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  1. I am using AutoCAD 08. I have been noticing that when I create a Multi-page PDF by creating a New Sheet Set. That some of the Items(Text, Numbers or Lines) in Paper Space are not appearing on the page that they should but instead appearing on the next page. In the location where it should be on the previous page. Is there a way to fix this bleed through or is there a better way to create a Multi-Page PDF other than what I have been doing?
  2. Hi! I'm trying to find a way to plot multiple (over a thousand) DWG files to PDF without doing each one manually. I've played around a little bit but without any luck. I'm using AutoCAD 2002 LT. Is there any way to do this? I've also got little to no experience with the more complex settings and abilities of autocad so when explaining please do so in laymans terms. Thanks very much to anyone that can help in advance! PS. 2002 lt has no general publish (only publish to web) option and I have no idea how sheet sets work.
  3. Hi all! I'm new to LISP--just started teaching myself yesterday--so I might have missed something obvious, but... I'm trying to write a routine that prints a PDF of a drawing to the same directory as the drawing itself, and that only prints the current layout sheet. The first half of that I have, thanks to the code examples posted by BIGAL and woodman78 here: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?69132-Printing-LISP-Help... The second half--getting it to only print the current layout--is where I'm having trouble. Plotting every layout from the drawing is useful in some cases, but generally I just want the one I have selected at the time. This is what I'm using: (defun c:pdf () (setvar "cmddia" 0) (setvar "filedia" 0) (setq doc (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) (vlax-for lay (vla-get-Layouts doc) (setq plottabs (cons (vla-get-name lay) plottabs)) ) (setq dwgname (getvar "dwgname")) (setq len (strlen dwgname)) (setq dwgname (substr dwgname 1 (- len 4))) (setq plottablist (acad_strlsort plotabs)) (setq len (length plottablist)) (setq x 0) (repeat len (setq name (nth x plottablist)) (princ name) (setq pdfname (strcat (getvar "dwgprefix") dwgname "-" name)) (if (/= name "Model") (progn (setvar "ctab" name) (command "-plot" "yes" "" "dwg to PDF" "ANSI full bleed B (11.00 x 17.00 Inches)" "inches" "landscape" "no" "extents" "fit" "center" "yes" "monochrome.ctb" "yes" "no" "no" "no" pdfName "n" "y" ) ) ) (setq x (+ x 1)) ) (setvar "cmddia" 1) (setvar "filedia" 1) (setq DWGNAME nil LEN nil NAME nil PLOTTABLIST nil) (princ) ) I've narrowed the issue down to the section here: (vlax-for lay (vla-get-Layouts doc) (setq plottabs (cons (vla-get-name lay) plottabs)) ) What would I use instead of vlax-for to get the name of just the current layout? Thanks
  4. Hello, i have following problem: I have floorplans from a building with a total of 80 appartments. Now i want to plot PDFs in A3 format, each page with 1 appartment. That would be 80 pages/PDF-files. The way i did it up to now was i have put all A3 pages in a single layout and used the Window-function in the Plot dialog to print each page individually, manually numbering the file-names, and combining files in Acrobat as needed. But doing this for 80 pages is too much - especially because i will likely have to plot it more often in the future. As far as i can see, i could make 80 layouts and use the Publish function, make a sheet-list and plot that way. I keep wondering - is there not a more efficient solution to this problem than creating 80 layouts? There must be a more intelligent solution to this. Whats the preferred way of doing this? Best regards, Andy P.S. i use AutoCAD2007 and Acrobat for plotting.
  5. I have a strange scenario here where the MATERIALATTACH command functions beautifully on my screen and even renders fine as an image, but as soon as I publish to PDF, any material that was attached by layer and not applied manually is rendered pixelated. Interestingly, any material that was applied manually with the click of the mouse is perfect. It obviously defeats the purpose of MATERIALATTACH if you need to apply materials manually anyway. Is this a problem with my PDF printer settings or a CAD setting? Can anyone explain this?
  6. Hey guys, I have an interesting predicament. I have a ton of sub-sets within a sheet set and I would like to print each sub-set as a multi-page pdf. My LISP is decent, but I have no idea how to interface in this manner with the SS. Does anyone have any tricks? Or, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for taking the time to read my issue! Take care, Seth
  7. Hi all ... Not new to v/lisp, but new to this great forum. I'm looking to automate title block revision, pdf generation and transmittals via lisp (which will probably be later converted to VB). My question is: Is it possible to create pdf's via script that will assign filenames [which I will extract from the drawings] ? from what I have managed to ascertain this is achievable. 1) by a 3rd party pdf application (which I'm not against, but I would just prefer an all-in-one custom solution to save on portability/deployment issues) 2) by editing a registry entry (not keen on this, hopefully avoidable) to be passed to the pdf driver. If someone suggests using publisher, I have limitations using it - particularly in regard to assigning the file name exactly as I want it, and without a dialog. Have had no luck using the DWG to PDF.pc3 supplied by AutoDesk either.
  8. I'm trying to export a drawing to PDF. It works fine except the background photo, an xrefed TIFF file, doesn't appear. I searched a bit and found a thread that mentioned going into printer/plotter properties, graphics, raster images, and pulling the two upper sliders left a bit. This didn't change anything for me. I've read dealing with image files in Autocad is a common problem. Might anyone have a solution?
  9. When I export a drawing into pdf, the yellow color of the paint on the road changes to black. The export had worked fine until I c/p an image under my line-work. Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks.
  10. When I create a drawing in model space and then take off several views onthe new layout command, when I go to plot the layout in PDF all the viewsappear with a really thick line weight I have tried selecting every part of the layout and changing the weight to 0mmas it was before but it doesn't make any difference:o... Any suggestions? Cheers
  11. When I export a section of a drawing using a viewport in paper space and the export pdf function, the text doesn't appear in the PDF. I've noticed some other layers didn't appear, but that was because they weren't set to print. The text layer is set to print, but it doesn't. Anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks.
  12. I'm having problems plotting to PDF's and maintaining the line weights etc.. that I get when I print to my plotter. It seems like Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 converts based on the color of my pens.... the lighter color value i.e. yellow, the lighter the grey tone. white is darkest. It ignores my lineweight settings, so I have no control on the quality of the output. Is it possible to get it to use the .ctb files that my plotter uses when creating it's PDF? I'm using AutoCAD LT 2010.
  13. Hi folks, my first post here.. so please bear with me. Firstly, I'm using ZWCAD which should be identical to AutoCAD but who knows... One of the layers is in red, but when I plot the file, all the lines are red (which is OK) and the text is black... what am I supposed to do to keep the text in red? The same happens when I export the CAD file to PDF Thanks for your answers!!
  14. I believe I have done this successfully before so I'm not sure what the problem is. Here is the situation. AutoCAD 2013 Windows XP I have a drawing (Drawing A) that contains a PDF (using PDF attach) with text over the of it. I then have this drawing Xref'd into another drawing (Drawing B) in model space. When I print this drawing (Drawing B). The text prints but the pdf does not. Any Ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Ryan
  15. In both model and paper space, rectangles with corners filleted look fine. However, the filleted curved corners are not joined with straight lines once it's exported/plotted to PDF. I have to zoom in very closely to see this, so it won't be a big problem for actual printing. But I can't figure out why the lines are broken on PDF when they are well joined in both model and paper space. I tried changing PDF quality, plot style, and anything I can think of, but to no avail. I hope someone could help me understand what is going on. Thank you in advance. Autocad 2012 on MAC, 10.7.2 with Acrobat X.
  16. Hi, I am using AutoCAD LT 2009, and am having some problems. I want to have some jpeg images on my cad drawing, so i just insert the image, which is fine. I can print this fine, and allis good. however,when i go to PDF the drawings, using a standard downloadable DWG - PDF convertor, the jpegs dissapear. everything else is fine, but the jpegs are no longer on the PDF'ed drawing. can anyone help? thanks, Matt
  17. Sometimes when I import an image (such as a TIFF or pdf) and draw over top of it, when I print the stuff that I've drawn shifts. It will look fine on the screen and in print preview but shifts when printed. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks RussL
  18. Hi! I have a PDF file (version 1.3) that I inserted into my drawing (AutoCAD 2010 LT) just fine, except the image won't show up. All there is the rectangular outline of the xref which I can select and move around, but inside the outline, a blank image where I expect a floor plan. I am able to attach another PDF file (version 1.6) and see the image it contains just fine. Does this have to do with the PDF version? Is there a way to convert it so I can see it on my drawing? Otherwise, what's going on? Thanks for any helpful responses!
  19. Hi, I dont have a lot of hope for this one but why not give it a chance here. I have a scanned drawing (PDF) and I want to use it a a xref so i can redraw it (originals have gotten lost ). But is really big and makes autocad really slow. Is there a way to make a scanned drawing in PDF have loose object / lines again? Thanks!
  20. I got a problem with exporting to PDF. The resulting PDF is cut off on the right and top of the plan. Funny thing is that when I print it out directly, it is fine. Can anyone help me with this problem? I have attached the .dwg and the resulting .pdf and also a plot.log (had to change the extention to .txt for the uploader) file that was created at the time of PDF export Barramundi BBQ - wall hanger (1123)[20111104810]v01.pdf Barramundi BBQ - wall hanger (1123)[20111104810]v01.dwg plot.txt
  21. I am trying to make a PDF file out of a Layout to accompany the DXF files to a client, but when I create the file, all the annotation is missing. I have created such PDF's in the past and they worked fine, so Im scratching my head as to why it doesnt work now I have attached the files so that this can be seen. Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong here. garden qub lengths v1 (4000x3000x2500).pdf garden qub lengths v1 (4000x3000x2500).dwg
  22. Hi, Does anybody know where I can find PLOT lisp, especially PDF creators based on dwg-to-pdf plotter that can automatically detect page size and orientation and ascribe name to the pdf. For example to use a Mtext entity on a specific layer as filename to the default directory. Example: I have a 210x297 rectangle on "cadre" layer will automatically prompt Autocad that this is an A4 of portrait orientation and a 297x210 rectangle an A4 of landscape orientation. Hence the lisp scan the model or paperspace envoronment for such rectangle and create batch pdfs and use an Mtext contained within those rectangular frame as filename. Is this possible? Has anobody done some tryouts? Is so where can I find a similar lisp? Regards and Thanks, Nicolas.
  23. I'm plotting a Township Dimension sheet that has links to corner tie sheets on each section corner. Ideally I'd like to plot this using the "DWG to PDF" plotter and have it saved as a PDF so when it's put on our website you can easily pull up each relevant tie sheet from the links. If I plot this as a .DWF file the hyperlinks work great. However, I highly doubt too many people can easily open DWF files so I'd like to keep it in a PDF format. Is there any way to plot to PDF using AutoCAD and keep the hyperlinks? I'm starting to think the only way to have hyperlinks in a PDF document is to create them manually using Adobe Acrobat (which would be A LOT of work). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  24. maddog1995

    PDF toolbar

    Our office had an update of both computers and software recently and as a result, our AutoCAD no longer has a toolbar option for creating PDF's. We were using 2007 and got updated to 2011. Before the updates, we had a toolbar feature that was specifically for creating PDF's, individual and batch. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get that toolbar back? If it matters at all, we also updated from Acrobat 8 to 10. Thanks.
  25. Hi, Using autocad 2011 i have Plot transparency checked, i see an image transparent in Preview window but after plotting the pdf is not transparent... using PDF Creator is not problem, dont understand what is happen. Apart from that, im increasinf Raster dpi to 4800dpi in Custom properties of DWGtoDPF printer and the image quality is more than bad, the file size is same as with default settings for the printer...?¿ For vector cant say the same, the quality is fantastic. I would appreciate any tips on this, should i use PDF creator, CutePDF or another app to generate my pdfs? Best regards,
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