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  1. I am trying to create blocks that have a fields, I would like to have it so you can just update the field without actually editing the block. Is this possible? *update* This block is basic notes that need to be shown on different jobs but might have some job specific data that needs to be updates, my thought would be to create a field (or something similar) that someone could just click and add the information they need without opening the editor. But maybe that is just what they will need to do.
  2. I opened an AutoCAD drawing of a building (not done in AutoCAD Architecture) and the entire layout was blocked. I attempted the explode command and it didn't change anything. I was able to go into the block editor, copy all contents, and paste it into a new blank drawing. Once pasted, it was no longer a block. Anyone experience that before, where you're not able to explode a block? Is there a way to lock/unlock blocks?
  3. Hello, all. I have a question concerning block counting. I have become familiar with the BCOUNT command, but I wanted to take it one step further for my particular application. What I have is several viewports within a drawing. Each viewport represents a particular floor of a building. Furthermore, within each floor are "loops" defined by colored, dashed lines in which there reside certain devices (blocks). Identical devices may exist within other loops on the same floor. Here's the question: Is there a way to count (and possibly export that data to a spreadsheet) the number of blocks that reside within each loop boundary? The boundaries are rarely simply rectangles. It's easy to count the number of blocks within a viewport, but I'm having trouble figuring out (if there even IS a way) how to count the number of blocks within my loop boundaries. **I should clarify and say that, when I say viewports, what I really mean is layouts. There is one viewport per layout/floor. Sorry if this caused any confusion or cringing. Thanks in advance. Beef
  4. Hi everybody, I have had a look through the forums and haven't been able to find what I need, I am really sorry if this is a simple question that has been asked several times but here it goes anyway! I am trying to create a new drawing title block. Within the block I would like to have each of the parts (scale, drawing number, client etc etc) editable. I have seen it done where numerous bits of text from different parts of the drawings can all be edited from one pop up window... Again I am very sorry if this is a stupid question but any help would be hugely appreciated or indeed a pointer at a thread that answers the question. Thanks again
  5. I am working on a bathroom drawing and have used externals blocks of bathroom fixtures. Some of them will not turn off when I turn the layer off. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello. I hope you guys can help with my LISP. I am new to this, so forgive me if I sound too basic. A problem occurred all of a sudden, and it was working before. Now, when I open a dwg, it stalls at this portion of my acad file. That is how I narrowed it down to this particular LISP. I can see my maps, but they are stalled. After about 1 minute, it says that there is a "Fatal Error - Out of Memory". Do you guys have any idea on what to do? If I take out the "N" portion on this line (command "purge" "block" "*" "N"), it seems to work, but I have to click through several options in my command line to do anything on my map. (defun T:PURGEBLOCK () (if (and (/= (getvar "dwgname") "unnamed")(/= (substr (getvar "dwgname") 1 7) "Drawing")) (progn (setq wts (getvar "writestat")) (if (/= wts 0) (progn (command "purge" "block" "*" "N") (setq chg (getvar "dbmod")) (if (/= chg 0) (progn (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (princ "\n Saving purged drawing \n") (setvar "expert" 3) (command "save" "") (setvar "expert" 0) ; (snd) );end progn );end if );end progn );end if );end progn );end if (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (princ) )
  7. We currently run on 2007 Autocad LT (sad I know) and have a laptop with the latest Autocad. We used Trueview converter to save down files from laptop and now we cannot detach xrefs and all xrefs read as blocks in our files on 2007 Autocad LT. When we update an xref file; it does not update in other files which I'm assuming because it's a block in the original. Thanks in advance for your help!!
  8. Hello forum, I have been searching far and wide for this and found nothing that exactly does it. Attached is a block, this block contains some attributes: Name, Family name, Phone and a reference number. Theses four are enclosed in a box with an associative solid hatch at 25% visibility in the backgroud. As of right now, it's a dynamic block with a stretch action that is used to make a bigger box for enclosing bigger attributes (A name with 15 characters, for exemple). So, it implies doing it manually every time, for every blocks and whenever I redefine the block. What I want it to do, obviously, is to automaticly detect the longest attribute between the four and ajust the box to the new size without user intervention. All the commands or LISP I found have failed me, they all works wonders with MTEXT but not with attributes. Is it possible to do it within the block or does it have to be done in the drawing after being inserted? Thank you, BLOC_POSTE.dwg
  9. Hi Guys, i have some drawings with blocks in them, (CAD file has been Attached below) Sample Block.dwg sometimes, i need to trim the lines inside the blocks. (Screenshot below) As Trim Doesn't Work on Blocks, i had to explode or burst the blocks and then trim the lines. But i don't want to burst or explode the blocks, because the blocks have properties. Is there any lisp routine that can fulfill my requirement? or, does anybody know a way to trim the lines inside the blocks without exploding? PS: i know that use "edit block in place" and then use the "trim" command, but using this method 155 times can be irritating.
  10. Hello dear Masters, My name is Sean and I'm very new to this Lisp programming. it's like 2 weeks now and I begin to frustrate that I can't get my code work. first thing I was able to make the lisp to count the blocks being selected and i was very happy to it. then I decided to name the blocks also that is being selected. I know about the command "BCOUNT" but older versions of AutoCAD has no bcount command yet (Autocad 2010) I really wanted to learn LISP stuffs but gets stuck every time. Please help me with this code. I've been to many sites and still can't figure out what to do next. Thank you in advance masters. so here's my code (defun c:BL (/ ssblks ssblks2 en ctr blk ent enlist) ;define funcntion (vl-load-com) (if (setq ssblks (ssget))) ;|selects blocks|; (prog (setq blk (sslength ssblks)) ;|get number of blocks|; (setq ct 0) ;|set counter to zero|; (repeat (ssget ssblks2)) ;|repeat the selecting blocks|; (ssadd (ssname ssblks2 ct) ssblks) ;|add ssname froms ssblks selection|; (setq en (car(entsel ssblks2)) ;|gets entity from ssblks2|; (setq enlist(cdr (assoc 2 (entget en)))) ;|get the dxf group codes of the entity;| (alert (strcat "\n There are " (itoa blk) " blocks and these are: " (vla-get-effectivename (vlax-ename->vla-object enlist)) )) ;|display result|; ) ;end prog (princ) ) ;end if (princ) );end defun (princ)
  11. trmurphy

    creating families

    hi anyone know if it is possible to create a family using existing family members and not extrusions? what i need to do is create a family consisting of a single vertical plane unistrut frame that is copied along a bay of columns. however since the size of the unistrut can change i would rather be able to open the family and change the strut from a drop down menu from the unistrut family, then save the parent family and all change within that bay. hope thats clear! like in CAD where you create a block then you just have to change it once when there's multiple instances. i know this is similar to families but in cad you could make a block out of multiple blocks cant seem to do that in revit any help appreciated!
  12. Steve Bigfish

    Blocks scaling

    I use blocks all the time and have them on pallets , ones I have created and ones from many others. I have just found that they all now add a 33 scale , I have looked into creating new ones and ticking the allow explode seams to work . How do I edit all the existing ones? I have tried in properties and it wont save ANY IDEAS
  13. Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way, when i have exported my lighting calculation from dialux to an autocad drawing, to replace the light fitting blocks in the drawing with my own blocks. Basically, the blocks from dialux are anonymous in autocad, and each one, even though they are the same light type, have a different name (usaully *U127 etc). So i could have 120 lights that i want to replace, but cannot do it in one easy step. Can anyone help please? Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but i have searched and searched and cannot find a resolution. It would save a lot of time if i did. Ochiara
  14. I have been away from hands on drafting with Autocad for many years (since 2006) but am now getting back into it and need to know how to convert my vast library of schematic electrical blocks into something that I can readily use in AutoCAD MEP 2014. I see that there are palettes as a part of the content browser but they do not seem to be very complete so I definitely need to use the blocks that we have created over the years. So far I like what I see in MEP 2014 a lot and have been able to pick up much from where I left off in 2006 but the lack of relevant blocks is a huge time killer Is there a YouTube video or a written tutorial to help integrate the old with the new? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi! Newbie to the forums, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I maintain our office floorplans with employee names in AutoCAD. With 33 buildings and about 125 different CAD files, it can get cumbersome if there are a lot of changes to be made. I want to create a way to make this process easier. I'm thinking if I have some sort of block that can export all employee names and related location numbers to an excel spreadsheet/database, I can easily just edit the excel file without opening the CAD files. Is this possible. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  16. I have master drawings for a client's building. Ever since I've started with this company these particular drawings have been very quirky and annoying. At least 1/3 of the furniture blocks have this invisible box associated with it. The box is typically as large as the building. The annoying part comes in when I try to select one item but end up selecting this invisible box for another item. I've check all my layers and dug around in the blocks to find the source of the block to no avail. The only resolution I've found is to replace each block with a new one. If the drawing was smaller and/or not a master I might do it. Unfortunately who has time to remaster an entire building. (There is another designer in my firm that has this problem too with her drawing but with a totally different client.) Has this happened to anyone? Any suggestions?
  17. I have seen this done in the past at other firms. I am trying to insert a block on a wall using only a pickbox (one step). I am fairly new to lisp routines. I can get the block to insert fine, but I then am having trouble with the rotation. I would like the pickbox to determine the rotation automatically based off of the side of the line I pick, I currently have it asking for the rotation. If I pick on top of a line, the block faces up, if I pick the bottom, the block faces down.
  18. AGove4123Sonnnnn

    Selection Within a Block

    I need a way to select everything but the centerlines within a block. They extend beyond the part which I hope to find the actual envelope dimensions of. I will then iterate through the remaining parts to find the max/envelope dimensions. The issue is this block is in a document with many other objects (blocks, lines, points, etc.) so exploding is not ideal as it would be a pain to recollect the parts. Also opening a seperate file is too time consuming, this must be done within the file at hand. Is this even possible? EDIT: Oh! A little drilling, and you can easily and directly access a block within a document, then iterate through them as I mentioned above. No inception-style selection sets needed! Nice. Looks very roughly like this: Dim blkTestBlock As AcadBlock Set blkTestBlock = AutoCAD.Application.ActiveDocument.Blocks("ACT1") For Each ACADEntity in blkTestBlock If linetype="Continuous" then getboundingbox....blahblahblah
  19. Hi i have a drawing boarder that is a block with enter-able text fields for drawing revision etc but for some reason the order in which you would enter the rev's 1,2,3, etc is the wrong way round in the enhanced attribute box. So when i click and start typing i end up with 3,2,1 in the rev boxes. i hope this makes sense and someone can fix this annoying error i have.
  20. We have a drawing border that uses four lines of attributes for tracking revisions. I'd like to write a routine to move the values in each line up one line, so the latest revision is always on the lowest line. I can extract the attribute tags and their values into an associated (dotted pair) list easily enough. Since each line has attributes that are prefixed with a '1_', '2_', etc, I thought it would be easy to simply iterate through the list to change those numbers. It turns out that I was partially right. The list is easy to get, working with dotted pairs is not. My list looks like this: ("1_REV" . "1") ("1_DATE" . "04-11-13") ("1_DESCRIPTION" . "ADDED A BUTTERFLY VALVE TO THE BYPASS LOOP") ("1_BY" . "ABC"). I'd like to change all the instances of '1_' to '2_' in the list. I might be making this too hard, I know I could simply store those values to variables and then just create a new list, then push the new values into the block attributes, but that seems somewhat inelegant.
  21. Hey Everyone, I'm having a problem, I created a block w/ attributes for my border and saved it for future use on other drawings. But when I insert it, even if the units are the same the blocks I inserted scaled smaller than the actual border that i wanted it to be. Anyone able to help me please
  22. Hello to everyone, I'm new to the forum, I work in France as an architect on Autocad LT2013. I have a problem with the "in place" block editor and I couldn't find a solution on the internet, mainly because I fail to synthesise a sentence for the search that makes sense. My problem is that when I am in "edit block in place" mode I am still able to edit the drawing, so that I can still delete or stretch or move certain elements, even though they are not part of the block. This is quite annoying because it leads to unwanted changes and mistakes. Is there a variable or an option to change it and prevent any modification to anything outside of the block? Thank you, Duccio
  23. I used to work at a company that had a command for inserting blocks and depending on some factor (i think ltscale) the block would come in the correct size. but if it was off the block would come in the wrong size. I think it was a lisp routine but now the main problem I am using 2013 LT, no lisp:( And I can not add the 3 party programs, company computer. please help we use several size drawings here and they each have a differant dimscale. that would be good if the blocks were scaled based off the dimscale. but if not that s fine. diesel
  24. Hi all, I'm wondering if you guys have some suggestions, I'm looking for the best way to create some sort of background mask in my blocks. I'm using blocks as my mechanical symbols, to be inserted into my piping and instrumentation diagrams. The diagrams contain several lines, and in the past the company would simply trim out the lines around the symbols. I would like to stop trimming the lines by simply putting an invisible hatch/mask around my blocks. Any sweet suggestions?? Thanks!
  25. jalba

    Blocks not purging

    Hi, I'm trying to purge some blocks. I'm successful in deleting them, but after a while they reappear so I have to repurge. Any explanation to this dilemma?
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