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    Mostly do drafting related to manufacturing. From doing site layouts with proposed updates, additions and renovations to be budgeted and submitted for bid, to updating and changing existing drawings to reflect maintenance and repair/revision work done on site.

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  1. SLW210

    New Forum Feedback

  2. I have moved your thread to the AutoLISP, Visual LISP & DCL Forum.
  3. SLW210

    Forum Speed

    So am I!
  4. SLW210

    New Forum Feedback

    The mark all forums read is at the top right under the search bar.
  5. SLW210

    New Forum Feedback

    It appears the CAD platform used is no longer in the User Profile.
  6. What CAD software are you using?
  7. SLW210

    Forum Speed

    I'm thinking there may still be things going on with the switchover slowing it as well.
  8. SLW210

    Welcome to your new home

    Yes, there are many settings to be setup now under Account Setting>Notifications settings.
  9. SLW210

    Replacing a part in an assembly drawing

    I have moved your thread to the Mechanical & MDT Forum since this seems to be related to AutoCAD Mechanical. Why does your profile show you are using AutoCAD LT 2018?
  10. That video shows AutoCAD Architecture.
  11. SLW210

    Segmented pipe bends (pie cuts)

    Here is a video for doing the development on those
  12. It's a tutorial guide, not the AutoCAD user manual. Pretty sure the author is not employed by Autodesk. The key here is does the tutorial show how to create what is on the cover?
  13. SLW210

    Area split equal.

    Please read the Code Posting Guidelines and have your Code to be included in Code Tags.[NOPARSE] Your Code Here[/NOPARSE] = Your Code Here You did not have your Code between the Code Tags.
  14. SLW210

    conversion of dxf file to pse

    Are you sure it is .pse? That would be a very odd file type for a laser engraver.
  15. It is still the default name here when using Plot>DWG to PDF.pc3 on AutoCAD 2018. Are you using the Export to PDF? It does not show the Layout name when using Export.