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  1. Strix

    The AutoCAD 1 minute challenge!

    Try tabbing instead of switching on and off. It's much less faffing, and much quicker once you know the tab cycle and don't have to watch which ones are coming up
  2. Strix

    The AutoCAD 1 minute challenge!

    Is it no longer possible to cycle through the OSnaps? Doesn't the tab key do it?
  3. Strix

    What would you like?

    If we're migrating to the new forum software, can the 'profile feed' be disabled? It looks like FB has smashed into the forum
  4. Strix

    drawing revisions

    The point I was trying to make is that you don't tamper with another party's title blocks and drawing numbers. If you want another number on a drawing, it goes in your own title block I'm not saying the office I worked in was perfect either. Their issuing system was a nightmare. I managed to show them that they didn't actually have a controlled issue system, so the simplest solution was to issue all drawings with 'uncontrolled issue - for information only - contact (phone number) for latest issue' on them - until we got to installation drawings
  5. Strix

    drawing revisions

    I'd say you're both right - kind of I fully agree with your method, but the contractor shouldn't be touching your numbering system. If they want to issue drawings themselves with their own system, they should be adding their own title block I worked in a control system contractor's office. Drawings arrived in with a client's title block and numbering system on them. We didn't touch this but added our own title block above for the duration it was with us (the file was locked at the client's office). Once we'd actually installed the modifications to their manufacturing plant we'd issue 'as installed' drawings for client approval. Once they were approved, and due to pass out of our hands, our title block and numbering system was removed from the file, the client revision number upped, and the file copied back to the client's system
  6. Strix

    What would you like?

    I thought we had a donate button did it get lost in the last upgrade?
  7. Strix

    What would you like?

    I agree DB - I don't think they (or anybody else) should be encouraged to think so though
  8. Strix

    What would you like?

    a nice idea - maybe a pop up? I do think it would alter the tone of the whole place to the idea that a paid team are there to fetch-me, carry-me though, instead of a community where we all share ideas and contribute
  9. Strix

    About AutoCAD 2007

    given that it's currently 3.15 in Romania, and that post is about 7 hours old, I'm guessing it was posted before he went to work, so... maybe he won't be online again until he gets home
  10. Strix

    What would you like?

    Oooo - you could add that to your signature ReMark
  11. Strix

    What would you like?

    Yeeeerrrrssss, I think you're right I still think an 'unsolved' flag after a period of time could be of use though - especially if a thread has had some discussion on it. There have been threads where they've had so many replies that it's easy to assume a solution has been reached, but actually reading the thread reveals otherwise - especially when it's a cranky plotter that's involved!
  12. Strix

    What would you like?

    It doesn't, so adding code to stop them posting until they confirm the status of an older thread won't stop them
  13. Strix

    What would you like?

    ... then they'd register another username in six months time instead of finding their last thread, else they'd hijack somebody else's thread instead
  14. Strix

    Angle & Translation

    that 45 degrees looks like it is the angle you'll see when you look at the piece face on from the left - basically looking along the dim arrow does that make more sense?