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  1. The boss wanted a PDF plotted, but not at the scale on the page. There's probably a better way to do it, but I did this: a) insert into AutoCAD as xref b) scale up to actual size c) plot with desired scale Only one problem. The sheet came out blank. The PDF xref looks white on my black Model Space screen, although it looks black on my white preview screen. The reason I'm posting this is because I found a way to make it work. Instead of plotting to paper, plot to another PDF. That way you'll know if it turns out blank. The only way I could get it to show up was to use the Plot Option (wait for it) Plot Transparency Update: when I rotate the PDF xref before plotting, AutoCAD crashes. One of those mysteries.
  2. We have Adobe Acrobat Pro which has a plugin to allow batch plotting of PDFs from multi-sheet drawings. Works awesome in Autocad 2009 and before. It DOES NOT work with Autocad 2011! (Waaaahhhh!!) Does any one know how to make it work or a suitable workaround? We have drawings with 70 sheets and it's nice to print the entire document to a single PDF in one step. Takes less than one minute in Acad09. Nice! Does PUBLISH do this? I saw another thread where Publish creates other issues. Help! Help! Help! Thx!
  3. ?:oops:Hello I am still really new at CAD and was hoping someone could help me. I am trying to convert a drawing to PDF but I keep losing the hatch in the conversion. Is this normal? Can the hatch be converted to PDF with the rest of the drawing? Please help! ?:?
  4. Hello All I am currently using AutoCAD 2011 for Mac (student version) and having some major difficulties with an A1 PDF I have made from the 'save as PDF' function in print. The PDF is openable on my Macbook but cannot be opened on PC's. When I try to open on a PC there is a blank square page on the screen -not an A1 size. Even if I reset the paper size on 'Paper set up manager' to A1, I still can't open it. The paper size appears to not be in an A1 size at all. When the PDF is opened on illustrator, it has the same square size paper size and my drawings spill out of the actual paper size. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. markjohnsonii

    PDF to DWG converter?

    Hi there. Thank you very much.
  6. I'm tring to plot 26 or so sheets into a single pdf or multiple pdfs and I get this error every time with no file being created. [/url]Job: - Canceled Job ID: 1 Sheet set name: Date and time started: 5/3/2011 11:48:29 AM Date and time completed: 5/3/2011 11:48:33 AM UserID: RGDC99 Profile ID: AutoCAD MEP (US Imperial) Total sheets: 2 Sheets plotted: 1 Number of errors: 1 Number of warnings: 0 Sheet: P-AIR-# FAB-AIR-1 - Plotted with Error(s) File: Z:\_xxxxx\_xxxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxx\CAD\P-AIR-# FAB.dwg Category name: Page setup: pdf Device name: DWG To PDF.pc3 - plotted to file Plot file path: Z:\_xxxxxx\_xxxxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxxx\PDF's\OUTBOUND\xxx\P-AIR-# FAB.pdf Paper size: ANSI full bleed A (11.00 x 8.50 Inches) ERROR: Internal Error: Null Pointer Sheet: P-AIR-# FAB-AIR-1 - Error(s) Did Not Plot File: Z:\_xxxxx\_xxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxxxx\CAD\P-AIR-# FAB.dwg Category name: Page setup: pdf Device name: DWG To PDF.pc3 - plotted to file Plot file path: Z:\_xxxxxx\_xxxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxxx\PDF's\OUTBOUND\xxxx\P-AIR-# FAB.pdf Paper size: ANSI full bleed A (11.00 x 8.50 Inches) What is the problem?
  7. Ok, so i have a plot table set up asigning different line weights to different colours. I have layers set up pointing to the specific colours. Eg Layer Exterior Walls - Colour White Colour White -> lineweight .25mm There are some lines on this layer (and on others) which appear different to the rest when plotted, as though they aren't following the line weight rule. Link to PDF: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8752503/test.pdf (Only the exterior walls layer is selected but this error is on multiple layers) Ian
  8. Hello all- I am not new to AutoCAD by far and many years, but i am new to the 64 bit features and windows 7. So i tried out the PDF underlay attach, and really like it. However i now have an image frame that i can select and the appropriate ribbon activates. I start with a perfectly visible clipped PDF image, then activate any command, as easy as "line", and teh graphic diappears. Still have the frame, no image. I have tried to regen, redraw, on and on. No graphic. If i set it up in a pspace vport, no graphic, but it will plot the graphic in a preview. I am using a dedicated 1GB card and 8GB memory, so i dont think it is system stability. If i remove the clipping plane, it will reappear, but only long enough to start another command. Once i start a command, gone again, clipping plane or not. Anyone Else??? Any Ideas??
  9. I am using AutoCAD 2010 (D.309.0.0) - English Version 3 I have a page setup using Adobe PDF as the plotter. I am using Acrobat 7.1.4 Standard. When using Batch Plot to plot a number of figures together (into a Multi-sheet file) - random Mtext objects will be left off random drawings. If I batch plot the same group of figures - different figures/MText objects could be missing in each batch. Since this is a random occurrence - I am not sure how to troubleshoot or report the issue. This image is of two PDFs of the same figure. You can see that one PDF is missing Mtext objects that appear in the other PDF. Has this happened to you?
  10. Hi there, When I a have a drawing with items wich contain hyperlinks. They work perfect in autocad. Also in DWF they work great! But when I plot to PDF. The items are not clickable. I guess this is a "problem" with the PDF plotter. Do you guys know wich PDF plotter CAN recognize hyperlinks and put's them on the PDF. Anyone who uses PDF Creator plus 5.0?
  11. TheyCallMeJohn

    Batch PDF to TIFF(TIF) Converter

    This isn't exactly an AutoCAD questions but since it relates to being used in AutoCAD I think it is okay... Sometimes I have to save PDFs of details to tiff because a PDF won't come out right when its referenced into AutoCAD and plotted. I am looking to see if anyone has a suggestions of a free Batch PDF to Tiff Converter to use. Thanks! John
  12. how can i plot my .dwg to pdf when under the plot/printing drop down there is no 'dwg to pdf' option? if used to be there before. thanks in advance.
  13. I am using CAD 2007 and Acrobat 9, both of which I have been using together for about 6 months. I just formatted my computer (for a separate issue) and reinstalled CAD and acrobat. Now when I use the command "PDF" or use the PDFMaker i get the following error message: "Your drawing contains some unsaved data and you have chosen to convert to Adobe PDF with 3D content. Please first save the drawing and then run PDFMaker." If I close the message, save the file, and run the PDFMaker again, no issues. It works just like it did before. However, it is pretty annoying to have to take an extra step every time. As a note, I am not doing any 3D work, strictly 2D. I'm not sure if it is a CAD issue or Adobe. I have ensured that I am in AutoCAD Classic model space, and it doesn't matter which file I try to convert, even if I create a new 2D document. Any help is appreciated, Thank you!
  14. Hi, I have been working on relatively simple autocad drawing which has all lines in black. When i then export this file as a pdf (its the easiest way to print in the university library) only the vertical and horizontal lines show in black, diagonal lines and arcs all show in grey. Help? Would this still print all lines in black? Is it a problem with the drawing in autocad or is it just something that adobe acrobat does when viewing pdfs? Thanks Adam
  15. Does the VIEWRES setting affect the printed resolution or only the on-screen view? I have a logo (dwg block, not raster) that tends to print fuzzy and not clear to PDF. I am not sure if it's just the PDF resolutin settings or something else... Thanks
  16. I was working in AutoCAD 07 yesterday doing my hotel plans and it crashed so I opened it and recovered it and continued to work in the recovered file and even though I saved it under a new name it wont open, I cant recover, I cant open it in any other program (sketchup, covnert to PDF) It is saying drawing file is not valid, when I try insert it on a new CAD document as a dwg reference it says invalid and when I try insert it as a block it says it was created by an incompatible version of AutoCAD?! And even the previous versions I saved wont work (they were recovered too) I do have a file that works from 2 days ago but I've done about 30 hours of work since then I cant lose that work I need the plans by Monday!!! Does anyone know anything that can help me recover it!!!!! :ouch:
  17. sorry if this issue is posted somewhere else - Ive tried the other threads but cant resolve my issue. The old favourite - can any one advise me how - after attaching a PDF into architect 2011 - can you re-scale by selecting an object with an indicated measurement eg a ceiling height of 2800mm - ive tried scale but it doesnt seem to work many thanks
  18. stephenward

    pdf to dwg/ dxf

    i know you'll groan at the very thought of it. I have read many posts and scoured the internet. Why won't ACAD LT 2008 register the dxf's I've created in Autodesk Design Review 2010 (from pdf's) so that I can underlay them? Don't Autodesk support dxf writer anymore, i can't get the link on autodesk com to work, other links just forward me to Autodesk Design Review 2010. Is it really so hard? (Judging from the posts, I’m not alone). I'm trying to avoid the various converter programs, surely there's a way to convert pdf to dxf or dwg 'inside' autoCAD & Design Review? What do you all do? Is it LT 2008 that is prohibiting this? Any advise greatly appreciated.
  19. I'm using AutoCAD LT 2007 and cannot seem to get a jpg or pdf file to insert into my dwg. They come into the dwg as a white box with the name of the file, not the actual picture. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  20. In v2002, I am able to insert a PDF image but can not rotate it. I also Insert/OLE Object a Word .doc (specs), but only get the first page. What is the best way to bring (or link) these types of files in and be able to manipulate them? How can I get the intire Word doc. (all pages) linked?
  21. I have created PDF plots of some AutoCAD 2011 plans that have layers in them and this have been carried over to the PDF which is great. When I open these in Acrobat 9 Standard they look perfect and I can turn layers on and off as I Choose which is also great. When I plot the PDF's from a REAL printer (in this case ix4000) the plot generation preview and subsequent plot has missing chunks of data where another layer passes above. The items in question that are doing the "blocking" are gradient fills with transparency. Attached is a copy of what the PDF looks like in Acrobat vs. the Physical Output. WHY !!?!?
  22. Products in question: AutoCAD 2011 Standard & Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard Trying to: Print to PDF, a CAD plan that I have used "transparency" effects in. Problem: AutoCAD hangs around 80% way through plot and fails to create the PDF. Un-checking the "Print Transparency" option resolves the problem but I obviously don't get the transparency !! System Spec: Intel i5-750 @ 4.0ghz 4GB Ram Windows 7 ANy suggestions welcomed as I'd like to use these features.
  23. Hi all! I'm new to Map 3D 2009 and having trouble referencing a PDF that I need to trace for my new job. I couldn't quite figure out how to import a PDF for an underlay, so I've used Photoshop to convert it to a TIF image (seems easier to find an import command for this file type.) When I select "Insert an Image..." from the Create menu, the image is rendered OVER my dwg drawing. I can't really see the map now and it seems this isn't the best way to accomplish what I'm needing to do. Anyone have a suggestion of a better approach, or maybe something I'm overlooking in my procedure? I would really appreciate your feedback!
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