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  1. If you are still in the need of some code then you can contact me at rchojwa@libero.it<br />


  2. We can't send you messages privately as you have not allowed it in your settings, but if this gets through then if you can send an example of the type of thing you are hoping to achieve, and I'll be happy to take a look.<br />

    Regards<br />

    Steven<br />

    PS you can contact me at steven_gray1@hotmail.com

  3. prophici

    Leaders Disappearing

    I have a group of 10 folks including myself, and no consistent AutoCad version. I think this is where the problem is coming from. I have AutoCAD 2014, two with AutoCAD 2017, three with AutoCAD 2016, one with AutoCAD 2015, three with AutoCAD LT 2017. Everyone "saves down" to the 2010 version, but it doesnt seem to help. The issue is that leaders on text keep disappearing. Nothing else does, just the leaders. Am I correct in thinking that this is a compatibility issue with using so many different versions of AutoCAD?
  4. prophici

    STEP file into Revit

    What is the best way to get a STEP file into Revit. I've tried to import into AutoCAD (in a effort to export to a dwg, etc.) but AutoCAD will not open it either. Is there another Autodesk program I can use to import Step files?
  5. prophici

    Excel VBA - Autocad

    Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response. I can't get into great detail on a public forum (Interested folks can send me a message and I can go into more detail there). The general gist is that I work for a company that makes components, normally our customers buy these components separately and puts them together themselves. I helped to start a group within that component-making company that will go ahead and put together those individual components and the sell that single assembled unit to our customers. Currently we use Autocad to make drawings that give the factory an idea of how to put the components together and which components to use (since we make thousands of different components). I have drawings already of most of these components, and currently we make each drawing manually. Each component already has a established part number that we use to identify which components go into a assembly. I was wondering if you could use excel (perhaps by entering the part numbers into a worksheet or something) with a list of these component part numbers and somehow import that data into Autocad where it would automatically generate a drawing based off the information in the excel sheet. Assuming it could pull the current component drawings somehow. I do not know much about VBA or LISP, I was never a good drafter, and was hoping I could pay someone to write this program/macro/script/etc. for me. Let me know what you guys think.
  6. prophici

    Excel VBA - Autocad

    Do you guys know of any good Autocad-Excel-VBA Developers that could right me a program/script or whatnot? Basically I would like to type it part numbers of individual components into a excel sheet, and then somehow import that into AutoCad where I could get AutoCAD to generate a drawing based off the information of the excel sheet. I have most of the blocks in AutoCad drawn, so maybe it would be something where the excel sheet just puts the CAD blocks together to make an assembly drawing? Not sure.