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  1. BIGAL

    Time bound Lisp

    The timebomb should work I dont need fas at moment but will check you can load multiple lisps into a running lisp no problems and as the time bomb check is 1st line its checked, thing is you can write code and test and just have your timebomb.lsp date set to not expire etc. ; example of calling a library dcl in any program (if (not AH:getvals)(load "getvals.fas")) (ah:getvals "titel 1" 5 4 "default) ; do something value returned .... your code now
  2. BIGAL

    autocad software

    Autocad Civ3d Briscad zwcad Intellicad wow a different one every month. If you want Free look at Drafsight.
  3. BIGAL

    Story-Booking idea for a LISP

    You can use Vlide to debug or as others have said if using notepad++ it will show you enclosed brackets or an oldy prior to notepad and VLIDE is chkbrk lisp that I wrote like 30 years ago a missing bracket is one of the most common mistakes the second for me is a missing " Using notepad++ just click on the start of the line the end brackets will go red. I tend to write and test as I go so you can copy 1 line at a time to the command line or more and make sure it works, whiles and repeats get a bit trickier. Dont paste ; remarks.
  4. I am no expert on dcl's but the ok_cancel combo returns as you say the variable "Cancel" so wether you click ok or cancel you can save these two answers and do a if outside the dcl. The problem may be trying to do to much inside the dcl. You dont appear to be saving the click on these buttons. This is just an example of the way I do it. Ps I need to add the cancel to my code. (setq dcl_id (load_dialog fname)) (if (not (new_dialog "ddgetval2" dcl_id)) (exit)) (mode_tile "key1" 3) (set_tile "key1" (setq val1 def1)) (action_tile "key1" "(setq val1 $value)") (mode_tile "key2" 3) (set_tile "key2" (setq val2 def2)) (action_tile "key2" "(setq val2 $value)") ; put the action tile ok and cancel here as a saved variable (action_tile "cancel" "(setq action "Yes")") (start_dialog) (done_dialog) (unload_dialog dcl_id) ; returns the value of val1 and val2 as strings (vl-file-delete fname) )
  5. BIGAL

    Time bound Lisp

    You just need 1 line in each piece of code you want checked you would make the check a program that gets loaded every time at the start of code, it would be wise to make all code to FAS. Just load your timebomb and check. I was involved in a big software suite that had multiple modules rather than 1 big code, so easy to have check as 1st couple of lines. (load "timebomb") rest of your code ........
  6. BIGAL

    Hello everybody,

    Had another look you need to make parts of the dwg into blocks start with the G-U-M and the B-M the Cxx-XXX the universal module 1-33. The 1-33 you can turn attributes on and off so number will disappear, or else put each number in 33 attributes probably easier. The symbols may need additional blocks. If you post a sample dwg with the excel columns marked would make much easier to think about it. Lastly this may border on a commercial answer.
  7. Search here for TriangV0.5.9.lsp thats the free TIN Triangular Irregular Network freebie. http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?86040-lisp-to-generate-contour-from-xyz&highlight=triangulation
  8. BIGAL

    Hello everybody,

    No code just some suggestions Your dwg its all seperate lines and text for the connections make into block. 1 make a csv file from excel easy part Read 1 line csv and make a List of that line pull out variables like C10-202, 6-8, insert a block that is the 3 parts, . Insert attribute values. c10-201 has 2-4 I don't do this type of work but some rule in there about 2&4 no 3 etc the symbols change automatically from excel/csv info. I think its achievable but for me not my industry.
  9. Like Steven-g you have already done it, you have a blank line between the "line" command and the "-insert" so starts a new command alltogether. Oh pasting to command line produces a different result to loading a script file hence the single line way Script version, note blank line at end needed to stop line command LINE 0,-14000 850000,-14000 -INSERT 001 10000,20000 1 1 0 001 20000,20000 1 1 0 001 30000,20000 1 1 0 002 20000,30000 1 1 0 LINE 850000,-14000 0,0
  10. I think Maratovich is the winner, we have 3 preset via a menu colour pdf b-w etc all plot a range of layouts here is the pdf for your info, also plots single sheets but end using ghostscript joins the pdf's into one. plotA3Pdfrange2.lsp GETVALS3.lsp
  11. BIGAL

    Area split equal.

    Edit your post and change the color of the part you changed. Trying to run purpose written code can be difficult. Pick the word then the "A" with line under it colors will appear.
  12. Like Maratovich and as I said earlier use dwg to pdf no quality problems.
  13. A simpler way (rtos (fix elevation) 2 0))
  14. BIGAL

    Story-Booking idea for a LISP

    Its just me but get a piece of paper draw the same as cad look at each line of code and write on the paper what its doing write "I_pt" at the point of intersection etc then you will get a better visual idea of whats going on. When you get to remembering 20 point locations a sketch comes in handy.
  15. BIGAL

    File Saveas Lisp

    You may be better using if I can remember or find it you can get a list of drawing_name*.dwg so sort list and look at last entry is it not 1 or is it last number. It may have used a doslib function. Will try to find. Maybe check Lee-mac.com.