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  1. The thing is my paper size isn't defined. I will be using the laser to reduce a piece of polymer as paper so I can use any size polymer I want. This is what I've done so far at 300 dpi: 5x6 mm = 0.19 x 0.23 inch the number of pixels needed are: 57x69 pixels. Since I'm free to use any size paper I want so in the plot manager I have made a custom paper having dimensions 60x70 (to give a little wiggle room). Now in the plot scale there is the option of 1 pixel = x units. What is this and how do I set it?
  2. Hi. Ok so this is what I have done so far at 300 dpi: I need 5x6 mm image which is approx 0.19x0.23 inch so I need 57x69 pixels. Correct? Now when I plot I make a custom paper having dimension 57x69 pixels. Correct? Now this is where I'm still confused: In the plot scale of the plot manager I asks to define 1 pixel = x units. What is this and what value should I put here? Please correct me if I made any mistakes in the calculations or setting the paper size
  3. Yes I did. And even after creating a new plotter for BMP files and trying to change its properties I only had the option of changing the pixels.
  4. I tired using the plotting command and since it did not have the option of plotting a bmp file I chose PNG. Now I didn't have the option of using any unit other than pixels. I tried playing around with scaling (x pixel = y unit) that didn't help either because other than hit and trial I had no other way to find the appropriate size. Next I saw a video suggesting the use of -DWGUNITS to change the dimensions of drawing. I did that and changed my drawing units to millimeter. When I used BMPOUT to export the image it was the same problem. I feel like AutoCAD just wants to **** me off at this point. I've tried plotting, -DWGUNITS, UNITS, what else can I do? Also why are there so many commands to change the units? Can't they just make one and not make me want to put a hammer through my computer?
  5. How do I plot to a device? I'm sorry I'm new to Autocad
  6. Thanks. Now can you tell me how to change this in AutoCAD 2014?
  7. Hi. I'm new to Autocad. I've made an image to be used for laser printing. The image size is 5x6 mm. The problem is when I use BMPOUT command in Autocad the image is not in millimeters so when I import it in the laser printing software my design is much larger than it should be. I asked on autodesk and the only response I got was that I have to adjust dpi. I don't know how to do that or what it is.