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  1. ILoveMadoka

    BOM Cheat? Qty Value Override

    I once saw a post about creating a field with a "dummy quantity" that could be read in. I wish I had saved the post and the link. Something about setting another field = to the dummy quantity field and then setting an equation so if the dummy was blank use the actual quantity else use the dummy quantity. I remember I tried it but couldn't make it work...
  2. We've beat this poor horsie to death... I agree that in-house via toolbox is the best option. If you wait long enough, sometimes the "problem" magically disappears!! Seems that has happened (for now anyway) heh..heh..
  3. ILoveMadoka

    BOM Cheat? Qty Value Override

    As a rule, in our BOM the QTY (quantity) equals how many of a part/assembly are included/inserted in an assembly. We've recently come across a couple situations where we need to override that number for a particular item. As an example, we have Screw X and we want the quantity to equal 100. Is there a way to get a manually entered QTY to show in the BOM for only one specific item when the BOM has many lines? For all the other items I want the QTY to equal the total in the assembly. It's like I need only 1 line in my BOM to read a Custom Property for this one item. If this do-able? Is there a different methodology for accomplishing this? I really want to avoid inserting 100 instances of this one screw in my top assembly, even if it's a pattern. (If possible) I know about manually typing in the cell to override that way... Looking for a "different" option.. Solidworks 2015 (if that matters) Please Advise Thanks
  4. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks & MacBook Pro ???

    Uh Ohhh.... I have a correction. (Just spoke to my friend) It was Civil 3D not LDD. He confirmed the Mac was faster though. Apologies to all for my mistake.
  5. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks & MacBook Pro ???

    I was in I.T. at the time and set the machine up. The Eng Dept ordered it so all I did was install the apps. Back then you didn't need tons of security software. I think we were running Norton or McAfee AV and nothing else. I would always remove all the BS that Dell had pre-installed. The mac belonged to my friend and I don't know if he was running Parallels/Boot Camp/VM Ware. (I can see the armies gathering.) I couldn't care less if ANY of you believe it. :-| I was there, I believe my friend. I don't know LDD or what features are more intensive than others. So I don't know which functions/procedures or what he used as a benchmark... In reality... What kind of idiot would want to work on a slower system in a production environment? If I had access to some nuclear supercomputer, I'd be damned if I'd work on anything else... I just know if you went by his desk, he did his design work (LDD) on the mac. If you want to hate anyone, hate him. I guess to all of you, I saw Bigfoot or a Unicorn or a UFO. I don't make the news, I just report it. It's starting to look like a Microsoft commercial filled with Mac-haters and if I had HD Video showcasing the performance benchmarks, someone would say the video was fake. If you drive a Camaro then drive a Mustang and the Mustang is faster, you don't go back to the Camaro and see "why." You stick with what gets you to your destination the fastest.
  6. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks & MacBook Pro ???

    No idea how the chips would fall today with all high end graphic intensive laptops out there... It was simply a point in time...
  7. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks & MacBook Pro ???

    LDD running in windows goes without saying... :-| Neither of us work there anymore so the tech specs will forever be a mystery. The mac with whatever win emulator he was running at the time still outperformed the high end Dell Precision with whatever super-dooper video card they bought him. It was a laptop and laptops have "minimal options" for video cards (maybe 3?) as I'm sure you know.. At the time you could not get a higher end, bigger, better, faster Dell than they bought. This company was filled with mac haters so the outcome was quite surprising... It was brought up pretty regularly... The guy in question tried to get all the cad guys macs and they wouldn't do it even after seeing the results for themselves.. haters gonna hate... The story was this: They wanted to get max performance and max performance costs more. So they got approval to buy this nuclear powered pc for my friend. He had a macbook at home and got to thinking that his mac seemed faster so he brought his personal mac in one day for some side by side testing. The mac outperformed. There is a whole engineering dept that saw it first hand. I'm not a civil guy so I don't know the jargon of all the contour, water blah blah blah. He was the senior designer so he knew what he was doing. He ran it through the gamut. He pissed management off every way but Sunday when he showed them. We still laugh about it...
  8. We already have all that. We have thousands of fasteners in Windchill already. Design tables of mind blowing complexity. Management just doesn't trust the accuracy and I guess nobody wants to Q/A. I think it's one of those... "We don't have time to do it right ... but we have time to do it over!" "If we buy it, it will be right!" ;-)
  9. ILoveMadoka

    "Funnel-like" Symbol Next To The Cursor

    F6 is your best friend (Turns that funnel off!)
  10. ILoveMadoka

    In need of detailed spring step by step

    As an alternative you can look here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=solidworks+compression+spring Youtube has a truckload of all sorts of Solidworks tutorials at all levels.. Sometimes you find alternate methods for doing the same thing too. YouTube is a great resource..
  11. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks & MacBook Pro ???

    I once worked for an engineering company using Autodesk Land Desktop 3D and they bought the senior designer the most high end Dell that was available with all the bells and whistles. It pissed them off when LDD ran faster on his macbook pro !! Heh..heh...
  12. ILoveMadoka

    Require method to import sketch to planar face

    This is a reply in case someone in the future has a similar need You can also open the dxf directly into SW (as a drawing) select/copy the outline sketch then paste it directly into you sketch for your extrude. Depending up on your versions (some have issues) you can copy the outline in Autocad and again paste right into your sketch. I remember SW 2013 this would not work but 2014+ it did. Not sure if the version of acad plays into that.. My most common issue when doing this was the outline not being closed or having crossing lines
  13. Managements desire is to have the models "pre-made" in hopes of eliminating any human error. Even with the McMaster stuff, any manual input by a user (material, etc) introduces the possibility for human error or as they like to say "fat-finger-issues." Even the McMaster library was created by someone so realistically I don't believe such a library exists. My vote would be to create everything in-house, have an engineer (or two) q/a and sign off. (for internal peace of mind) The SW library is pretty good with common fasteners. We typically delete the threads from McMaster fasteners to decrease the file size. The plan is to probably to use Windchill for management once a final model is approved. I think McMaster uses the same "model" for multiple material specs anyway, which is why no material is assigned. a 3/8 x 1" bolt is pretty much the same whether it's steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, Grade 8, Grade 5 or Grade 9. (with varying thread lengths depending upon the fastener) It's the material that sets the engineering properties.. (unless customized, which we don't want) The main reason they want everything correct is for stress analysis and simulation.
  14. Some of these "packages" have expensive per-seat licenses. It would be much cheaper to do it in house and pay an engineer to Q/A all the info. Not my decision though..
  15. Management is convinced that if done "in-house" the possibility of human error is too great a risk... I know that even commercial products have the same "potential for error.."