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  1. This might be a stretch, but it was my issue: were you accidentally using a layer to draw the wipeout which was set not to plot? I did by mistake. None of the 3 settings made any difference while the wipeout was on that layer.
  2. I would like to do the same thing. I set up the FILTER the same exact way with my desired input elevations. However, upon clicking "Apply", nothing is selected, and AutoCAD instructs me to select objects. When I attempt to select objects, nothing at all is selected. I have looked at quite a few other posts and can't seem to resolve it. The objects are labeled as 3D Polylines in the properties window. Any ideas? The process used is fairly long, so being able to select all of the major contours (10' increments) and apply them to one layer first would be helpful in streamlining the process.