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  1. itacad

    Attributes with math formulas

    thank you...then, if I understood correctly, enter a formula into an attribute using the data field, has the same syntax as in lisp? and this also applies to autocad tables? however, beyond the syntax, the procedure is really laborious ... muble muble ...
  2. hi, I'm trying to create blocks with some mathematical formulas in the attributes, so that inserting values into the other attributes gives me a result in the attribute with the formula. I have succeeded in very simple cases, but I would like to try with more complex formulas... 1) the biggest problem is that the procedure is too much intricate...(for example): 2) ...and the next problem is that I do not know the syntax for writing complicated formulas with roots, exponentiation, logarithms ecc... Do you have any suggestions to give me or some discussion to signal me? Thank you in advance
  3. Hello, is it possible to enable the "orthography check" (controllo ortografico) also on uppercase text?
  4. Thank you very much, I tried but I did not succeed. For Bigal: if I put your hatch in the acad.pat file, then I do not see it proposed in the menu. For Eldon: I created a test.pat file with your hatch, but when I select the file in the menù, an error message appears...
  5. Hello, very often it would help me to draw hatchs with "net" style...it could be a false ceiling or an elevated floor, but I can't set the measurement of the square of the net...for example I need to draw an hatch with net style with measure 6 cad units for the "side of the square"...is it possible to set this parameter?
  6. itacad

    Run commands in succession

    Thank you! It works! I made the following "corrections" (command "_.erase" (ssget) "") (command "Zoom" "e") thank you very much!
  7. itacad

    Run commands in succession

    Thanks to both, unfortunately I'm in trouble with your suggestions For ronjonp: can you please post a complete lisp? I tried to integrate your piece of code but I create errors... For BIGAL: I've never used a script, I'd like to learn, can you give me the necessary indications starting from the basics? Thank you again
  8. Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to run a series of commands in automatic sequence. My problem is that I want to automatically run a zoom extension after the conclusion of the command previously launched... the command in question is part of the commands of an application for autocad and it works by selecting an object...for example like erase command... I launch erase command, I select an object, I confirm and then I make the zoom. is it possible? maybe even a series of commands... Many greetings!
  9. itacad

    Attributes length and width factor

    Sorry but I don't understand how the code works...I tried it but I have not seen changes...I click above an attribute and the result is "nil"... I would like the solution not to be realized by a lisp because every attribute has got a specific "maximum useful length". The blocks are saved as individual files ready to be inserted into the various designs and the attribute justification is set to "fit", that is the effect I want to achieve but only after passing a certain number of characters, a specific lenght... I apologize for the probably confused explanation.
  10. Hi, a block has attributes, these attributes are automatically compiled by an application. It is impossible to know a priori the number of characters of the string that will be inserted in the attributes, but it is possible to know in advance the maximum length that each attribute should have in order not to exceed the graphic limits that you do not want to exceed for aesthetic reasons. Is it possible to make the width factor proportionally decrease only after a certain number of characters so that the maximum autocad unit length desired for the attribute is not exceeded? Regards
  11. Hello! I started a topic where I explained that I am looking for a lisp to copy an object from one layer to others and this conversation was indicated to me. I try the Tharwat's code and it's good for me, because the window with the layer list is very powerful! In my topic it was discussed how to correct the code to solve the problem of non-alphabetical sorting... http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?102949-Copy-object-to-other-layers&p=698985#post698985 It seems correct to continue here with further modification requests... I would need the lisp to work with all types of objects (not just the polylines) or at least with blocks and texts... Is it possible? Thank you in advance
  12. itacad

    Fix dimension value

    Thank you very much! It work's like I need!
  13. Hello...I'm looking for a method or a lisp for "fix the dimension value" in a selected quotes group. With the properties palette, when I select a single dimenion I can copy the value in the label "modifica locale al testo" (text override in the english version?), so if I scale the dimension the value doesn't change. Is it possible to do this operation automatically on all the selected dimension? Regards
  14. ohhh this is (almost) what I need!!! my last question is: is it possible with a single click to select block and attribute? In the case of a block, when I'll use the command, I will do it directly on the right attribute... I apologize for the continuous requests, I probably had to explain myself much better
  15. As always, I thank you for your work...I tried both solutions...the one that looks more like what I need is the second one, but I' don't want to specify the attribute from keyboard, I would like the "click" on an attribute determine to paste on that attribute (and only on that)...is it possible?