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    I'm a Counter top templater. On my spare time i like to give a second life to old stuff, working on my old jeep and relax in my garden.
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    Quebec, Canada
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    Jeep, BBQ, gardening, woodworking,

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    Counter top templater, granit-quartz-dekton
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    AutoCAD 2010
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    photoshop, draftsight, excel,
  1. thank you RLX... i don't know how you got those result...loll. i've been looking for that for a few week never had a good result. !!
  2. i'm would like to ba able to calculate the sum of linear footage base on the dimlinear text (in linear inch) of multiple line. i already working with a lisp base on the line (i choose the line instead of the dimlinear text) it work good but to keep our work base on all the same technique i need to be able to choose the dimlinear text. thank you
  3. bogeymen77

    simple area

    works Perfectly !!! WOW thanks you all !!!
  4. bogeymen77

    simple area

    i'm drawing counter top. here'S an example test counter top.dwg
  5. bogeymen77

    simple area

    yes. for exemple i got 4 piece of counter top ,i got the area for each one. After i would like to have the sum of all 4 pieces. thank you
  6. bogeymen77

    simple area

    work perfectly thank... If i can ask you an other issue. if i have a few area measurement and i want to have the total, what would be the routine/formula? thank
  7. bogeymen77

    simple area

    exactly. i'll try your code.
  8. bogeymen77

    simple area

    i'm looking for a simple area routine base on the dimension not the line. i want to be able to click on 2 cotation that i got from the dimlinear command and have the area "print" in a text format where i want to. I know a routine with a lot of visual lisp routine in it, but i'm looking a version with a standard/ basic lisp. thank you.
  9. Awesome !! Thank you very much dlanorh that will save me a lot of time at the end of the day. Thank you Bigal too.
  10. Thank you. but i'm not to sure to understand.. i'm new to lisp. so if i normally do: "o" (offset) 1.875 (enter) chose the line, chose where i want it. than i click on the new line and manually change the color to white... so for now i did add this line: ;counter top offset 1.875 (defun c:OC () (command "Offset" 1.875 pause)(princ)) and i use this command line to change the color after i did the offset.. (defun c:C1 () (command "CHANGE" (ssget) "" "P" "C" "WHITE" "") ) but what i don't know is how to combine them. i want the new offset line to change color each time i do the offset. thank
  11. Hi, i'm looking for a lisp that will offset a line to a distance of 1.875 and change the color from blue to white. thanks.