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  1. AutoCAD 2007 recognizes cui files only. Can I convert cuix to cui or mnu? I prefer AutoCAD 2007 because it's faster and I don't really need the latest version of it like AutoCAD 2024.
  2. Hi, I have recently tried to import a middle mouse button menu, that I have used on several version of Autocad in the past, currently using 2016, but for some reason will not seem to even pop up : and for some reason will not even let me right click with ctrl to get it so is there a option I am setting incorrectly: Regards, Jim
  3. no cui file is loaded when i open autocad 2008. when i use the 'cuiload' command there is nothing in the 'loaded customization groups' list. i browse to the default cui file i want to use (acad.cui) and click 'load'... and then NOTHING happens. i cannot load any cui file from any location into my loaded customization groups. i reset my computer and i have unistalled and reinstalled autocad and both without any luck. does anybody have any helpful ideas?
  4. Hi, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make a toolbar that can be downloaded for all to use. My problem is how do you share a "common directory" with the world? The toolbar works perfectly fine on my computer, because I have defined my own directory in the macro under the cui command. So the question is: how do you make a "common directory" so that the toolbar can be accessed on any computer? I hope I have made myself clear. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, I have a case I tried to find a solution online with no avail. I have an excel sheet with 1000+ commands routine I keep updating from time to time. Then, I copy specific column to a lisp file where I can execute these commands into autoCAD. I built up these commands with a logic way to be able to memorize most of them. But sometimes, when I don't use a specific command from this file, I forget it and I have to open the excel sheet again to refresh my memory to use it again. I found another way where I could use autocad menu or ribbon tabs and panels to visualize these commands in autocad instead of memorizing every command. Also, this will ease the process on my teammates as they have to keep reading the excel sheet to know which updates I made to the commands list. By visualizing the commands into AutoCAD, it will make our life a lot easier. The main issue I'm facing now that I need to enter these commands in my partial custom CUIx one by one with unique element ID for every command. It's time consuming and lot of efforts. Is there a way to add contents of a separate excel sheet or notepad where I will pre-define the command name, description, small and large button image, and macro for every command I use? I know it may sound very hard but I believe it's not impossible. That was the first and hardest part in my issue. The second part that I need to add the newly created commands into panels then into ribbons. Is there a way to automate this as well? Thank you in advance. Wish if someone could help me with instructions on how this could be achieved. Attached a sample excel sheet including the command name and macro and element-ids Best regards Sameh Hosny Sample.xlsx
  6. scared with modifying the cui so maybe someone can help me. i want to set the rmb (right mouse button) to pan and ctrl+rmb to zoom i.e. just like in rhino.. is this possible and can maybe someone guide me?
  7. How to transfer my custom icons, menus, toolbar in my computer to other computer.
  8. Hey guys, So, I've played around with CUI and haven't found a way to do this, so I thought I'd throw it out to your brilliant minds. I know that F3 toggles all ticked osnaps on/off, but I'd like to create shortcuts to toggle specific osnaps on/off (running osnaps, not temporary). Right now, I have to go down to the bottom toolbar and turn on/off any given osnap. It looks like through CUI you can set a shortcut to turn on a given osnap--but it turns off anything else that's already on. I'd like the existing osnap status (which ones are running) to stay as-is, with only the desired osnap changing to on/off. I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Liz
  9. I used to be able to click and drag the commands from CUI and put them in the ribbons or on the side of the model space, but it won't let me in AutoCAD 2016. In this case I want to bring "Circle, center, Dia" command in model space. Does any body know how? I like to bring in some commands that I need on the screen for convenient.
  10. Hi everyone, I have this window everytime I open AutoCAD 2015 (attached image). I am not the administrator from the computer and maybe that is the reason I have not been able to work it out. I cannot run some lisp routines because this window it is opening every time. can anybody help me? Thanls in advance
  11. I have created a .cuix file that I would like to apply to AutoCAD2015 for each user on the network, so that I do not have to log in under each name and manually transfer in the CUI one at a time. So far I have tried multiple methods for loading the custom .cuix file into AutoCAD on launch, however I am unable to get the workspace to transfer in at all. I have created an acaddoc.lsp file, saved into a support file path, that calls another .lsp file to load in the cuix, based on code I have seen on this forum: (command "cuiunload" "FILENAME" ^C "cuiload" "X:\XX\XXX\FILENAME.cuix" ^C) However my new workspace is never added into the program after successfully calling the LSP when CAD launches. I have also messed around with ARG files and using a switch to call on a script upon launching CAD, although I so far have not had any luck. I am a novice at writing scripts for AutoCAD and navigating the program's folders, so please let me know if I need to provide any more detailed information. I appreciate any help that someone has to offer. Thanks.
  12. What is the different between AMPP and AMACAD? I tried to bring in some tools from CUI and it shows both exact tool twice. Ex: "Break at point" there are 2 sources one is AMPP and other is AMACAD. Which one do you use?
  13. Int the CUI I have created my own shortcut menu. I wish to assign this to the Ctrl+Click Button 2 mouse button. When I do, it also changes the Shift+Click Button 2 to my new shortcut menu which is not what I want. I want to leave ****_Click Button 2 to the Snap default. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  14. I use a the XLine command frequently when I draft to temporarily define some geometry, and then I Erase the construction lines shortly thereafter. Recently, I’ve been wondering if there is a way to make it so that every time I draw a construction line it is the same color. I understand that I could create a “Construction Lines” layer or adjust the current color before I create them, but I am interested in circumventing those steps altogether. My dream is that every time I start the XLine command regardless of the current layer or color, the construction line that is created is a specified color. That way they are easier to keep straight. It may just be an impossible dream, but given how customizable AutoCAD seems to be at the CUI level, I feel like it might be possible. My efforts to date haven't yielded any fruitful results. Any thoughts?
  15. Hi All, I have created a menu file that contains a ribbon tab. I can load the menu and make sure the pull down and toolbars are visible, but I can't find a way using LISP to make the new ribbon tab visible. I know that I can go to the CUI manager, edit the workspace, tick the ribbon tab and save the workspace, but I need to do all this via lisp on startup. Any and all help greatly appreciated. Colin Holloway
  16. I would like to add a custom command to the Text Editing Shortcut Menu but cannot find it in the CUI? I am trying to add a command right between "Update Field" and "Convert Field to Text". Can anybody help me find where to insert this command so it will show up in said shortcut menu?
  17. Hi all - I don't know what happened, but I was CADDing along and now when I double click a hatch, it invokes what I think is the Quick Properties, not the Hatch Edit command. I can still type the Alias "he" and get to it, but I'm used to double clicking and don't see what change. I looked in the CUI, and under Double Click Actions>Hatch, the Hatch Edit command is listed. What gives? THANKS to the community at large, as always.
  18. I'm just learning how to utilize recordable macros. I have a simple one that I found how to assign to a tool palette by simply changing the properties command string to "^C^CBottom" and "^C^CTop". These are the titles of the macros I created. The article I found explaining this said you can also assign a shortcut key using the aliaseditor but it does not recognize it as a valid command. Is there a way to either use the aliaseditor or the CUI to assign a shortcut for these recoded macros? Thanks, -Nobull
  19. The quick acces toolbar some how ended up below the ribbon, even though the CUI states above the ribbon. How can i fix this? On some drawings it is right, but then the properties tab that used to stop below the ribbon, now runs the height of the screen
  20. I made the switch from acad 2006 to 2014. I was able to add quick leader to my dimension menu in customize user interface, but I don't have an icon in my dimensions toolbar. I figured it out, I needed to customize toolbars also, not just menus.
  21. I can't find much info in this so thought I'd ask here... I have a custom CUIX file as our enterprise menu for our CAD standards and settings and with it have MNL file to auto, demand load LISPs. It works fine for me as an admin but not for others. I've looked into the problem and it seems to be that it's related to fact rhat the folder access rights are set to read only. Does any one know why this would be a problem, as everybody can see and open the file in Notepad and can find it using (findfile "company.mnl") in AutoCAD. I can't understand why then AutoCAD says it failed to load the MNL file. Any ideas? TIA
  22. Hope this is the correct furum. Running ADT2006. Is there a method a creating custom tooltips. Simular to osnap, when cursor hovers over a object and "endpoint" "midpoint" etc. shows up, I would like to have it show the objects Layer. Rather then selecting the object, I would like to hover over the object to detects its layer, before selecting, to select "object on destination layer". This can be inserted into my lisp routine or as a separate routine or part of a cui programing.
  23. Hello, Firstly,Sorry for my English and I admit I'm addicted to making enhancements in CAD drawing I'm looking for quiet simple way to copy current layout and move it to end using only some commands. I know "Move or Copy..." dialog box method but I need to do exactly the same thing using commandline. What for? I've prepared little button which places boundary of viewport in model space and copies current layout with increased number like 'Layout1 (2)'. It's very useful with long maps projects (for example: creating 200 same layouts of trace/route). Button works fine except placing duplicated layout tab behind current one. So generating another copy of layout I get reversed order. I don't know is it clear so let me explain: my first layout is named 'Sheet(1)' duplicating with my button, after this I have two tabs: 'Sheet(1)' 'Sheet(2)' duplicating with my button again, after this I have three tabs: 'Sheet(1)' 'Sheet(3)' 'Sheet(2)' As you can see 'Sheet(3) is misplaced and performing action again and again gives ...'Sheet(5)' ..(4) ..(3) ..(2)... With hundreds of layouts I need to rearrange them somehow. With publish option is so painful . Button is based on this tip and using this command: [font=helvetica][font=courier new]^C^C_pspace;_boundary;[color=red]100[/color],[color=red]100[/color];;_chspace;_l;;_layout;_c;;;[/font][/font] Note that works only on viewports that are placed somewhere about 100x100 units (it doesn't matter on layouts with only one maximized vport bigger than 100x100 - red values in code above). I am not geek yet so I don't know how to find any command performed by dialog box - maybe debug, but how? I am using AutoCAD LT so VBA or LISP is disabled for me. Please help if it possible.
  24. Hi, i'm italiann i'm sorry for my bad english: i'll try to explain my question better i can i wish to migrate all default icons of AutoCAD2007 to AutoCAD2014: i' ll wish to overwrrite default icons of 2014 with icons 2007 is it possible?> i know that i can do this with cui save every icon in a bmp file and sustitute every icon of 2014 with bmp file of 2007.... but i think it s so boring to do... does it exist any faster mode? thanks in advance for answers P.S. i tried to export in a cui file all default toolbar of 2007: ii opened it in 2014... but icons are 2014 default!!!! same file cui opened in 2007 and 2014 has different icons images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. I'm trying to get my content center library from 2012 to 2013. I'm not having any luck with Autodesk's help. Supposedly it's as easy as Start Menu, All Programs, Autodesk, AutoCAD Mechanical 2013, "Migrate from a previous release" but that part in quotes is not an option. Instead I have "Export AutoCAD 2013 settings" and "import 2013 settings. I've successfully exported my ACAD 2012 settings using this strategy but when I try to import, nothing happens and my settings do not transfer. I've also tried using the CUIX transfer dialog box but that thing is a complete mystery to me. Also, I don't see an option to transfer content center library content within the CUIX transfer dialog box. How have you transferred settings in the past?
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