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  1. Here is the file. Sean https://expirebox.com/download/4c51ba2be06aaec48df8907e35720ab0.html
  2. Hey Bill, you scene is washout for some reason. I changed this by going to Libraries (bottom left) and clicking on Rendering and then Presets. I clicked and dragged on Default and dropped it into the scene. This got me to a normal render. Also your materials didn't seem to hold or work on this file. I click on the lid and it says "Diamond Plate" but I don't see it. How did you apply these materials, was it don it AutoCAD? If so they might not transfer. Did you download the extra materials for SimLab? If not go here and follow the instructions. Then you will have loads of materials to use. http://www.simlab-soft.com/SimlabArt/library/ I applied a Diamond Plate material from this library to your top and got this.
  3. f700es

    Flatshot alternatives?

    +1 to SLW for helping out
  4. f700es

    Flatshot alternatives?

    I am not sure as I have not tried it in a while. I'll check tomorrow when I am back in in the office.
  5. Also watch this....
  6. 1st off Bill, save your SimLab file with materials and upload that for me to look at. 2nd, what gen is your i7? If it is below 4th gen then it is time for an upgrade. I also don't think SimLab uses the GPU for rendering but instead uses the CPU. So the more and faster cores the better. I'll take a look at your DWG and see what I can see. Sean
  7. Yeah on the Dell site for the business XPS it was $100 for a 100 mhz difference to the 8700k. If you're not going to over-clock then why bother. At least to me.
  8. Well the "K" on the end means that the CPU is unlocked for over-clocking. If that's what you want then by all means get it. For work I could not see the advantage in paying for the unlocked CPU option. Now for home....... I am on the fence over the new Ryzen line AMD cpus. I need a new PC at home and building a budget Ryzen based unit has intrigued me
  9. When I 1st got here, 8 years ago, they bought me a new Xeon and Quadro cad machine. It was well over $3k USD. At the same time I bought a new AMD based Dell for home. My Dell at home was faster at AutoCAD than the Xeon machine at work. I used some AutoCAD benchmark test and compared the results. This opened my eyes to the Xeon, Quadro and ECC ram myth. My $$ or Work's $$, I'll not waste it on that again. Saving $$ ALWAYS looks good to the boss!
  10. Dell G3 15" Gaming: $779.99 USD Intel 8th gen Core i5-8300H quad Win10 Home 8 GB DDR4 256 GB SSD GTX 1050 15.6" 1920x1080 I'd drop in another 8 GB ram and be good to go!
  11. What brand or do you want a parts list?
  12. Please show me this "fastest single core CPU" that is available. I can't think of even an ARM based CPU that is NOT multi-core. Even base model 8th gen i3 cpus are now quad-cores. Why buy just the minimum when you need to play for at least 4+ years. Yes most CAD systems don't use multi-cores except in screen redraws but your modern OS will use multi cores in many aspects as well as multitasking. I totally agree that a user does not need a Quadro for AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor. 4+ years on my current Dell Optiplex at work. No issues at all. 7 years on my Dell at home, no issues. "Your mileage may vary" as they say.
  13. Just bought my son a laptop for college this August, he is taking mechanical engineering. Paid $800 USD for a Dell core i7-7th gen quad, 8 gb ram (needs 8 more) GTX 1050 and 512 M.2 ssd.
  14. Getting ready to buy 2 new CAD stations at the office. We use a rep since we buy a LOT of computers (higher ed) and I send them specs for what I wanted from on-line (Dell). 1st thing back from them was that we needed to look at the Precision line for CAD machines. Oh sure let me pay the upgrade for Xeon, Quadro and ECC ram. Nope, I told them that I, in my 20+ years of experience, can see no reason to buy those when a new hexa-core i7, GTX 1080 and 32gb ddr4 would be just fine for our needs. :rolleyes: Just quote what I asked for.
  15. Huh? I imported your dwg file with no issues what so ever. Easy file transfer is supposed to be be one of SimLab's strengths. There is also an AutoCad plug for SimLab for easy file transfers.