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  1. That works, thanks. Downside is that I will have to redraw all lines (exchange them for the other type of line that tells the length) Is there no way to make the length show in the "normal lines" rather than drawing the new type of lines over the old ones? (I am hoping for something like right click on xxx and show xxx properties)? Thanks for continuing help by the way, very appreciated
  2. Dimensioning? I should add that I have a spanish version of autocad.. I speak the language somewhat but the specific words might be different.. If you could send something like: under "tools" menu there is xxx - inside there you choose xxx it would be great
  3. Thanks for the response. I was not clear before though.. I know how to check the lengths angles etc in the Cad program. But i want the program to post those angles/lengths on the screen so that when I look at the screen, or print the paper, I can see how long all the house borders are, how wide the roads are etc. That is : I want the program to "show" the length etc on screen and on print for all lines. thanks N
  4. Hi, I cannot find the command that makes the program display the length and angles of the lines in relation to eachother. I am doing a 2 dimensional masterplan with 70 houseplots and I need to be able to see that the boundrylengths and angles are correct.. If anyone knows about this the info would be much appreciated Thanks N