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  1. jellyfish

    How can I play with Google Earth?

    Hi Just A Cad Guy, Have you heard of the 'insert raster image command'? If you need to import pictures,maps and anything basically that you don't xref, go to insert> Raster image, then you select the image from where it was initially saved,and autocad prompts you for a place on the screen where you want it. Let me know if this helps. I dunno what release you use, but this works for me in AUTOCAD 2004.
  2. jellyfish

    Microstation Tutorial Please...???

    I had very juicy job offers in the recent past, but all they used was microstation. the employer was even ready to take me on 'if I had so much as set my eyes on a microstation tool'. Unfortunately, I hadn't. so I had to let it pass. you never know when a little extra knowledge could spin a load of extra bucks! Anyway.... As alan would say, My $0.02.
  3. jellyfish

    Microstation Tutorial Please...???

    Alan...... Could you kindly tell me the meaning of my $0.02?
  4. jellyfish

    Microstation Tutorial Please...???

    Right! thanks Guys for your opinions. it's just that microstation is as popular as autocad in the UK. I thought it might be an idea to increase one's CAD flexibility.
  5. jellyfish

    Microstation Tutorial Please...???

    I Think It Would Be Very Helpful If We Had Tutorials On Microstation.