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  1. Thanks for your comments. I didn't know they took away GATTE in ACAD 2011? I was sure I ironed out those problems when I was testing it; I'm sorry to hear they're still there. This program hasn't been tested with MEP2010 so that might be the problem. Otherwise maybe you have an older version (than 3.5 I think) of the .NET Framework? Unfortunately I'm no longer working with AutoCAD so I'm unable to test (and for that reason make) any further changes to the program for a while.
  2. hey Steve, is found your CSV2ATTS.lsp here.<br />

    I'm stil a little unsure that you and Heather where on the same line about the excel setup.<br />

    <br />

    I thought that you meant that in thirst row the dwgname, than layout name, than blockname .. and after those three the attributes? <br />

    are am i looking it wrong....<br />

    <br />

    is it possible that you sent me a xls file the way you see it? <br />

    <br />

    Greetz John (Belgium)<br />


  3. SteveK

    Microstation V8 to V7 conversion problems

    Is the CellUtil the same one included as a dotNET example in the Microstation SDK?
  4. mtahir2003pk, post to the forum rather than asking people direct - you'll get help faster.
  5. I don't think you'll find it. Aren't only some of the express tools as lisps? I hope I'm wrong, but I'd say if you don't have microstation you'll have to stick with that EZ script Pro (which sounds pretty neat if it does the job already).
  6. I don't have autocad to check, but I'd be interested to know if it works on anything that doesn't use command.
  7. Hi, I'm not certain, but isn't it something to do with not being able to use command? I remember asking something similar a while ago but with batch importing.
  8. SteveK

    terminal strip

    Ok, so obviously you'd use AutoCAD Electrical as ReMark suggested if you had it so we'll rule that out (though if you do this offen maybe you should think about it). Yeah I'm not sure how a custom lisp could come up with the value (eg) 100 between X1-1 and KL1-11, unless it retrieves it from that table you've included in the picture - which would be difficult if the table can not be collected into a list. Not a great solution, but if the values X1, 1 and 100 are tags in the block, then a simple lisp could be made to increment the number in that tag when a block is selected, but that's not hugely helpful.. Maybe someone else has an idea.
  9. SteveK

    terminal strip

    spakis, are these text inputs that accompany each block? If so then you might be better off creating a block with tags, then use a lisp to collect the blocks and somehow increment numbers in specific tags. Post a picture if you can.
  10. hi stevek, i need ur help:<br />

    can u do this,<br />

    <br />

    <br />

    tc is variable<br />

    <br />

    i need to insert tc value into cad as a text...<br />

    and also required mass property like this... at user insertion point on auto cad text/mtext form help me how i insert these value into cad...<br />

    <br />

    Area: 0.800<br />

    Perimeter: 6.400<br />

    Bounding box: X: 98.889 -- 99.889<br />

    Y: 74.926 -- 76.426<br />

    Centroid: X: 99.389<br />

    Y: 75.676<br />

    Moments of inertia: X: 4581.657<br />

    Y: 7902.648<br />

    Product of inertia: XY: 6017.081 ; no need<br />

    Radii of gyration: X: 75.677<br />

    Y: 99.390<br />

    Principal moments and X-Y directions about centroid:<br />

    I: 0.223 along [1.000 0.000]<br />

    J: 0.044 along [0.000 1.000]

  11. Hi, My mind might be a bit blank. How do I draw a circle that touches the three lines. IE, I have the figure on the left and I want the figure on the right. Accurately. If it matters, two of the lines are orthogonal. Thanks
  12. I know ideally you want just one package that does it all, but because I don't know of one that specific lets go through each: If it's on a single level it's easy with code. This is easy with code - have you tried one of LeeMac's programs? - I'm sure there's one that does this on multiple drawings. I'm not sure what this involves. Once again, not sure what this involves though I'd guess and say this would be the hardest point on your list. Easy with code. Possible with code, though a little bit more involved than 1,2 & 5. Then making all this apply to multiple drawings - if it was easy there'd be a lot more examples floating around, though unfortunately it's not easy in my opinion - but it's possible for some things. I'd suggest if you get no more responses here, try in the lisp forum as it's more popular and a programmer might have some spare time.
  13. SteveK

    New MicroStation Forum?

    Goin off this thread so far it's just Dugg and I interested in a MS forum I see there has been a question in the Design Software forum, so that makes 3.
  14. SteveK

    New MicroStation Forum?

    Wouldn't it be great to see some global stats on this. The reason we use MS here is because all our clients use it, and I know some big companies in aus who use it too. Getting smaller? Maybe it really is the later - although I always have microstation questions, it's just finding someone to answer them that is the problem!