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  1. dusko

    Fillet problem

    No i didn't! I'm in learning process so thank you for advice. I am starting to "feel" how Inventor work but have stuck on this fillet. RASKOLJEN PROFIL 20X20_horizontalni_ZAVRSNI_LEVO_sredina_cadtutor.ipt
  2. dusko

    Fillet problem

    Hello people! I have problem with fillet as you can see it on picture. Can't figure problem out. Do you have any idea why this is happening, since this is tenth (similar) part i have done. File is over 500KB so i can't upload it. Thank you!
  3. dusko


    thank you! i am learning from tutorials that i have printed on papers so, at the moment it is a problem to put picture here. tuts are: create cylinder centered at 0,0,0, witha radius bla bla....type ISOLINE AT COMMAND PROMPT. when asked for a new value, type the number 12. also i have a problem to find command within command prompt. i am used to work with autocad prompt command but i can't to find the way to use it in inventor.. file i have opened is standard .ipt
  4. dusko


    hello from night shift! learning inventor, and using 2015 version. i need to chaneg isolines on cylinder and i have no clue how to dio it (google is not of any help). other thing i would like to ask: how to use command prompt as in autocad. thank you!
  5. dusko

    Full round fillet problem

    I try to do full round fillet on sweep faces but I get distortion on the base of helix. Also I am having problem on filleting edges with 0.02mm on those runners. I should work in inches but i didn't change units so i work in mm. SolidWorks 2012 propeler_PACKANDGO.SLDPRT
  6. dusko

    Edit Decal - problem

    did it! thank you i use 2012 sw Hanger.rar
  7. dusko

    Edit Decal - problem

    my file is too big (900KB) so i can't upload it. can i somehow save it to have max. 500KB? image is in attach.
  8. dusko

    Edit Decal - problem

    hello! i am working on sw tutorial skateboard (part 'hanger'): http://www.cudacountry.net/assets/applets/sw15_hanger_skateboard.pdf on the last page i have to edit decal. here is my render (same error is visible on part in sw) so i would like to know what is the problem and how can i fix it? thank you for help!
  9. Hello! I've made 3D model with some extrude, subtract commands and exported stl out. In AutoCAD model was ok when I save it yesterday. STL file (model) is fine when i look it in programs for Gcode (3D printing preparation software) but if i try to import it in Blender (3D modeling software) model is not imported. Main problem i find today is that in AutoCAD now this model has inverted structure! On positions where I use subtract command now i see union and vice versa. Any idea what happened? Thank you! Dusko
  10. cheers! we solve it but i'm not shure what was the problem. when i opened original file on colleague cad 2012 everything was normal (landscape was marked as landscape, not portrait like on my 2010cad>jpg). but what heppened afte i changed original file on my computer to landscape, margin setup on colleague cad changed. maybe problem occur because he saves files in 2004 and i save it to 2010 version? those are 25MB architectural drawings and lots of people working on them. in one situation we had problem with corrupted 150MB file that we got from "who knows where". we lost all day to shrink it to 5MB with purge-reggapps-audit-insert-explode process.
  11. hello! i have a problem with layouts. i got file where layouts (in page setup manager) are set on portrait (drawing orientation) but i see landscape which is ok (viewport i.e. print is in landscape orientation) and margins are not on the right place (and print is not ok). if i change it to landscape then everything is ok and print is ok. if i switch it back to portrait then he switch orientation to portrait. my question is why acad show me in original setup portrait as landscape? when i change it on landscape and send it back to other user (colleague who send me file) this layout is not printed as it should be (we use dwg to pdf printer). why do we see diferent orientation? edit: i forgot to say that i use pmp file for A0 format and i do not know what setting my colleague use. we have lots of layouts to set so i need help how to synchronize our layouts for print. thank you
  12. Hello! I have a problem with exporting layers from dwg to pdf. Problem is that i can export (or print) drawing but i missing some layers in layer manager in pdf. I have drawing with 150 layers (from other co-workers) but only mine 4 layers doesn't appear. I have check in ACAD in layer prop manager if they are plottable but this is not a problem for content from those 4 layers are exported in pdf but not in layers they have to be (those layers are missing)! Thank you for help! I use ACAD 2012 edit: i found out that layers doesn't appear because contetnt on them are only blocks. for eg. block is on layer 1 but contetnt of block is on layer 2 so i see only layer 2 in pdf but not layer 1 (hope i was clear enough
  13. dusko

    stl file

    now i see in help that revolved open polyline is a surface and closed is solid (i try that and it works). properties show revolved open polyline as 3d solid so i believed in this info. another question that i have is why some other pins are exported in stl (as i said before, they are copies from origin) or why seant could export file (without errors) in one piece with 2012? thank you very much for answers.
  14. dusko

    stl file

    thank you seant! yes, your stl is fine. i have 2010 and i try to export separately just one ball and one pin and same problem occur, pin is missing. now either ac 2010 is having a problem with revolved open polyline or i have a problem with setting and exporting stl (but 3DPRINT command is pretty easy to use).
  15. dusko

    stl file

    hello! i have a problem with exporting stl. some of solids are missing and i'm not sure why, because they are same solid copied number of times. original solid was made with open polyline and revolved (360) and it looks like pin. there is a dwg in attachment (i can't attach stl, but some of those pins beneath balls are missing). thank you! lezaj_3d.dwg