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  1. Hello guys, I need help with a drawing in Inventor (2010). My problem is this: I have to make a section view of a part but I don't wanna section the whole part cause I need to dimension it, I just have to make partial section of the part, i want to show the hole down there. I have attached a pdf file of the part. This is how it should look. (it's drawn in AutoCAD). If someone could take a look at it. Thank you in advance. P.S I apologize for my bad English, it's not my native language. 123.pdf
  2. Hello all, I'm very new to this website and came a cross it from google while looking for standards / recommended line weight sizes. i did find a thread but it was from many years ago so was not much help. I have used autoCAD for years now on & off and use to be good but have fallen out of practice with it and plan to get back to a high standard, but when it comes to lineweight types i'm very much a newbie. I have been designing a drawing of an estate agents with two flats on top and when it comes to plotting it is all over the place due to line type weights and i was hoping
  3. I'm starting a new drawing in Civil 3D 2012 and when I go to draw a line I can't see the small text boxes that show up beside the cursor that allow you to input numbers. I like to type my lengths and angles into these boxes to draw my lines as it makes it 100% accurate however the aren't showing up. Drawing lines is essentially useless because I now have to eyeball it. Is there a keyboard shortcut to get these boxes to display again? Please help.
  4. Hello everyone, My question (confusion) is about scaling. I know all drawings are suppose to be drawn 1:1 in model space. But what if I run into drawing that is not drawn 1:1? What should I do then? For example if a drawing is done say 1/4"-1'0" how do I check it or how do I change it to 1/8"-1'0" I am using auto cad '12 Architecture.
  5. Hello friends, how is it possible to get all blocks in a drawing and use them entirely in current session, without opening it. I mean something like ADCenter via VisualLISP.
  6. Hi everyone, how is it possible to find out any drawing is read only due to being opened by other one, without opening it?
  7. Hi All, does anyone know from where I can find drafting standards? I mean handy books or codes about how to: 1- name layers 2- define linetype scales 3- select colors for objects 4- define lineweights for objects 5- define plot styles 6- ... Thanks in advance Mehrdad
  8. My drawings appear small in paper space than they do in model space. How do i get them to fill the paper space?
  9. Hi, i'm wondering how to get orthographic views isometric view (with some dimentions) from an object ive already assembled with proengineer (student). Would be nice if somebody could point me in the right direction. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new to this so sorry if I am doing this wrong. I am working with Inventor 2011 and I have a series of different parts that I want to present in one .idw file. I have produced .idw files for all the parts individually but I wish to have them all in one .idw . I have tried to copy paste the sheets from all the .idw files and it seems to work fine apart from the labelling (lettering) of my section views (and some positioning of view) it seems when ever I add a new sheet the lettering is followed on from the previous sheet. Is there a way of preventing this so that each sheet starts fr
  11. LittleManApps

    Stuck on change size of a dwg

    Hi, I need quick help on how I can change the size of the canvas (if thats what it's called, sorry I'm new to inventor) to ISO A4. I created a 3D model then made a dwg out of it now I can't change the canvas size Thanks, LMA
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to align "drawing views" of different parts on a single drawing. Does anybody know if there's a way to do that apart from default "align by origin", i need to say align 2 views by left edge vertically. thanks in advance
  13. Our new 2011 software has now been installed and set up although our previous template does not come through and it seems to have disappeared from the 2010 templates folder... any ideas where else it could have located itself:? and if it would just be easier to re create a new template? if so how do you start with a blank page to there on sketch your templates? thanks
  14. 'ello, I'm a fairly new user of Inventor 2009 and I've run into a problem I have no idea how to get around. I've created to separate shelled loft parts that that have no volume-they reflect two different surveys of interior tunnel walls. I've placed both of these parts into an assembly to make a representation of the tunnel, but then when I go to put it in .dwg format, nothing! No matter what view I select it's just an empty box. When I just put the part itself into a drawing it works fine, something about putting it in the assembly is making it not translate over? Has anyone else
  15. Hi everyone! I'm kinda new in this LISP world and I'm having some trouble on this project of mine. Here we go: I need a LISP to draw a PLINE and create a text with the PLINE's area. The area is always different and I don't have the points to draw the PLINE, so I have to draw it with the mouse and when I finish I want to have the area value in a text placed inside that PLINE (I can place it with a mouse click, but I don't want to have to write the area). This is the code I already wrote: I would appreciate any help! Thanks!
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