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Found 8 results

  1. I have an object and I want to turn its layer off but it is locked or anything else which I can’t select the object and find its layer. Due to lots of layers I can’t try one-by-one. What is the best way to fnd its layer?
  2. How can i unlock the drawing for editing? i received the drawing from other client that is locked. I tried to offset a line or move but it didn't work, it showed the little lock icon when i hover over the line. appreciate any help.
  3. Dell Optiplex 3020 AutoCAD 2019 updated (P.61.0.0 AutoCAD 2019.0.1) Logitech M500 corded mouse I am in paperspace, zooming in and out, copying item tag blocks over a locked viewport. The view in the viewport will suddenly act as if I am IN an unlocked viewport and zooms out/pans. Hitting undo a few times gets it back to the right view. It only happens occasionally and only since I upgraded to 2019. As 2018 got buggy and kept crashing, I can't go back to it. Saved/exited/reopened the drawing...still does it. Purge...still does it. Audit...still does it. Dxfout & open dxf...still does it. I notice that whenever it happens, the viewport goes from Annotation scale: 3/32 = 1'-0", Standard scale: 3/32 = 1'-0", Custom scale: 0" to Annotation scale: 3/32 = 1'-0", Standard scale: Custom, Custom scale: 0" Attached is the drawing saves as 2013 viewport problem.dwg
  4. asperotti415

    Viewport Help

    Hi, I can't seem to pan or zoom, and the viewport is NOT locked. Please help. I keep having to delete the viewports and start over. Easy fix but time consuming when I have to recreate a dozen layouts. Thank you!
  5. duckndon

    Profile Toolbar Locked?

    Running Civil 3D 2010: It seems to me that after a long session in DeepCAD, one loses the ability to use the profile toolbar. Has anyone else experienced this? It can easily be fixed by closing out of the drawing (and sometimes even the application) and then starting back up... But that just seems like an archaic approach to a present-day problem. Honestly, I don't know much about the system variables, but it seems like something is resetting itself during my CAD sessions. I haven't tried it yet, but after brainstorming, I feel like there has to be some forgotten variable that resets and leaves you wondering what happened. I refuse to believe that shutting down and starting over is the be-all, end-all solution.
  6. Hello, I am working on an alignment sheet for a gas line. I am showing an aerial in my main viewport in plan view. I am only showing line work between match lines nothing pass that except the aerial. However I have two more viewports aside from the main one. I have one to each of the sides of the main viewport to show the aerial image only pass the match lines. My viewports are locked all three of them, yet my image on the viewports to each of the sides of the match lines keep acting up and won't show correctly every time I zoom out or in. They'll be a time that they will but if I zoom out or in after that they will move and not match my main viewport were the line work is at. I only copied the main viewport and resized it to fit in the template pass the match lines. Created a reference point to zoom into my aerial after the match line and it all works until I'm ready to plot and zoom out then it messes up. Is there a better way to do this? Anyone.....
  7. rtreacy23

    locked curves

    I am working in Rhino 4.0. I am doing some work with a lot of curves, and most of them have locked themselves. I have already unlocked all of the layers and typed 'unlock' in the task bar. Any advice on how to unlock these curves would be appreciated.
  8. bobsy852

    Locked block

    My colleage asked me thisafternoon about a block he had in a drawing sent from a client which he wanted to explode and move a red box on this block to a new area. Now he used the explode command like you do and nothing happened. So I suggested that possibly it was a read-only file, but we could edit other areas of the drawing and he had already copied this block once into another area of the file. Does anyone know if it is possible to lock a block or why it is not possible to alter it? For now he's managed to find a way around this issue, but it's nice to further the experience on CAD incase this issue pops up again! If it helps, I will get a copy of the file as soon as he's finished working on it and upload it to this thread to see if anyone else can figure it out. Although you may know already? Thanks everyone!
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