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    The bulk of my business is commercial curtainwall, site plans and floor plans. I do occasionally get a bit of tool and die, and the odd house now and again.

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  1. Jack_O'neill

    What would you like?

    I'm not on here much anymore since my career change, but I too have reservations about a Facebook/Twitter/other social media link. Maybe having that as an option would be ok, if it's not a requirement. One of my sons-in-law is an iphone/android programmer, and he has a blog page that's linked to his twitter account which is linked to his facebook page, which is linked to his google+, and so on. He posts on any one of those, and it goes to all of them at the same time. When someone replies to him on one of them, it shows up on all of them. It just all seems like too much to me. I use facebook on a daily basis for friends and family, but have always kept professional contacts separate (with a few exceptions). I've never seen the point in twitter.
  2. Jack_O'neill

    Dual Monitors?

    One of mine died so I thought I'd just go back to a single for a while....just about drove me to drinkin...did that for about a week and that was enough. Second monitor was replaced. It annoys me when I'm out on the road with this laptop to only have one monitor and I don't even use it all that much.
  3. Jack_O'neill

    Dual Monitors?

    When I started in cad, a 15" monitor was a big deal. We all thought we'd died and gone to heaven when the first 21" monitors showed up. The company bought 5 Viewsonic 21's at almost $2100 each. They were huge, weighing upwards of 80 pounds and taking up half the desk but that was ok! It was so much easier on the eyes. Shoot...the screen on this laptop is bigger than the first CRT I worked on!
  4. Jack_O'neill

    Dual Monitors?

    Sorry, I was out on the road roaming the highways with 44,000 pounds of dog food behind me. Dual monitors are great. When I was doing curtain wall and such, I'd get pdfs or dwg files from the architect. I could then have those drawings on one monitor while working on cad on the other. No need to print the architect's stuff...saves paper and cost. When working on original work, I would have cad open on one and all my tool pallets and what have you on the other monitor, plus my email client, and if the weather was bad or whatever, I could monitor local news or weather info in a window as well. There are lots of ways to use them.
  5. Jack_O'neill

    Write Protected-Who done it?

    I use 2010 and this happens occasionally. The only cure I've found is to do a saveas, rename it and then delete the original file. I thought at first it was orphaning the lock file, but I couldn't find one. Dunno what causes it. Pain in the butt when it does though.
  6. Take a look at Bricscad. It has about the same functionality as Autocad 2008, but at less than half the price of LT. It does lisp and vba too. Free 30 day trial, minus vba, too. I like it so well that I have no plans to upgrade Autocad again.
  7. Jack_O'neill

    Plotting to PDF , drawing appears washed out.

    You'll just have to play with the settings. Make sure it's not changing to grayscales on you, and tinker with the lineweights. Also be aware that this can be as much a video/monitor issue as anything else. Different monitors and video cards will display the same drawing differently. If the problem goes away when you zoom up on the pdf, then it's most likely your monitor resolution. Do the files look ok when you print the pdf or do you have the same problem then too?
  8. Jack_O'neill

    Getting AutoCAD

    I have a Bricscad license. Its roughly equivalent to Autocad 2008 in features and capability. You can use vba, autolisp and all the stuff you do now in Autocad, plus the files are completely compatible with the latest dwg format. You can make your own buttons, menus, all that stuff just like in autocad. Occasionally, the terminology is different, but that's no big deal. For instance, "orbit" in Autocad is called "real time motion" in Bricscad but it works exactly the same way. The best part is the price. For less than half of what LT will set you back, you get all the stuff I just mentioned plus 3d and a very good rendering engine. I think it's the best value for the money out there. Draftsight is a great LT clone. If you don't need or want 3d or autolisp you can't go wrong with it. It's free too. I've used both of these on projects for customers who use autocad, and they've never noticed the difference. The only thing that happens is that when you open a dwg from any of the other products, Autocad will pop up a little message about it not being produced with an Autodesk product, but that's not a problem, just Autodesk being snobbish.
  9. That would certainly work if you know exactly how far away you needed the parallel line. In either method, resist the temptation to use the grips to stretch or shorten the line, or if one end doesn't line up with where you want it. If you do that, it most likely won't remain parallel.
  10. Jack_O'neill

    AutoCAD Music and Sound Effects

    ah, the good ol days. nobody thought anything of waiting for the tubes to warm up for the radio, you just planned around it. My family always listened to the Grand Ol' Opry on WSM (650 on your a.m. dial) when I was growing up, so one of my chores for Saturday was to make sure the radio was on and ready to go before the show. It would take about 30 minutes for it warm up properly and stop drifting up the band. If I was late getting it done, I had to sit near the radio and chase the station as it warmed up. For the youngsters in the crowd, the AM broadcast band has a number of frequencies assigned as "clear channel" stations at night so that people in far flung communities could have clear reception with little or no interference. These stations had a 50,000 watt authorization, where all the other stations were 1000 watt "daytimers". The wavelength was approximately 200 meters, so at night you could hear them all over the country, especially in the winter. In the daytime, range was very limited. These stations brought news, music and all that stuff to the masses. Speaking of the Opry and such...did you hear that Earl Scruggs has passed away?
  11. Draw the first one where you want it, then copy it from it's end point to whatever snap point you need on the second. If it's too long you can always trim it, if it's too short, extend.
  12. Jack_O'neill

    AutoCAD Music and Sound Effects

    I got one of them too! Albums were better back in those days...they had to be. You couldn't pick just certain tracks to play, you had to listen to the whole thing, so the whole album had to be good if they wanted to sell any of them.
  13. Jack_O'neill

    AutoCAD Music and Sound Effects

    I actually thought about it...as well as "record player" and "stereo" but I was afraid the youngsters among us wouldn't know what I was talking about. I actually do own a couple of mp3 players but don't tell anybody, ok?
  14. Jack_O'neill

    AutoCAD Music and Sound Effects

    I have a marvelous device sitting off to the side that plays music no matter what program I'm in, or even if nothing is running on my computer at all....it's called a "radio"
  15. Jack_O'neill

    AutoCAD Music and Sound Effects

    Does Autodesk have a system like Google Adwords? You get a small fee for every time that response appears in a thread?