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Found 56 results

  1. kreativito

    Best way to export ?

    Hello, I am currently working on a simple floorplan. That's how the drawing looks like. What is the best way to export that drawing, so I can use it for the software 3dsmax ? Thank you very much for any little help !
  2. Hi Guys, Here is what I could do till now with the below code (mainly from Tharwat, but I tweaked a just bit): 1) It asks for the user input to specify the origin (basically setting the UCS) 2) Export XY & Diameter detail to the excel file (converted XY to current UCS using trans function) 3) Adds a 0,0-Origin text so that user knows whether the origin is correct or not. what I'm looking for is this : 1) All the entities (arc or circles) should be numbered on the drawing 1,2,3 etc.... 2) The table what it creates should have the First column for serial numbers (per item 1) and Fifth column for the type of entity (e.g. Arc or Circle) to identify the object type. Can someone help me on this please? Cheers
  3. Hello community! First post ever. I've been spending so much time trying to figure this one out that I kind of gave up. Now I need your help. I have 4 computers sharing tool palettes on a network. Whenever a user updates the palette with a new block, he has to export the .xtp file on the network and every other users has to reimport the palette in order to see the changes. We're in the middle of a big clean up since we just got our new Autocad 2011 license and the palettes change pretty much every day, whenever we find time to reorganize it. Is there a way to skip the export/import part when modifying a tool palette? I mean we are all using the file on the network right, so why doesn't it update on modification? At first I thought the palettes would update on startup, at least, but it seems that every single user has to export first and then import the .xtp file every morning or so. It feels like once the palette on the network has been imported, the modifications we apply on the said palette are local, as if autocad would copy the one on the network instead of running it live, which makes it harder to keep it synchronized on every machine. I'll stop my post here because I don't want to further confuse anyone. I hope the problem's clear. I hope there's a way to work around that export/import sequence and get this whole palette thing to work in sync. Thanks for reading this, any help is appreciated
  4. I will try to explain this the best I can. I have several hundred miles of aerial and buried fiber. It is in AutoCAD map 3d 2012. I was given the task to create a database that links to the drawing and consists of information extracted from attributed blocks and cable information. The blocks are no problem. I am able to get all the info needed from ATTOUT, but getting the fiber info can be done manually. The cable in the landbase (.dwg) is represented by polylines and the access database links to the handle created by autocad. I can get all the handles and then manually type the pole to pole info. But if I can export the handle with the start and end coordinates it would be a much faster process. I have tried using the dataexport command but I cant seem to get the handle information. or if there is a way to export all attributed block info and polyline handles with start and end location at the same time, would be more of a time saver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have a fully electrical drawing set complete with I/O from my PLC I want to generate a .xlm file. I then want to write a program that will scrape the file looking for I/O addresses, and then assign aliases based on the descriptions. I’m having trouble with the .xlm file. When I generate the file the I/O looks like this: - Wire> What I need is something that includes the description. I know they are associated in some way because if I export to Excel the same I/O point looks like this: What do I need to change in order to associate the description to appear in my .xlm?
  6. I need to get a PNG (or any other image file) with a transparent background off of my layouts. We need them to put some images on our website. I've tried everything...pngout, wmfout, converting, GIMP, inkscape...can't seem to make it work. Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  7. I need the actual cross section LINES that are shown in the HECRAS model, not just the alignment... I've tried check marking everything that the "GIS export" option in HECRAS gives you to no avail (all I can get into ACAD is the alignment, not the 74 cross section lines along with it)... HELP!!!!
  8. Hi, I cannot for the life of me remember how to get around this one. I have a line with randomly spaced nodes and it also is curved. I need to turn it into a polyline, densify it and export those extra positions. So far I have done line to polyline no problem, but when I try to densify (I have a densify lsp) the 'nodes' are not at the fixed interval where there is a curve. How do I get around this? I have tried exploding the line and joining them into a polyline but it still doesn't work. If I decurve then the curve disappears which is no good as I need the polyline to retain its shape. Any help would be amazing
  9. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks 2011 to Excel?

    I have a directory with about 70 SW drawings in it. I have been give the task of pulling a report that will give me the following: $PRPSHEET:"Description" $PRPSHEET:"Revision" $PRPSHEET:"PartNo" For each drawing and have it all in an excel spreadsheet. We do not have PDM or Windchill or any other such program. Is this possible and if so could I get some onstruction of how to do this please? Thanks so much!!
  10. When exporting to an IGES format the threads are missing. Why? Thanks, Victor
  11. Hello, i am sorta new/renewed to all this and am in need of some help. I downloaded a cad model and it had block attributes i think it is. Basically it is a crane and it can move side to side and and up and down and in and out. I try to export it to 3Ds max and i have tried to imprt and pin and a whole mess of stuff and nothing seems to work. when it opens in 3Ds its all black and every piece is seperated now and nothing works. How can i get it into 3Ds Max and still have a functioning model to animate. Please any help will do. and i need this fast, so if anyone could even just bring it into 3Ds Max for me and keep it operable, and then try and teach me how to do, it would be even more helpful. But really any sort of help would be great. Thank you again in advance. here is the site for the crane http://www.cadforum.cz/catalog_en/block.asp?blk=8321 or contact me and i can e-mail you the .dwg file. its 1,700 or so kb and the site here wont let me post it.
  12. I'm trying to export a drawing to PDF. It works fine except the background photo, an xrefed TIFF file, doesn't appear. I searched a bit and found a thread that mentioned going into printer/plotter properties, graphics, raster images, and pulling the two upper sliders left a bit. This didn't change anything for me. I've read dealing with image files in Autocad is a common problem. Might anyone have a solution?
  13. When I export a drawing into pdf, the yellow color of the paint on the road changes to black. The export had worked fine until I c/p an image under my line-work. Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks.
  14. When I export a section of a drawing using a viewport in paper space and the export pdf function, the text doesn't appear in the PDF. I've noticed some other layers didn't appear, but that was because they weren't set to print. The text layer is set to print, but it doesn't. Anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks.
  15. How do I move point from one file to another in Civil 3d? Copy/Paste won't work. I need to import them to the second drawing somehow. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I 'm new to this forum. I hope I could find an answer to my question. I exported a dwg as .EPS and opened it up in Illustrator. Everything is fine except from the hatch, which looks like this: and below is how it normally looks like in Autocad. I tried exploding the hatches and exporting to EPS again, but no change. I am using Acad2013 (mac) and I 've experienced this again in previous mac versions. I haven't tried in windows. Finally, I noted that although most hatches get messed up, there are a couple that don't(confusing right?). I would greatly appreciate some help.
  17. Hi I'm new to the forum, and i hope someone can help me ! I'm currently using Inventor 2012 and i need a macro (code): I want to know if it's possible to export all the information from the parameters list (everything, names, values, tolerances, comments...) to an excel spreadsheet or a txt file (it can be a table, or a CVS file, i just want that information!), from a part file (.ipt) or a drawing file (.dwg). Currently, i can only export the parameters' names and values , but i can't get to the tolerance values and comments . . . Is there anyway to do this ? Many thanks, Regards JVC
  18. I worked with a 3D model in AutoCAD 2012 and then I wanted to add some variable fillets so I saved the part to be filleted as a block and the opened it in Inventor 2012 using Open > Import DWG. I added the fillets and then I used the "Export to DWG" command. I inserted the part in AutoCAD again using "Insert". I exploded the block to a 3D solid and everything looked fine but the next time i opened the dwg file it looked weird at some places (see picture). Does anyone know why this is happening?
  19. Hi All I have been searching for a way of exporting multiple polyline or spline coordinates to txt file and all I can find is ones that write out as a single continuous list of coordinates with nothing denoting which one is which. I really need it to be able to export each polyline as a group, and I would also love for it to be able to include the number of points and name of the layer eg: polyline 'number of points' 'layername' 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 2.0 2.0 0.0 polyline 'number of points' 'layername' 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 4.0 0.0 2.0 8.0 0.0 and so on..... Any help with this would be much appreciated
  20. I got a problem with exporting to PDF. The resulting PDF is cut off on the right and top of the plan. Funny thing is that when I print it out directly, it is fine. Can anyone help me with this problem? I have attached the .dwg and the resulting .pdf and also a plot.log (had to change the extention to .txt for the uploader) file that was created at the time of PDF export Barramundi BBQ - wall hanger (1123)[20111104810]v01.pdf Barramundi BBQ - wall hanger (1123)[20111104810]v01.dwg plot.txt
  21. Hi, I am completely new to the forum and to Autocad. I am using version 2011. I am working with irregular solids and after I SECTION them, I would like to export to a text file the data points that make up the perimeter of the sections. I have tried googling for a way to do it but couldn't find any helpful information. Could anyone give me a pointer in the right direction? Ideally, I would like to do it from the command line, but that's a secondary goal, first of all I would like to know how to do it. Thank you. Pixe
  22. I spent most of my work day searching, no luck. My issue is we have a series of drawings with drill hole layouts, that are suppose to be imported into Vulcan. Tried various DWG/DXF options to export. All the lines, text, co-ordinates come in perfect except these arrowheads. They are important as it explains which way a drill hole was made. When you click on a supposed arrow in Vulcan, it's only a line. Well you can distinguish what is suppose to be the leader, and what is the arrow head. Only there is no arrowhead, just a short line. Does that make sense? Basically does autocad store arrowheads in a way only it can easily understand? EDIT: Ok, I think I just read that they are stored as blocks. I then read this: "If you import a DXF or DWG file that contains a large number of blocks (more than 200), you are prompted to enable the Explode Blocks option. Explode the blocks to improve import performance." I'll have to give it a try tomorrow morning. Maybe I'm completely off track still...
  23. I'm doing some floor plans in autocad and need to export them to illustrator or photoshop, but whatever I do, however I plot in autocad, the image always looses quality...the lines get thicker, I can't even see the dashed and dotted lines. I've tried exporting to EPS, dwg, pdf, but I keep getting the same result. I'm new to autocad and I don't know if this information is useful but I'll write it anyway...I'm drawing a floor plan which is 35mX6,5m big. I will be printing a layout of all my floor plans, sections ect. in 1:100 scale on a panel which is 1,9mX98cm. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to do this properly? Thank you
  24. Edward Teller

    Export to .wmf???

    Have spent hours & searched site without success. So...... drawing created, set image in perspective, hide, used 3dOrbit to position and so forth to what wanted. Then create new layout which shows just fine. BUT can't "select" anything to export from layout. If try to export directly from drawing sheet it exports hidden lines and is white on black (which don't need or want in an advertising image). I KNOW this can be done since I did it 10 years ago, got nice clean images (for a number of products I sell) as *.wmf files that I have been using since then. But, have lost some of images and having a problem updating my company catalog (but need to recall how to do this as may need different drawings in the future-I did it before). Have read mentions here of JPGOUT command but that doesn't work on my AutoCAD 2000. Solution would be MOST appreciated. What have I forgotten??? Thank you.
  25. Hi, I have an auto cad file which has around 100 different layers, I want to extract one layer to a dxf file. I have frozen all layers accept the layer I require and have then tried to use the dxf out command, however the created dxf file still contains all of the other layers. Is dxf out the correct command or am I doing something wrong?
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