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Found 14 results

  1. Where would (if there is a way) I change the default setting for linetype generation? Whenever I draw a polyline the setting is set to disabled. I would like for it to be enabled instead. Any help is always appreciated. Regards, Miller
  2. sandiegophil

    table default style

    Hello, I am having issues finding the location to set the default table style for a line/curve table. Any help is appreciated! thanks, phil
  3. I have my pages set up for all the size drawings that I do but I want to change one thing in the properties of the plotter that I use. I want the lines to merge instead of override, after I set up that change it asks if I want to save the changes and I do. yet the next time I plot the plotter properties does not have that change I made, it is in a separate .pc3 file. do I have to change all of my premade page set ups to use the new .pc3 file for the printer or can I actually change the setting in the actual plotter settings and have it stay as a default? thanks for the help.
  4. I have a bunch of drawings from our client that were created for construction purposes and were originally made in a Microstation 3D parametric environment so is full of blocks with embedded layers. Some layers are either not necessary for my 2D work or do not comply with our layername standard, so have been merging the unnecessary layers to 0, so I can move the blocks to proper AIA cad layer names. Is there a way to get "inside" the layer merge command and change the default delete prompt from No to Yes, so I can use the mouse R-click to accept, rather than having to type in Yes everytime?
  5. jfowings

    Proxy Graphics Default ??

    Most of the drawings I work in have proxy graphics. Is there a way to set the default to "Show Proxy Graphics" so I don't have the Proxy Information box come up everytime I open a drawing? Just an annoying item.
  6. magic_man1

    Default Instance Parameters

    I am modifying a pre-existing electrical panel family and the goal is to create text on the panel in elevation view to reflect the panel name. The issue I have seems to be that even though I type a default panel name in the "Panel Name" parameter (I used "zzz" so the value would stand out), when I load this family into a project and attempt to place my first panel, it comes in with a blank value in the "Panel Name" parameter slot. Typically, this would come in with a value of: "zzz". Again, this is an "out of the box" family that I am attempting to modify, so I am partly wondering if this is because a something has been done to force this field come into a project empty. Any ideas / thoughts are much appreciated. I will also say, that once the panel is inserted, you can give it a name, then update the family to include the functionality and everything works great (because it has a name now). The problem is, getting it to come in with a default name, so you can change it after placing it into the project. (I am using Revit MEP 2011) Thanks,
  7. hey guys, I have map 3d 2010. when i was trained on this software i used the default ribbon based work space. our boss had someone come in to the office and standardize everyones workspace, which is great, as long as i'm just doing drafting. the new way it is set up is similar to AutoCad classic. but when it comes time for me to do any sort of GIS work, i can no longer get back to the ribbon based workspace. i CAN get the ribbon to come back, but when i do, it is empty. it says "the ribbon does not currently have any tabs or panels loaded." how can i get my default ribbon workspace back, without losing our, company standard, drafting workspace? i realize i need to set up a new workspace, i just have no idea how to go about getting all of the ribbon tools i'm used to. (default) any ideas?
  8. Hi All, how is possible to find out what is the current Line weight? I appreciate any help:)
  9. hawkesj12

    Autocad issue

    I have an issue! I am working in Autocad 2010 on my desktop. I have autocad 2012 on my laptop. I have recently saved a 2012 DWG and opened it on 2010 and saved. Now when I am on 2010, my properties and visual styles is a screwed up. I was wondering if I could just open autocad 2010 without all my changes. almost like opening it as I did the first time. If I did that my proprties and visual manager would be restored. Please help!!!
  10. 1. How does the stretch command work? I'm trying to scale an object solely in the Y-direction. Is making a block out of all the objects I want to scale the only way to do this? 2. I have a few blocks that I want to make icons for so that I can just click them from the ribbon. Is this possible? 3. How can I set text defaults? i.e. I'm inserting a lot of multi-line text and I always want to justify it MC (middle center) but the default is TL I believe, is there anyway to change this? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I've copied and pasted sections from old drawings into new ones, and it seems to have completely messed up some fundamental aspects of my AutoCad. After I pasted I received some error message which I didn't understand. I think it said something about a "Language" problem, (Needless to say I clicked the nice big "OK" button without any thought). Now, every time I open CAD there are these square symbols where there should be text - and I haven't a clue what's going on. I am running CAD from my company computer, so can't use the add/remove programmes repair trick. Does anyone know how I can reset all/relevant settings within CAD to get things back to normal? I'm running the 2010 model. Many thanks James
  12. Hi! Apologies if this has been discussed before, but as I not sure what I am looking for it quite hard! Here is the situation, I have worked in several offices now where AutoCAD is installed on each machine and the Windows Profiles are on each machine and are not roaming. Each computer is linked to a server that manages the domain, serves files and hosts outlook. This means if I log onto a machine that is not my usual one, windows creates a new profile and the AutoCAD profile is back to default. The means that any new user, or anyone using someone elses machine, does not have access to the company's printer settings, toolbar (or ribbon), plot styles etc. Is there anyway that when the above happens a "default" profile is loaded with basic settings already activated. it will save me a lot of time! I hope this explains it?!! (Oh we are still using XP if that is any help).
  13. I'm drawing a 2D model but for some annoying reason each new line (or pline) that I draw is created as 3D, so when I filter a corner for example it says that the lines are non co-planar, which is easy to fix but annoying because it shouldn't be like that in the first place! Help much appreciated, thanks!
  14. In the past, I've seen a lot of questions about this particular topic so I have decided to put together a short tutorial surrounding the idea of prompting a user whilst offering a default option to select. I welcome any comments or feedback about how I could make the tutorial better, and furthermore if there are any mistakes found. The tutorial can be found here. Regards, Lee
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