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  1. sparklerach

    Global versus local

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but looking for some opinions. We're a big company with many branches around the world. For the last number of years each branch has been producing their own local versions of certain drawings and documents. So we draw/write drawings/documents that comply to Australian standards and the Canadian branch for example will have their own version, etc. The bulk of the info is the same but some info may differ. Head office are now trying to come up with one set of documents that should suit all standards around the world. There is lots of discussion on whether this is in fact possible or if they should just produce a base that the local branches then use to produce their local version. So my question is, is it common practice for global companies to have many local versions of a document or should they all use the same one and live with it not being exactly right for their customers? Thanks. And if anyone knows of a better place to post this please let me know.
  2. sparklerach

    Redefining Block with Flip Action

    Can you not just edit the block and reposition your text there first, so when you redefine it, it's in the correct position?
  3. sparklerach

    Translating drawings

    Thanks for the reply. I like the sound of the macro. I since found an AutoCAD app called COINS Translate and it worked ok. After install, just type the command Coinstranslate and then select all the text, then pick the language you want and it does it. Seemed to work ok, I'll do some more testing. I'll also contact the translator and ask if they have AUtoCAD at all too.
  4. Hi All, We use Betterwmf to make wmfs of our drawing that are then inserted into our Word Product Manuals. Lately we have had the need to have these manuals tranlsated to different languages by 3rd party translators. The problem is that they can't obviously click the text in the drawings, as they are just flat images. Does anyone have any experience with translations. Do you send the AutoCAD files and then re-insert them all later or how do you manage it? Thanks very much:)
  5. We currently print all our drawings to dwf. These dwf files are available to the whole company and can bw marked up. We made all out AutoCAD blocks into DWF blocks too, so people that donlt have AutoCAD and insert out blocks as a markup. We are not looking to have our read only CAD files as pdfs. Does anyone know of a way or a program that allows our blocks to be used in a similar way to the DWF Design review program?
  6. :(Well I left AutoCAD open over night, just locked my machine and it's back to minimised itself after I click Show Desktop. The properties are still set to maximise. So back to square one.
  7. Don't worry, I just needed to righ click the shortcut in the pinned taskbar and change the properties 'Run' to maximise. And then restart...that was the bit I was missing...only on a Monday!
  8. I have upgraded to AutoCAD 2015 and when I am working on a drawing and click the Show Desktop button (Windows 7) and then go back into AutoCAD, the window is always minimised. It's driving me mad, does anyone know a fix. No other programs act like this and it's only since the upgrade to 2015.
  9. sparklerach

    Opening a .skd Autosketch file

    Thanks. That looks like it will do the trick.
  10. sparklerach

    Opening a .skd Autosketch file

    Hi All, All our original drawings are all Autosketch drawings (.skd) format. I used to have the program on my old PC so I could open them and export them to dxf if we ever needed them. The IT dept kindly gave me a new PC a while ago and I've just realised that they have not put Autosketch back on and I don't think they can find our copy of the software now. So, does anyone know how I can view or covert my SKD files to DWG or DXF or do we have to buy Autosketch again. That's if it's still available these days. Thanks
  11. We use Arial in all out programs, it';s the company standard font. Never had a problem at all. I've just tried using the AutoCAD command WMFOUT and that turns the Ohm signs to a 'O'. So I'm assuming it's an AutoCAD 2013 issue. I'll keep playing with different fornt and let you know if I find a solution. Thanks.
  12. Hi All, We used Furix BetterWMF 2013 to copy our drawings from AutoCAD 2013 to Word 2007. Never had a problem till we upgraded to 2013 for both products. Now when we paste the drawing into Word (for our product manuals) any Ohm symbols turn into Question marks. I'm assuming the problem is not AutoCAD, as it displays correcty there. Just wondering if anyone else uses this product or has any probems with Ohm symbols in general in AUtoCAD 2013. Thanks
  13. Not sure if this is it but if you go to Tools, Options and click the Selection tab. Under Selection Modes you can change how to pick object etc. Hope this helps.
  14. sparklerach

    3D and Hidden Lines

    Yep, if you're viewport is scaled, I find that the dimensions are dimensioning the paper and not the model. Make sure you are selecting the endpoint, etc and not nearest and if that still doesn't work just find one that is correct and do a match property on the incorrect ones.
  15. sparklerach

    3D and Hidden Lines

    When I draw in 3D, I draw the model in model space but all dimensions, notes etc on paperspace. If I dimensions in model space then I would have all dimensions in all viewports regardless of what axis they're on. Hope this makes sense.