,-4.50000166028
  2. First hit on the classic go-to for this, GETPAT.LSP: http://www.turvill.com/t2/free_stuff/getpat.lsp What it says on the box. Load, then run to extract patterns to .PAT files. Or save the DWG as DXF for HatchKit to work on. Hope this helps.
  3. That's how I understand it works. An expert may be able to shed more light. >Also, sometimes a hatch that does work won't appear in the import list. I've tried saving-as with the pat files, but I can't figure out the pattern there. The import won't let you choose a problematical hatch. Something's wrong. Post an example for dissection
  4. Hi Edar, you can build any "Simple" pattern of unbroken lines with the free HatchKit Add-In for Revit available from the [Revit App Store]. Here's its online help. Select "new" then "simple" then add llnes with Angle set to zero at nominated points all spaced at a distance equal to the sum of all individual panel and reveal widths. E.g: for the sizes you mentioned that overall spacing would be 12"+ 2" + 6" + 6" + 8" + 6" = 40". hth Hugh
  5. perhaps this? https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2016/ENU/AutoCAD-Core/files/GUID-A09941AF-919C-4E72-96F4-3DF3C11922DE-htm.html >FILL ON hth Hugh
  6. BIGAL is on the money. If you can, emit the simplest DXF standard that the consuming software will tolerate (R12 DXF or even much earlier, say v2.6 before they introduced the entity handle) ACAD added a heap of interrelated cruft to later versions that is totally irrelevant in specifying simple cutter paths.
  7. At first glance it looks like your support files paths are incorrect for your system. From the menu try Tools >Options>SupportPaths and set to the location you quoted at: C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ACA 2010\enu\Support\pats Also check that the other paths point where expected. hth Hugh
  8. hugha

    RSI in mouse hand

    I assume the problem is in your right hand. Swap hands. Frees the right hand for the more important keys towards the right.
  9. hugha

    Looking for specific Drafting Software

    You may find this interesting: http://www.plus.designcad.com.au/?q=node/66 Aussie package very focussed on garden design.
  10. hugha

    hatch vs lines?

    Hatching arrived with version 1.4 (1983). http://autodesk.blogs.com/between_the_lines/ACAD_R4.html IIRC at version 2.18 (1986) when AutoLISP appeared the Hatches were still blocks containing exploded lines. Set a fine-scaled hatch going and you'd wait forever.
  11. hugha

    Mouse hurting my finger :(

    Swap hands. Frees the right hand for the more important keys over the right side of the keyboard.
  12. hugha

    wood plank hatch

    Links to hatch pattern resources here: http://www.hatchkit.com.au/HatLinks.php
  13. hugha

    Screen Recording Software

    >I am not sure how Camtasia Studio compares with the $50 Snag It from the same company. TechSmith's SnagIt is great for video capture. The videos can then be edited with Microsoft's Movie Maker. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows-live/windows-essentials-help#v1h=tab1 For mouse animation, this works well enough to justify purchase: http://www.markuswelz.de/software/features.html hth, Hugh Adamson www.hatchkit.com.au
  14. hugha

    Hatch patterns

    One safe way to shorten the pattern lines to 80 characters or less is to duplicate each and edit to split the last four numbers between each pair while dealing with the mentioned extra space in line 9. HatchKit can automate that transformation: [font=Courier New] ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Written by HatchKit for AutoCAD ; HatchKit for AutoCAD (c)1990-2015 Cadro Pty Ltd ; [url="http://www.hatchkit.com.au/"]www.hatchkit.com.au/[/url] ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-Date : 2/12/2015 ;-Time : 10:32:38 AM ;-HatchKit Version : ;-HatchKit Output Filetype : AutoCAD format ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font] [font=Courier New] *arab3 59.9991788178,-0.01699,0.2211,0.915987498494,0.528863133293,0.366,-1.46600532188 59.9991788178,0.8,-0.095855,0.915987498494,0.528863133293,0.36603,-1.46597532188 29.9991789877,0.599,0.8459,0.528836879316,0.916002656235,0.366,-0.69172627202 29.9991789877,0.05,0.47113,0.528836879316,0.916002656235,0.36603,-0.69169627202 0,0.23301,0.65415,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.36603,-1.4660208 0,0.36699,-0.21188,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.36603,-1.4660208 -29.9991785186,1.082,0.433,0.528889395205,0.916002660565,0.366,-0.691726267021 -29.9991785186,0.483,0.7211,0.528889395205,0.916002660565,0.366,-0.691726267021 -59.9991786614,0.05,0.10511,0.916017816172,0.528863135793,0.36603,-1.46597531322 -59.9991786614,0.733,0.6542,0.916017816172,0.528863135793,0.366,-1.46600531322 -90,0.91603,0.47113,-0.52885001,0.9160254,0.36603,-0.69167001 -90,0.96603,-0.19169,-0.52885001,0.9160254,0.36602,-0.69168001 59.999178818,-0.074722,0.22113,0.91598749849,0.52886313329,0.30829,-1.5237153219 0,0.20415,0.70415,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.30829,-1.5237608 0,0.45359,-0.26188,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.30829,-1.5237608 -59.9991786614,0.7619,0.7042,0.916017816172,0.528863135793,0.3083,-1.52370531322 -59.9991786614,0.05,0.005107,0.916017816172,0.528863135793,0.3083,-1.52370531322 -119.718085992,1.0421,0.22269,105.341618034,0.0090402866494,0.3051,-106.86850105 29.9991789877,0.05,0.52887,0.528836879316,0.916002656235,0.25056,-0.80716627202 29.9991789877,0.699,0.8459,0.528836879316,0.916002656235,0.2506,-0.80712627202 -29.9991785186,1.132,0.3464,0.528889395205,0.916002660565,0.2506,-0.807126267021 -29.9991785186,0.533,0.75,0.528889395205,0.916002660565,0.2506,-0.807126267021 -90,0.96603,0.44226,-0.52885001,0.9160254,0.25056,-0.80714001 -90,0.91603,-0.27829,-0.52885001,0.9160254,0.25059,-0.80711001 29.9991789877,0.3536,0.7042,0.528836879316,0.916002656235,0.1834,-0.87432627202 29.9991789877,0.4536,0.7042,0.528836879316,0.916002656235,0.1834,-0.87432627202 -29.999178519,0.8866,0.48812,0.5288893952,0.91600266056,0.1834,-0.87432626702 -29.999178519,0.83663,0.5747,0.5288893952,0.91600266056,0.1834,-0.87432626702 -90,0.96603,0.09171,-0.52885001,0.9160254,0.1834,-0.87430001 -90,0.91603,0.0051071,-0.52885001,0.9160254,0.1834,-0.87430001 60.2819140078,0.7598,-0.2605,105.341618034,0.0090402866494,0.1408,-107.03280105 59.9991788178,0.1294,0.5747,0.915987498494,0.528863133293,0.1494,-1.68260532188 0,0.20415,-0.26188,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.14944,-1.6826108 0,0.61244,0.70415,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.14944,-1.6826108 -59.999178661,-0.07472,0.2211,0.91601781617,0.52886313579,0.1494,-1.6826053132 -59.9991786614,0.966,0.3506,0.916017816172,0.528863135793,0.1494,-1.68260531322 59.9991788178,0.216,0.6247,0.915987498494,0.528863133293,0.03398,-1.79802532188 59.9991788178,0.733,-0.2119,0.915987498494,0.528863133293,0.03398,-1.79802532188 0,0.69904,0.65415,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.033975,-1.7980758 0,0.23301,-0.21188,0.916025397113,-0.528850005,0.033975,-1.7980758 -59.999178661,-0.01699,0.2211,0.91601781617,0.52886313579,0.03398,-1.7980253132 -59.9991786614,0.966,0.2506,0.916017816172,0.528863135793,0.03398,-1.79802531322[/font] Hope this helps, Hugh Adamson