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Found 9 results

  1. Hello people i have problem with using server path in autolisp. Everything work fine with normal path like "G:\Trudy-menu\ ...." but i cant use "\\46.48.10(random IP)\Network\Trudy-menu\.... if someone can help i will be glad. I want to get files from the path and create folders if it need. Thank you.
  2. sandiegophil

    server access time

    Hello, I am in the process of testing a new cad file serverand I am wondering if there is a pre-configured test available. I am currently replicating projects, remapping data shortcuts and xrefs etc. This is very time consuming as I have to keep mapping/remapping files and drives. I would like to just test file access times with duplicate data from my desk to server "a" and then to server "b". Any and all help and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, phil
  3. My company is switching to a 'miniframe' system for our network such as this: http://www.miniframe.com/KB/OnlineHelp/hardware_requirements.html Basically there is one main computer handing the Autocad and we still have our own workstations. the problem is, I have my own custom commands in the acad.PGP file, and apparently, if I alter the command aliases, it will change for everyone else. Is there a work around for this where I can have my own custom aliases WITHOUT affecting the rest of the company? or else I will have to use the standards which are terrible.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new here, at least as a poster. I've found tons of great info here on the forum, but not one that that quite deals with my issue. I'm the newly-elected CAD Customization Committee Head and I'm trying to get my Tool Palettes to work over our network. The palettes I've created over the past month work on my station but don't show up on the other users' stations. In a last ditch effort, I exported the problem palettes to my desktop (as .xtp files), then attempted to import them back to my tool palettes. I thought this would force AutoCAD to write .atc files that would actually work. It didn't. AutoCAD created the .atc files, they're in the proper folder on the network but they don't show up in anyone's Tool Palettes, except mine! I can exit and restart and the palettes are there. The other users on the network can not see them at all. So--out of our 5 custom palettes--the 3 created in September work, but the 2 created in October do not. Is there anything I can do to save my tool palettes? or do I need to start over? Also having that strange problem where when I create a new palette, ACAD won't let drop any tools on it. Maybe this has something to do with my problem. (Forum will not let me attach the atcs, else I would.)
  5. When I edit drawings all my network connections are shut down by the external company my company works for. Problem is there hiring another drafter to take some of my work load and we both need access to the same pool of drawings while we both have our network connections shutdown. So I was thinking that we could both share from and external hard drive, but it seems that external hard drives can only connect to 1 computer at a time. Does anyone know of a workaround for non-network drawing sharing? Thanks, Tom
  6. BMCD31

    Water Main Pipe Network

    Is it possible to create a pvc water main pipe network in Civil3D 2012? Are there any pipes/parts that I can download from somewhere for this? Thank you.
  7. Newbie administrator here so my apologies if this question has been addressed elsewhere on this forum. I'm looking for an un-biased opinion regarding AutoCAD licensing options. I'm not confident that our reseller or Autodesk will provide the best recommendation for our firm, which is under new ownership; we would like to get everyone working on current software. (Currently we have two versions: 2006 and 2012 - we only have one 2012 license, the rest are using 2006.) We're a corporate/commercial interior design firm with 8 designers, 2 architectural technicians and 4 admin. We have at least 6 people that require the full version of AutoCAD and another 6 that could likely get by with AutoCAD LT. Which License type(s) would be best (most cost effective) for our organization. What are the advantages of one over another? I would be extremely grateful for any recommendations/thoughts that anyone can provide. Thanks!
  8. Does civil 3d 2011 have the capacity to model a pipe network that consists of flexible pipe such as HDPE? I am doing a plan for a force main sewer system that uses 2",3" and 4" HDPE pipe and the only way I have been able to represent it in my profile view is by using straight pipe segments. I want to show a vertical curved pipe as it would be installed in the field. What am I missing here?
  9. Hello community! First post ever. I've been spending so much time trying to figure this one out that I kind of gave up. Now I need your help. I have 4 computers sharing tool palettes on a network. Whenever a user updates the palette with a new block, he has to export the .xtp file on the network and every other users has to reimport the palette in order to see the changes. We're in the middle of a big clean up since we just got our new Autocad 2011 license and the palettes change pretty much every day, whenever we find time to reorganize it. Is there a way to skip the export/import part when modifying a tool palette? I mean we are all using the file on the network right, so why doesn't it update on modification? At first I thought the palettes would update on startup, at least, but it seems that every single user has to export first and then import the .xtp file every morning or so. It feels like once the palette on the network has been imported, the modifications we apply on the said palette are local, as if autocad would copy the one on the network instead of running it live, which makes it harder to keep it synchronized on every machine. I'll stop my post here because I don't want to further confuse anyone. I hope the problem's clear. I hope there's a way to work around that export/import sequence and get this whole palette thing to work in sync. Thanks for reading this, any help is appreciated
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