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  1. timtom1

    re-build error on fill

    Hi Matt, I selected Fix Up Boundary and have managed to solve it myself. Thank you very much for all your help! Tim
  2. timtom1

    re-build error on fill

    This is what happened when I selected the edge that was having the problem with Select Loop Thanks Tim
  3. timtom1

    re-build error on fill

    Thank you for the reply. When I click on the face I get a + symbol and the edges are highlighted in blue, I will try what you said and see what happens.
  4. timtom1

    re-build error on fill

    It won't allow me to insert the file as its too large but here is a screenshot. I can fill two sides but not the other two. When the part is fullsize its fine? Thanks Tim
  5. timtom1

    re-build error on fill

    Hi I am new to solidworks and I have a part that at full scale is fine but when I scale it to 1/48 scale holes appear. So I then use the fill command which works great except for 2 holes where it flags up rebuild errors? I will post the part and the error messages later. Thanks Tim