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  1. Glad I could help. As Dave (dbroada) mentioned, acad should work to what you type in but may, dependant on your precision setting, dimension it differently. In my line of work setting the drawings up to two decimal places is normally suitable ( I work in millimeters ) so all drawings I insert into will be set up that way or if the dwg is from an outside source I set it to my way. If your in a cad office they may have their own cad standards you have to work to though. Rob.
  2. I am talking about drawing units not dimension units, hang on pics work better .... failing that can you right click the constraint dim and select properties, sometimes you can change precision in there but will only work for that adjusted item. again hope it helps. Rob
  3. If you have units set to a precision of 0 then acad will go to nearest whole unit, set units precision via Format/ units and check the boxes for precision (one for lines and one for angles) alter to suit the decimal place of accuracy you need. Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum too! Rob
  4. Rob-GB

    Your favorite lisp

    From little acorns mighty oaks do grow I've just got to get back into it as work dictated other avenues, mostly practical applications.....meaning I have been producing solid product rather than designing/drawing them. I get to play with bits of wood more than ACAD but enjoy both and both benefit from the other. Rob.
  5. Rob-GB

    Your favorite lisp

    And I your help, thank you best regards Rob.
  6. Rob-GB

    Your favorite lisp

    My favourite is my Stair lisp, because it was my first and I was given advice jointly by members here and over at the swamp.(some overlap of members is more than probable ) It reminds me both of my accomplishment and the huge generosity of the members of these forums for which I am thankful. Rob.
  7. Rob-GB

    Angles and distance

    Just to jump in a bit here, even when entering the length and angle via keyboard, as per rkent's post above,unless you have your Dim style precision set correctly when you dimension up your drawing Acad will round up to nearest whole number or alloted decimal point. Had the devil of a job explaining that to someone last week. All the lines were correct (at 38.7°) but his dimensioned drawings came in at a rounded 39°. Remark's comment "UNITS > Angle > Precision. " will allow you set the number of decimal places you see when you click on a line and hover over one of the grips....which was the next phone call I got! I remember getting very frustrated in the early days when things did not work as expected (and trying to explain the problem, nearly as much again) but it got easier until someone mentioned lisp Rob.
  8. Rob-GB

    educational stamp!!!

    I agree, but only when the coding recognizes that the DWG was opened with a paid for and legitimate installation of Autocad, why should legitimate users get grief/costs due to a block that was created while a person was a student if it is useful, many quality students will eventually run their own companies and buy many "licences" why can't they use drawings they produced in their early years if needed. We already compete with countries who get to pay less for the software and some that use pirated software...what makes the difference is the quality of work and knowledge used in the execution of the projects. I respect that you are in an educational role and often speak your mind (often what I would say to the subject poster :wink:) and that you most often give great advice....but sometimes I wonder if you think through what you post, there are so many variables. With respect, Rob
  9. Rob-GB

    Problem With Helix Command

    Your right Seant, I approached it as wrapping a single rope around a cylinder, erroneously so. The two examples in the pdf show 32° and 11° angles on the helical lines, I have had trouble in determining those (pitch) angles from a 3D representation that I made (even properties won't tell you that one!) Could you expand on your solution as it may be helpful to many of us. Cheers, Rob.
  10. Rob-GB

    Problem With Helix Command

    In Acad 2010 I go with the Helix command then follow the prompt, bear in mind I am set up for metric mm. Command: _Helix Number of turns = 12.0000 Twist=CCW (this line shows last used number of turns) Specify center point of base: Specify base radius or [Diameter] : Specify top radius or [Diameter] : Specify helix height or [Axis endpoint/Turns/turn Height/tWist] : t Enter number of turns : 12 Specify helix height or [Axis endpoint/Turns/turn Height/tWist] : h Specify distance between turns : Hope this helps.You may need to go one turn extra to get a clean trim of the object for the base and capital. Rob.
  11. Rob-GB

    modeling a formula ?

    I suspect you would need to run a Lisp to do this. Lee Mac and Seant or Fuccaro would be (from memory) the guy's who would be best placed to offer guidance. I just did a search for "Parabola" and there are a few posts on the subject but none (that I recognized) would be a firm solution, have a look yourself as I am always struck dumb when math formula are presented to me....I'm probably less smart than you! Good luck in your search. Regards, Rob
  12. Just a thought, as it is your own work done on your own time, why not just put all your routines on a USB drive and call them up from that? That way, if you and the company split, they have not got your routines on the system to use ad finitum. Otherwise Tiger's advice is spot on.. Rob.
  13. Flatten won't roll out the stringers in a flat representation of your stair. It will just give you a 2D picture of the view you selected in 3D. Rob.
  14. When you stated "Helical" stair I thought you were trying to sweep around a Helix. In Acad 2008 there is the Helix command under the Draw menu. I have always had problems trying to create 3D models with splines in them so tend not to use them anymore. Try the Helix tool out, it will make the strings flow more smoothly. Good luck. Rob.
  15. When sweeping, Select Sweep Select Object Select Basepoint Select Alignment > NO Otherwise object will rotate. Rob.