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  1. Hello Now that the problem with OS, XP, W7, 16bit, ... is solved with this little lisproutine, which I'm very happy for it, I discover another small limitation. I noticed that it only measures arc's and no lines. Is it possible to fix this problem? It would be great if it also can measures lines (at the same time time) Does anybody can help me with? Thx in advance Gr ARCRLVOOR_DimVoorSnijden.lsp
  2. Hi guys I just had an upgrade of Autocad 2010 to 2013. However, a very important lisproutine doesn't work properly anymore. What has happened? Can someone help me please? With the lisp I can select several arcs (not polylines!) and when I enter the length and the radius appeares above the selected lines. ARCRLVOOR_DimVoorSnijden.lsp Thx.
  3. Is there any way to pull text from a spreadsheet into arc-aligned text? Like if I were trying to make round inspection tags but didn't want to type in the inspection code each time, or if I needed to change something? Is it possible to put a field into the text to refer to a cell location in Excel? About me: I just started using AutoCAD 2011 (I was previously using AutoCAD 2005) and am having a hard time finding my old controls while learning all the new features for which I got the program. Please use small words.
  4. Hi All, I was wondering if there was a lisp routine to dimordinate a arc? or is it even possible? Thanks, Brian
  5. All my sources say I can create a perpendicular or tangent arc from the end of a line segment by holding down the left mouse button. The Direct Manipulation Tutorial even suggests the arc doesn't have to be perpendicular or tangent. Alas, I have spent far too long trying various permutations of click and hold with not even the slightest hint of an arc to show for it. What am I missing?
  6. I'm making a polyline arc and would like the arc to go the other way. What button do I press to make that happen? I stumbled upon it one day, but have forgotten the button. Anyone know?
  7. CaveMan

    Draw Arc on UCS

    Good Day How does one program to draw an arc(Point, Radius, Angle, Angle) The arc keeps getting drawn according to the WCS? The angles Relate also to the WCS. If a line gets drawn from two Point3D - no problem about the ucs - but arcs and circles retain to WCS even if the user has changed to a UCS? Aye Help needed here Even if just a simple example to draw an arc on current user UCS will be Great Cheers CaveMan
  8. Hi CADmates, how is it possible to recognize an ellipse object is closed (i.e. full ellipse) or open (i.e ellipse arc)? Any reply appreciated.
  9. I have a problem with absolute and relative coordinate regarding drawing an arc. From my previous studies, I thought whenever I input coordinates in command line, in order to use absolute coordinates I just enter them. If I want to use relative coord, then I can prefix them with @ sign. For an arc I input as follows: start point: 0,0 2nd point: 500,500 end point: 1000,0. I was expecting to get a half circle from origin to 1000,0 point but to my surprise I find out that CAD gets the input coordinates as relative. Am I missing something? Is this behavior same for all other object drawings? 1.dwg
  10. Bill_Myron

    Convert Ellipse to Arc

    I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now. The only thing I could find is this LISP that takes the Ellipse properties and uses them to creat an arc. When I use this, the start and end angles are not correct in the drawing. Ellipses must have been drawn in a different UCS). I have tried to get the LISP to use the start and end points of the ellipse along with the radius and center point. For the life of me I cannot figure it out. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. *NOTE* Elllipses that I am trying to convert have the same minor and major radii. Thanks in advance!! (defun c:e2a (/ acaddoc acadms acadobj center endangle obj radius ss ssn startangle) (vl-load-com) (if (setq ss (ssget '((0 . "ellipse")))) (progn (setq acadobj (vlax-get-acad-object)) (setq acaddoc (vla-get-activeDocument acadobj)) (setq acadms (vla-get-modelspace acaddoc)) (setq ssn (ssname ss 0)) (setq obj (vlax-ename->vla-object ssn)) (if obj ;(equal (vla-get-RadiusRatio obj) 1 0.0001) (progn (setq radius (vla-get-MajorRadius obj)) (setq Startangle (vla-get-Startangle obj)) (setq Endangle (vla-get-Endangle obj)) (setq Center (vlax-get obj 'center)) (entdel ssn) (vla-addarc acadms (vlax-3d-point Center) radius Startangle Endangle) ) ; progn (alert "> Ellipse objects failed to be converted") ) ; if ) ; progn ) ; if (princ) ) ; defun
  11. I have a little problem. I need to draw an arc and only know the radius. so I need help how to find where is the center if there is any way to do in autocad. I am using autocad 2010 for a while now and I'm pissed of ... I 'm posting a pic of problem so any suggestions is helpful.
  12. hello to all, could anyone post me a lisp file which can subdivide a line & arc into multiple points as i want, means if a line has a length of 100m i can subdivide it into 10m interval without breaking points, making a line of 100m with 11 points in it... same as with arc too.. i would really appreciate, ur efforts... thanks...
  13. cpascual

    3D Arc?

    Is there any where to make a 3 dimensional arc? Like is there a single command or some other way to go about making one?
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