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  1. Hello! I am extracting points coordinates (X,Y) from DXF file. The problems is that there are tens of thousands of points extracted, but I need up to few hundred points. How can I reduce the number of points and segments. The files are exported from Eagle (PCB design) and it is not too complex. I can't export new files with smaller amount of points and lines, but I can work with the DXF files using AutoCAD. Thanks a lot!
  2. bizzito

    Smoothing surfaces SW2015

    Hello, I have a very big success using lofts and boundaries and a small number of surfaces. But now a new problem occurs. I use the Freeform feature to make my desired shape, but it results in error with message that the face is self-intersecting. I run the Check feature and the is no gaps in the model. Also tried to make the Freeform just after building the loft surface (before knit to solid) and the same error occurs again. Attaching a apicture and the SW file. Thanks! Ivaylo https://www.dropbox.com/s/qnngu7bk3i6oz0i/01-03-84.SLDPRT?dl=0
  3. bizzito

    Smoothing surfaces SW2015

    Thanks for the reply. This is more than helpful, no worries. I will publish the new model when it is ready. Thanks!
  4. bizzito

    Smoothing surfaces SW2015

    Uploading the file. I am working in another direction now, using lofts and minimum number of surfaces. Thanks for helping me! Kind regards, Ivaylo https://www.dropbox.com/s/lby0ww2w24nmr15/01-03-84%20editable%20-%20Copy.SLDPRT?dl=0
  5. bizzito

    Smoothing surfaces SW2015

    Hello, I am trying to make a complex shape in Solidworks and the only thing that I can;t fix is smoothing boundaries between surfaces. The model is based on a 3D sketch. Most of the surfaces are "Filled surface' and some of them "Boundary" When I try to set a tangent edges an error occurs. Also I am not able to make a fillet between surfaces, even after knit to solid body. Please help! Do I need to make changes in 3D sketch?