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  1. SuperCAD

    BOM Cheat? Qty Value Override

    You can do a manual override but it will break the link to the quantity in the assembly. If you want to restore the link, right click on the cell and select that option.
  2. My suggestion would be to rename files using SolidWorks Explorer and not Windows Explorer. You'll have much better luck maintaining relation ships that way. Also, read this: https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/54591
  3. I have used the Toolbox almost exclusively for almost all of my fasteners. It's generally easy to create custom fasteners (i.e. wood screws, lock nuts, etc.) and still use the Toolbox. I have all of McMaster's numbers and descriptions included in the Toolbox so our BOM's populate with all of the correct information. I even have it set up so we can select different material specs and finishes and each option changes the part number accordingly. Personally, I consider it a bit daft to not use the Toolbox, but that's just me. I have found that a lot of McMaster's parts have a lot of cosmetic features that only make the part bloated and tends to drag down the efficiency of the model, so if you're going to do that make sure you delete or suppress the pretty stuff and only use what you need to.
  4. Yes, but the slides are sold in pairs (left and right sides). I have limit mates in the sub-assembly to allow for the proper pull out lengths, but I have one side fully defined to use as an anchor and the other side is only constrained in two dimensions. When I make it flexible I can mate the loose side to the cabinet frame to work with any drawer width I needed. The drawers are linked to the cabinet so they can adjust as needed according to the frame size. In this image the slides are fixed and this is where the holes would go if I added the smart feature. In this image, the slides are flexible, but when I add the smart feature the holes do not follow the slide that has moved. They are in the original position.
  5. I have a sub assembly for a pair of drawer slides (left and right since they are sold in pairs). The slides require holes to be put in both the drawer front and back of the box for fastening. I made the sub assembly so it could be flexible to accommodate any drawer width that we might need. I also made a dummy assembly and added the smart features to drill the holes required. Every thing works fine until I make the sub assembly flexible. As soon as that happens the smart features no longer follow the part that can move. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? I don't see any options that I'm missing.
  6. SuperCAD

    Creo for Solidworks Users?

    I'm taking a class on Creo for my degree, and I have to say that this program SUCKS! I'm almost done with the semester and I still haven't seen one benefit of using this program over any other program I've used in the past. That said, if you want my Creo book, I'll let you have it for a steal. If you're good with SolidWorks, you shouldn't have any problem working through the book. It does go in good enough detail to make it through the models. If you want it, it's yours, just PM me.
  7. We have a user here who, despite numerous warnings, continues to keep his models in "hidden lines visible" display style and always saves them this way. Our experience has been that this is NOT the best way to save our models, and we want them to always be shaded with edges. I'd like to know if a macro can be written and coded to the save function so when he saves it will change the display style to shaded with edges BEFORE saving. It would be even better if we could have a message window pop up and warn him about saving parts and assemblies with hidden lines visible. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
  8. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    Thanks, Matt. I'll keep you in mind. I've been trying to explain the master model technique, but so far if anything requires more than two seconds of thought they won't want to do it. They are all institutionalized and are just too used to the way they've always done things.
  9. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    Plus they don't know how to isolate weldments in a drawing. I have a huge task ahead of me in educating them.
  10. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    This still is a better job, trust me. This is a classic case of not staying up to date on the latest releases or learning how to use new tools, and then just doing the same thing for so long that they don't want to do it differently. The problem is that no one here knows how to read through a history tree to find out how something is built. The default mentality when a change is needed is to start opening parts and change the dimensions. I need to educate them, but I'm getting a lot of push back now. After a few more months, I think I'm going to talk with my supervisor and really push for change. They haven't even scratched the surface of what SolidWorks can do. They just don't know how much they don't know.... Yet.
  11. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    They don't understand how to do 3D sketches.
  12. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    They won't use weldments either. All we do is make things out of steel tube and pipe. I am forbidden from using weldments.
  13. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    Yeah, so now my speed and efficiency has been crippled and I'm slowed down to a crawl because they don't want to train people on how to do it a better way.
  14. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    I really hope you're sitting down for this one, ReMark. The reason I was given is because they don't use imaginary planes to build the products in the shop.
  15. SuperCAD

    Why would you not use planes?

    I am completely dumbfounded by this. I was told by my supervisor that I'm not allowed to use planes and/or other parts to control the sizes of my models. I have to hard code each dimension for every single part in every model. Nothing can be driven. So now, any time that I have to make a change to a model I have to make that change to each and every single part that is affected by the change MANUALLY. I had built a fairly complex model and had the width, length and height all driven by three planes because I knew something would need to be adjusted. Everything was tested and it worked beautifully. When the approvals came back, a change was needed as well as another variation. The dimensional change would have taken maybe 5 minutes. With pack and go, the variation would have taken maybe a half hour. Someone else had to take over because I was on a bigger project, and because he couldn't understand, and wouldn't ask questions, he's spent the last two weeks destroying the model so that nothing is driven. Is anyone else modeling like this? Am I the only one who thinks this is just completely absurd and inefficient?