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    I work for a specialty chemical manufacturer. I do a little bit of everything from P&IDs to civil to architectural and structural.

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  1. ReMark

    autocad software

    A legal version right?
  2. ReMark

    Ortho with 45 degrees

    Why not just use the SNAPANG command to reset your crosshairs?
  3. I don't recall there being a DRAPE command in plain AutoCAD. Perhaps in Civil 3D.
  4. You said a car could not be modeled using AutoCAD. We've posted examples of cars that were. The method of modeling is irrelevant. You lose.
  5. Not accurate? OK...then please show us how you would model it.
  6. ReMark

    guard rail line

    Did you open the linetype definition file and check to see what font or shape file was being referenced then check to see if it still exists?
  7. ReMark

    Fire Call Point Symbol

    I just checked. The drawing I downloaded has two layers: 0 and one called http://www.linecad.com. If your version has "loads" of layers then you might try using the Layer Merge command.
  8. This Lamborgini was created using AutoCAD back in 2007. What version are you using? BTW...no, I did not create it.
  9. ReMark

    Fire Call Point Symbol

    There is one available here. I downloaded and opened it. Seems fine. https://www.linecad.com/fire-alarm-call-point/ Note: The drawing was done using imperial units. It roughly measures 18x22 inches. Scale it to suit.
  10. ReMark

    BIG NEWS: We're upgrading

    I am totally onboard with the proposed changes coming to the CADtutor forum and eagerly look forward to their implementation. Our dedicated core of forum members we will ensure its success. I also acknowledge the hard work and dedication David has put forth to keep CADtutor viable over these many years. Thank you David.
  11. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. No one ever said it would be easy though.
  12. ReMark

    P&ID Symbols

    Are you using Plant 3D by any chance?
  13. ReMark

    What is Lateral?

    If it is a civil engineering drawing it is most likely referring to a sewer (sanitary) lateral with the source being a building of some type (residential, commercial, institutional, etc.).
  14. AutoCAD 2014 will not be SUPPORTED under Windows 10 which doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to run it. Some users have experienced success using compatibility mode while others have found that a program called Longbow Converter holds promise.
  15. You might try looking over at the AUGI website.