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  1. We have many geo-referenced raster images of a drawing map. Now we are manually inserting them in drawing where required. Is there any way that if we click anywhere in the drawing the image of that place should be insert.
  2. Keywordkid

    Run another

    Hi All, It's been some time since I have been using AutoCAD and all the lisp controls I learnt have disappeared from memory. I basically only using CAD as a tool for cleaning files to link into Revit and so have been setting up a routine to run through all the clean and purge utilities to speed this up and remove the repetitiveness of using the same sequence of commands over and over. One utility I'd like to add into my lisp is "Flatten.lsp" I have found how to run it but is there anyway I can pre-answer the prompts? i.e. Flatten All (Return) Yes? Thanks in advance. Mark
  3. subodh_gis

    Merge two polygons

    How can we merge two adjacent polygons or two adjacent closed polylines using lisp or any tool in autocadmap 2004.
  4. How can i write a text integer more than 32767 using lisp. when i type 123456 the message is "Requires an integer between -32768 and 32767"
  5. Hey Guys, Its been a awhile since I have done any Autolisp programming and I am stuck... I am using a conditional statement to generate a number i.e. 1.625 and then I want to add that to the Z elevation of a point but it keep erroring out at this line. I have spent about an hour and half looking back thru resources and haven't been able to find the correct syntax. This is the line erroring out: (setq NEWPT1 (APPEND (LIST (CAR USRP1) (CADR USRP1)) (+ (CDDR USRP3) TRAP_Z_OFF))) ; ERRORS OUT HERE Here is the full code. (defun C:droptrap() (command "UNDO" "BEGIN") (initerr) (setvar "lunits" 2) (setvar "luprec" 4) (setvar "attreq" 0) (command "UNDO" "BEGIN") (setq OLDCMD (GETVAR "CMDECHO")) (setvar "CMDECHO" 0) (setq OLDOSMODE (GETVAR "OSMODE")) (setvar "OSMODE" 0) (setq OLDORTHOMODE (GETVAR "ORTHOMODE")) (vl-load-com) (setq thisdrawing (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) (initget "1 2 3 4") (setq TRAP_TYPE (getkword "\n Select trapeze type: ([1]:1-5/8x1-5/8, [2]:1-5/8x1-5/8 B2B, [3]1-5/8x13/16, [4]1-5/8x13/16 B2B): ")) (if (or (= TRAP_TYPE "1")(= TRAP_TYPE "3")) (progn (initget "1 2") (setq FACE_DIR (getkword "\n Trapeze opening up or down?: ([1]:UP [2]:Down): ")) ) (setq FACE_DIR "1") ) (cond ((and (= TRAP_TYPE "1")(= FACE_DIR "2")) (setq TRAP_Z_OFF 1.625)) ((and (= TRAP_TYPE "3")(= FACE_DIR "2")) (setq TRAP_Z_OFF 0.8125)) (T (setq TRAP_Z_OFF 0.0)) ) (setq blockname "TRAP-XDATA-T1_1.625") (setq USRP1 (GETPOINT "\n Select center point of rod 1: ")) (setq USRP2 (GETPOINT "\n Select center point of rod 2: ")) (setq USRP3 (getpoint "\n Select elevation of attachment point: ")) (setq NEWPT1 (APPEND (LIST (CAR USRP1) (CADR USRP1)) (+ (CDDR USRP3) TRAP_Z_OFF))) ; ERRORS OUT HERE (setq NEWPT2 (APPEND (LIST (CAR USRP2) (CADR USRP2)) (+ (CDDR USRP3) TRAP_Z_OFF))) ; ERRORS OUT HERE TOO (setq MIDPT (POLAR NEWPT1 (ANGLE NEWPT1 NEWPT2) (* (DISTANCE NEWPT1 NEWPT2) 0.5))) (setvar "ORTHOMODE" 1) (COMMAND "-INSERT" BLOCKNAME MIDPT "1" "1" NEWPT2) (command "rotate3d" (entlast) "" 2 NEWPT1 NEWPT2 90) (setvar "OSMODE" OLDOSMODE) (setvar "CMDECHO" OLDCMD) (setvar "CLAYER" LAYNAME) (COMMAND "UNDO" "END") (PRINC) ) The code is unfinished so I am trying to keep it working as I build it.
  6. Hey guys, I'm working on a piece of code where I need the lisp to look up a custom property that's set and extract it. The problem I am having is that we updated our templates within the last two years so this piece of code doesn't work properly with some of the older drawings we have. I want it to assign the variable a value if it can't find it, but I don't know how to get around the automation error. Here's my attempt but I am at a loss as to what to do. (defun c:test (/ acadobject acaddocument dprops pp pp#) (setq acadObject (vlax-get-Acad-Object)) (setq acadDocument (vla-get-Activedocument acadObject)) (setq dProps (vlax-get-property acadDocument 'Summaryinfo)) (vla-getcustombyindex dprops 72 'PP 'PP#) (if (= PP# nil) (setq PP# "PLXX-X-XX-") );;end if );;end defun Here's the error I get. Error: Automation Error. Out of range FYI: The name of the custom property is Plot Plan Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey guys, I'm trying to get the four corners of a rectangle in modelspace set to variables and I'm having a hard time with it. I'm able to get the four corners into a list, but I'm having a hard time setting each coordinate to a variable. The issue I'm having at this point is that the second variable duplicates the coordinate values. The first variable Here's what I got so far... (defun c:test (/ ptlist x y) (setq ptlist (massoc 10 (entget(car(entsel))))) (defun c:massoc (key alist / x nlist) (foreach x alist (if (eq key (car x)) (setq nlist (cons (cdr x) nlist)) ) ) (reverse nlist) ) ;end (princ ptlist) (setq x (car ptlist)) (setq y (cadr ptlist)) (princ) (princ x) (Princ) (princ y) ) I got part of this code from here When I draw in a rectangle in modelspace and I use this code, this is what I'm getting. Command: TEST Select object: ((18.2488 -11.0958) (23.6419 -11.0958) (23.6419 -5.32136) (18.2488 -5.32136))(18.2488 -11.0958)(23.6419 -11.0958)(23.6419 -11.0958) So it builds the list and sets the first variable right, but it duplicates the second. Thanks in advance! e: I haven't added in error trapping yet, just trying to figure this out first.
  8. I have a series of blocks that I am replacing via lisp routine. But the new blocks are wider than the old ones. So I wrote the routine below to trim the lines that extend into a block. It works intermittently when the block is horizontal. I haven’t added the code to trim the lines if it’s vertical yet because I can’t figure out why the code doesn’t consistently work. The code is below and the attached drawing files has the blocks I’m using as an example. (defun trimblocklines ( ent / e d ins ero bw bh pt1 pt2 ss1 cnt sslen ) (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (setq e ent d (entget e) ins (cdr (assoc 10 d)) ero (* (dxf 50 d) (/ 180 pi)) bw 0.25 bh 0.125 pt1 (list (- (nth 0 ins) (/ bw 2)) (- (nth 1 ins) (/ bh 2)) (nth 2 ins)) pt2 (list (+ (nth 0 ins) (/ bw 2)) (+ (nth 1 ins) (/ bh 2)) (nth 2 ins)) ss1 (ssget "_C" pt1 pt2 '((0 . "line"))) cnt 0 sslen (sslength ss1) ln_ents (list ) ) (command "circle" ins (list (+ (nth 0 ins) (/ bw 2)) (nth 1 ins))) (setq cent (entlast)) (while (< cnt sslen) (setq ln_ents (append ln_ents (list (ssname ss1 cnt))) cnt (1+ cnt) ) ) (command "trim" cent ss1 "" (list (- (nth 0 ins) (- (/ bw 2) 0.01)) (nth 1 ins) 0.0) "") (command "trim" cent ss1 "" (list (+ (nth 0 ins) (- (/ bw 2) 0.01)) (nth 1 ins) 0.0) "") (entdel cent) (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (princ) ) trimlines.dwg Thank you
  9. I have a block with 25 and growing attributes and correspondingglobal variables. (defun attdraw (atthandle / ) ; draw out all attributes of the insert, turn them into global variablesand fill them with (setq ent (handent atthandle) ; their corresponding data. attribute name = globalvariable name. ed (entget ent) );setq (while (/="SEQEND" (dxf 0 ed)) ;whiletag value /= SEQEND (if (="ATTRIB" (dxf 0 ed)) ;make sure its an attribute (set (read(dxf 2 ed)) (dxf 1 ed)) );if (setq ent(entnext ent) ;move to the next tag ed (entgetent) ;and get entity data );setq );while );defun i update the variables in a dialog box. exiting the dialog box i update the global variables i would like to then insert the values back into theattributes using something similar. is there a way to use the attribute names as variable namesand also use the values associated with them to push them back into theattributes.
  10. I am attempting to create a list that will place a poly line representing the footprint of a building/floor. With the ultimate aim to represent the gross exterior and gross interior if a floor. I am able with ease place the interior gross polyline but am having difficulties with the exterior as I have to use an xref of the architectural drawing and the boundary function doesn't like all the internal islands so it hangs up CAD. This is only my second attempt at creating a script. Does anyone know of a quicker way? (DEFUN C:EXGR (/) (COMMAND "LAYON") ;;;;TURNS ALL LAYERS ON;;;; (COMMAND "LAYTHW") ;;;;UNFREEZES ALL LAYERS;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "M" "EX-GROSS" "") ;;;;CREATES A LAYER NAMED IN-GROSS AND MAKES IT CURRENT;;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "OFF" "A-AREA,ARCH|A-ANNO-GRID,A-AREA-IDEN,DEFPOINTS,ARCH|A-FLOR,FURN|A-FURN,FURN|A-FURN-CHAR,FURN|A-FURN-PNLS,FURN|A-FURN-WKST,ARCH|A-EQPM,ARCH|A-MILL" "") ;;;;TURNS OFF ALL NONE ESSENTIAL LAYERS LISTED IN "";;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "F" "A-AREA,A-AREA-IDEN,ARCH|A-ANNO-GRID,DEFPOINTS,ARCH|A-FLOR,FURN|A-FURN,FURN|A-FURN-CHAR,FURN|A-FURN-PNLS,FURN|A-FURN-WKST,ARCH|A-EQPM,ARCH|A-MILL" "") ;;;;TURNS OFF ALL NONE ESSENTIAL LAYERS LISTED IN "";;;; (SETQ A (GETPOINT "\nENTER FIRST POINT: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE FIRST RECTANGLE POINT;;;; (SETQ B (GETPOINT "\nENTER SECOND POINT: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE SECOND RECANGLE POINT;;; (COMMAND "RECTANG" A B "") ;;;;PLACES THE RECTANGLE;;;;; (SETQ E (GETPOINT "\nENTER THIRD POINT: ")) (SETQ f (GETPOINT "\nENTER FOUTH POINT: ")) (COMMAND "PLINE" E F "") (SETQ C (getpoint "\nPick internal point: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE INTERNAL AREA OF THE RECTANGLE;;;; (command "_.-boundary" C "") ;;;;INITIATES THE BOUNDARY COMMAND;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "OFF" "A-XREF,A-AREA|A-WALL" "") ;;;;SWITCHES OFF SPACE POLYLINES;;;; (setq D (entsel "\nSELECT THE POLY YOU WANT TO DESIGNATE AS THE INTERIOR GROSS: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE POLYLINE YOU WISH TO DESIGNATE AS THE INTERNAL POLYLINE;;;;; (command "_.chprop" D "" "LA" "DEFPOINTS" "") ;;;CHANGES THE SELECTED POLYLINE TO LAYER DEFPOINTS;;;;;; (COMMAND "CLAYER" "0") ;;;;SETS THE CURRENT LAYER TO 0;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYDEL" "N" "EX-GROSS" "" "Y") ;;;;DELETES ALL ITEMS ON EX-GROSS LAYER;;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYON") (COMMAND "LAYTHW") ;;;;TURNS ON AND FREEZES ALL THE LAYERS;;;;;;; (PRINC) )
  11. I'm not sure what happened but I can't seem to get this simple line of code to work. (command "_saveas" "2013" "D:\\Work\\Test.dwg") It just returns a nil. There is nothing wrong with the file path. If I enter the same data in at the command line it works fine.
  12. Hi i'm looking for an Autolisp that help me to compile title block starting from a csv file. At the moment I know this Lisp http://www.lee-mac.com/updatetitleblock.html It is exactly what I need. The problem is that this program compile all the block title (present in "model" sheet) with the first line of the csv file. So all the block title will be equal. I need a routine that -for example- compile 5 block with attribute taking information from 5 different line of the csv file. This has to be done in "model" area. Does exist some progrma that colud be ok for this ?? Tnx in advance Nicola
  13. How can we select all polylines in drawing that have length less than 2.00 or by any specific length.
  14. Hi All, As a newbie to AUTOLisp, I am trying to accomplish the following with a script/function, however I still haven't found much useful information 1. While looping through the files in the directory, check if each drawing has any xrefs attached. 2. If yes, then copy all objects from all attached xrefs to the current drawing, and detach them. If no, skip the the next drawing. (If there are xref objects that cannot be copied to the drawing (such as jpgs), then leave them as they are). 3. Save the drawing with the same file name in another folder. I know this sounds like asking someone else to do the homework for me, but any kind of help is appreciated as a lot of time has been used already googling around without much progress..... Cheers
  15. In Feb fixo helped me to write aSQLCon function. I used the function tooquery SQL databases. I have tried towrite one enabling me to query an access database in the same way. But I am at a total loss. (defun SQLControl ( query_statement / adocmd ADOConn adorst data field fields n sqlQuery tmp data1 data2) ;; Fixo ;; http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?84548-LISP-to-query-MS-SQL-Server-Database-return-results-as-list-of-strings (defun tostring (received / temp ) ; Function Syntax: (tostring received) ; received: Variable to be converted to a string (cond ((= (type received) 'STR) received) ((= (type received) 'INT) (itoa received)) ((= (type received) 'REAL) (rtos received)) ((= (type received) 'LIST) (progn (setq temp "") (foreach listitem received (setq temp (strcat temp " " (datatostring listitem) ) ) ) (setq temp (substr temp 2)) (setq received temp) ) ) ) ) (setq SqlCon "Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=SQL\\DESIGNSQL;Initial Catalog=engineering;user id=DraftingDesign;Password=12345" ADOConn(vlax-create-object "ADODB.Connection") ADORst (vlax-create-object "ADODB.Recordset") data1 (list ) data2 (list ) ) (vlax-invoke-method ADOConn 'Open SqlCon nil "" -1) (setq sqlQuery query_statement ADOcmd (vlax-create-object "ADODB.command") ) (vlax-put-property ADOcmd "ActiveConnection" ADOConn) ; optional ; (vlax-put-property cmd2 "CommandTimeout" 30) (vlax-put-property ADOcmd "CommandText" sqlQuery) (vlax-put-property ADOcmd "CommandType" 1) (setq ADORst(vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-invoke-method (list ADOcmd 'Execute nil 2 1)));OK (setq fields (vlax-get-property ADORst 'Fields)) (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-invoke-method (list ADORst 'movefirst)) (while (not (equal :vlax-true (vlax-get-property ADORst 'eof))) (setq tmp nil n 0) (while (not (vl-catch-all-error-p (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-get-property (list fields 'item n)))) (setq field (vlax-variant-value (vlax-get-property (vlax-get-property fields 'item n) 'value))) (setq tmp (cons field tmp)) (setq n (1+ n)) ) (setq data (append data (list (reverse tmp)))) (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-invoke-method (list ADORst 'movenext))) ; use garbage cleaner before of the closing connection: (gc) (vlax-invoke-method ADOConn 'Close) (vlax-release-object ADORst) (vlax-release-object ADOcmd) (vlax-release-object ADOConn) ; (alert (vl-princ-to-string data)); must use (vl-string-trim " " strvalue) for string values within the data list (foreach line data (foreach item line (setq data1 (append data1 (list (cond ((= item nil)"") ((= (type item) 'SYM)(substr (vl-symbol-name item) 7)) ((/=(type item) 'STR)(tostring item)) (T item) ) ) ) ) ) (setq data2 (append data2 (list data1)) data1 (list ) ) ) data2 )
  16. I'm interested in creating Snake using autolisp, but as far as I can tell, user input is required to get past a grread command. Is there anyway I can break the grread command if no input is received within amount of time?
  17. I like to extend the last created polyline from its last endpoint using autolisp.
  18. I like to write a text between first and second vertex of a selected Polyline. please help me to get first vertex (p1) and second vertex (p2) of a polyline. rest of things i can do myself. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi everyone, I am a software developer , i program in C# C++ and Java, but lately i have been given a task to help out our engineering department to write some code + script to fix cad prints which they have issues with. our problem is we use a third party application which generates an AutoCad drawing. this third part application sets the dimscale to 1:000; But the drawing's title block scale attribute has has the correct scale value. My task was to write code in lisp and our script to automate this process; which will requires the program to read the value for the scale attribute and apply it to the drawing dimscale. after reading some tutorials and searching the web i cam across some functions that did most of my task...Thanks to this community and its forums. my main function that reads the attribute value i got from on of the threads as shown below: (defun c:AttLst (/ ss eLst bEnt aEnt aEntLst aVal blkLst) (vl-load-com) (if (setq ss (ssget "X" (list (cons 0 "INSERT") (cons 66 1) (if (getvar "CTAB") (cons 410 (getvar "CTAB")) (cons 67 (- 1 (getvar "TILEMODE"))))))) (progn (setq eLst (vl-remove-if 'listp (mapcar 'cadr (ssnamex ss)))) (foreach e eLst (setq bEnt (cdr (assoc 2 (entget e))) aEnt (entnext e)) (while (= "ATTRIB" (cdr (assoc 0 (setq aEntLst (entget aEnt))))) (if (= (cdr (assoc 2 aEntLst)) "SCALE") (progn (setq aVal (cdr (assoc 1 aEntLst)) blkLst (cons (cons bEnt aVal) blkLst)))) (setq aEnt (entnext aEnt))))) (princ "\n<!> No Attributed Blocks Found <!>")) (alert (vl-princ-to-string blkLst)) (princ)) This function works great when the scale value has no white spaces; but when there is white spaces it only returns the right side of the scale value example 1 : SCALE 1:5 ==> Result = (( TitleBlockName. 1:5)) example 2 : SCALE 1 : 10 ==> Result = (( TitleBlockName. 1 : )) as you see in example 2 the return value is missing the right side value can you please help me with this issue to figure out why its returning the left side only?
  20. chiimayred

    Working Point Lisp

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a lisp where the user would pick a point in the model and the lisp would create a multileader in paperspace with the coordinates pulled from the model. Here's the code I got so far: (defun c:test (/ WorkingPoint Easting Northing Point) (command "_.mspace" );;end command (setq WorkingPoint (getpoint "\nWhere is Working Point?: ")) (setq Northing (cadr WorkingPoint));;set "y" value of WorkingPoint to Northing (setq Easting (car WorkingPoint));;set "x" value of WorkingPoint to Easting (command "_.point" WorkingPoint );;end command (setq point (entlast));;set the workingpoint to point (command "_.chspace" point "" "" );;end command (setq pspaceworkingpoint (entget point)) (setq mleaderinspt (list (car pspaceworkingpoint)(cadr pspaceworkingpoint))) (princ mleadinspt) );;end defun Whenever I run this, for the "mleaderinspt" variable I get nilnil What I want to do is create the multileader insert point where the user picked the original working point but I'm having a hard time translating that to the paperspace. Please note I haven't added error checking yet as this is still in the developmental phase/proof of concept. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: Think I figured it out, I'll update this thread if it works.
  21. Hi Guys, I'm creating a layer setting pull down menu, in order to migrate my cad to revit I would like to define the linewight. So far I managed to create a command with a dashed line: (defun c:layA-SEC-LIH-005() (command "layer" "m" "A-SEC-LIH-005""C" "magenta" "" "l""DASHED2" "" "") and another one with the lineweight (defun c:layA-SEC-LIH-005() (command "layer" "m" "A-SEC-LIH-005""C" "magenta" "" "_LW" 0.10"" "") but I haven't been able to create one that combines the 2 of them.. any help? Cheers Roberto
  22. Recently upgraded to Civil 3D 2015 from 2013 but am having trouble using one of my most used AutoLISP commands to connect a string of points (connectpts) When I load the command I get the following error message; "; error: Automation Error. Problem in loading application" Any ideas out there? This is file; ;|Platform: AutoCAD Civil 3D Routine to draw 3dPoly between points with identical descriptions, in ascending Pt# order. by Jeff Mishler, July 25, 2007. Tested only in C3D2008. Type (vl-load-com) at command prompt first. |; (vl-load-com) (defun c:Connectpts (/ appstr coords desc grps pline point point#s points pt qbldr ss tmpgrp vrsn ) (setq vrsn (vlax-product-key)) (cond ((vl-string-search "R16.2" vrsn)(setq appstr "3.0"));;2006 ((vl-string-search "R17.0" vrsn)(setq appstr "4.0"));;2007 ((vl-string-search "R17.1" vrsn)(setq appstr "5.0"));;2008 ((vl-string-search "R17.2" vrsn)(setq appstr "6.0"));;2009 ((vl-string-search "R18.0" vrsn)(setq appstr "7.0"));;2010 ((vl-string-search "R18.1" vrsn)(setq appstr "8.0"));;2011 ((vl-string-search "R18.2" vrsn)(setq appstr "9.0"));;2012 ((vl-string-search "R19.0" vrsn)(setq appstr "10.0"));;2013 ((vl-string-search "R19.1" vrsn)(setq appstr "11.0"));;2014 ((vl-string-search "R20.0" vrsn)(setq appstr "12.0"));;2015 (t (alert "This version of C3D not supported!")) ) (if (and appstr (or *acad* (setq *acad* (vlax-get-acad-object)) ) (or *AeccApp* (setq *AeccApp* (vla-getinterfaceobject *acad* (strcat "AeccXUiLand.AeccApplication." appstr))) ) (or *AeccDoc* (setq *AeccDoc* (vlax-get *AeccApp* 'ActiveDocument)) ) (setq ss (ssget ":S:E" '((0 . "AECC_COGO_POINT")))) ) (progn (setq pt (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname ss 0)) desc (vlax-get pt 'RawDescription) grps (vlax-get *AeccDoc* 'PointGroups) tmpgrp (vlax-invoke grps 'Add "__TEMP__") ) (setq qbldr (vlax-get tmpgrp 'querybuilder)) (vlax-put qbldr 'IncludeRawDescriptions desc) (if (> (length (setq points (vlax-get tmpgrp 'Points))) 1) (progn (setq point#s (vl-sort points ' (setq points (vlax-get *AeccDoc* 'Points)) (foreach pt# point#s (setq point (vlax-invoke points 'Find pt#)) (setq coords (append coords (list (vlax-get point 'Easting) (vlax-get point 'Northing) (vlax-get point 'Elevation) ))) ) (setq pline (vlax-invoke (vla-get-modelspace *AeccDoc*) 'Add3dPoly coords)) (vla-put-layer pline (vlax-invoke *aeccdoc* 'getvariable "Clayer")) ) ) (vlax-invoke qbldr 'clear) (vlax-invoke grps 'remove "__TEMP__") ) ) (princ) )
  23. We have some text objects that having long text strings like 500 character so i need a lisp that can split the text into 45-45 characters and make them separate object of 45 character. the reason of this is we have to export the text in other software and that software don't support more than 45 character string. so now we are manually spiting them.
  24. subodh_gis

    Edit Object Data

    I am using autocadmap 2004 and i have closed polylines parcels in my drawing. Inside the parcel i have centroid and Parcel ID as text in separate layers. I have a object data table too. now i need to attach the object data table to all the centroids and put the parcel id as a value in the KID field of the table for all the parcels centroids respectively. Thanks Subodh
  25. Can we count text or block inside the closed polyline using Autolisp.
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