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  1. Thank you all for the responses I am new to this site and will post the file soon. I had to just jump back at it and reproduce the detail. Our real concern is that the file was supposed to be an exact copy of what we had on our server last night. We use Ibackup as a remote backup service and they assured me the file should not have be modified or corrupted by them. I will continue trying and post any progress made. thanks again.mdp
  2. still getting invalid file type
  3. message " unable to recover drawing" comes up
  4. no i did not change the file type, It says it is a autocad drawing file and is represented by the typical dwg icon
  5. I lost a portion of a dwg. and downloaded a file from our backup service. When I try and open the file in Autocad, the messenger says "drawing file is not valid". any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. is there any way to recover a file that displays this message?
  7. I have a mleader style specified with textL but it does not update to textl unless i click the text box (mtext) and highlight the text, change to another style and then change back to textL. any suggestions on global fix?
  8. You got it. thanks for the help.mdp
  9. I have had a drawing convert All poly lines to an out line view, the width is correct but the solid fill is missing. any ideas on reinstating typ. polyline view?