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  1. G'day, I have a stange inventor problem i am hoping some one can help me with. I am currently running Inventor Professional 2011. The problem occurs when attempting to create a section view, detail view, croping or any other type of view editing command in the .idw drawing. First of all i place my base view, then when i am wanting to section or any of the other i get this error message 'The specified inputs did not create sweep geometry (faces and/or edges). Try by changing path geometry and/or creating the profile on a sketch plane that is perpendicular to the path and contai
  2. Hello, there! For several days now I've been trying to lay a mesh on top of some contour lines. I've also tried the loft command, but with little success. I've tried several terrain plugins, but they all seem to misfunction because I have overlapping contours. Here is the dwg to get idea what I'm trying to make. I'll be very grateful to all kind of suggestions on how I can do it. (including recomendations for plugins, other software or whatever else) Thank you in advance! contours.dwg
  3. I want to write a lisp that read a text from model space and replace some characters in it. for this work i iterate each character and take Ascii code of each one, then in if-else do replacement. in some chars it get wrong answers. for example in character "Þ" (latin capital letter thorn)(Ascii code:222 or Hex=\U+00DE). both (vl-string-elt "Þ" 0) and (Ascii "Þ") commands give me 92 as a resault of it ascii code i use doslib, but same problem exist. does any one know what's the problem?
  4. hi, i am using cad designcenter blocks for bolt and nuts what happened while dragging (whether i have done it or not) the nut size is 4 times bigger is coming i gone checked in the source file of design center it is ok there but when i drag i from the paletter it shows size more and the same component if i drag in another drg. its ok thell me how to solve it. because i working in that file
  5. wirty91

    Hatching and gaps

    Hey! I have tried to search solution to this gap problem but with no success. AutoCAD generates gaps to my drawing, sometimes there is NO gap and then it says there is when I'm selection new are to hatch (puts the red circle to old place where it didn't earlier say there is gap!). I have tried to use Gap Tolerance tool first with value of 10 but it didn't work. After that I changed it to 1000 and it worked but the hatch area wasn't good. I also tried to pull line over other and trim it, didn't work either. Used also join but it didn't work... I have used object snap always when I
  6. First of all Hi to everyone! When I use slice command in a 3D model, after separation into two parts, each part can't editable, you can only move them. You can see in arrows on # 1 and # 2 3D model, but after using separate into it two parts by slice command , these arrows are disappeared. How can I see arrows again to change dimensions of 3D model easily? I hope that you can understand what I mean. PHOTO LINK: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/171/sliceproblem.jpg/
  7. I have just developed a problem where I can only snap to the origin regardless of where my cursor is. I have tried snapping to midpoints, endpoints, centers, etc. it always selects the origin. I even tried to cange the origin to a point I want to draw from, but it sends me right back to the original origin. I made no changes in the software setup - it started when I opened an existing drawing, and now it affects any drawing I start or open. I cannot get anything done.
  8. I have a little problem. I need to draw an arc and only know the radius. so I need help how to find where is the center if there is any way to do in autocad. I am using autocad 2010 for a while now and I'm pissed of ... I 'm posting a pic of problem so any suggestions is helpful.
  9. Hi, I'm having a Gizmo problem, and it has been recurring for a long time. Problem: When I select an object, either with scale/rotate/move selected, the corresponding Gizmo appears Great:shock: But as I hover my cursor over it, and it clearly shows I'm over it by changing color, and try to click on it. It disappear. It's very frustrating as I try to click on it, and it's gone, and the command window displays this message "Please select an axis" duhhh :(I can't cuz the Gizmo is GONE. Then I ended not being able to perform all those functions. Any idea guys? Regards
  10. Hi all I am having a problem with the TORIENT command which aligns text and other stuff to a particular angle for example a line Now i am very lazy and have millions of text to align with different line i wanted to make a shortcut to this command an i created this lisp [font=Tahoma](defun c:to () (command "torient"))[/font] But I doesn't work for me it says that it is an unknown command. But when I type it in manually it works fine If this helps there is a variable torient i looked that up using !torient
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if there's anyone out there who's had this problem? From time to time, when either moving text with a grip, or placing a dimension, or drawing a line or whatever, AutoCAD just randomly decides to snap to zero, zero. I might be miles away from zero, zero, but it still snap me there. The only way I can get around it is to turn my OSNAP off, do what I have to do and then turn it back on again. REALLY annoying. I'm using ACAD 2008, but I remember having this problem on earlier releases too. Any ideas?
  12. I'm having a hard time trying to fix this drawing in autoCAD. Pardon the poor quality. But how do I fix this problem? Help
  13. I have a piece to make in autocad 2002 and my work was blocked by a command i dont remember. I am stuck here,how can i cut only that part of the piece? With SUBTRACT doesnt work. i attached the original draw i have to make too. Please help me,if you're so kind fff.dwg
  14. I try to loft (solid) a couple of circles with varying diameter and when I choose the guides (red) it tells me "The selected entities are not valid.". I cant understand why it doesn't work. Anyone wanna take a look at it? Lofting.dwg
  15. cartola

    Blank properties box

    Hi friend, sorry for my bad English. I need help, my properties menu have no information like weight, x,y,y layer etc. Ineed to know how i can activate it.
  16. My viewports wont print to the correct scale. I measure it out in paper space, and all the linework measure perfect, however, when i plot it off, its off by maybe 5 or 10 percent. This hasnt happened in other drawings. I've checked plans for other jobs. Also, i have run audit, but to no avail. I just tried copying some stuff into another drawing, but it still plots funny. i've tried to plot a portion on our smaller printer, but it still prints off. only this time, the other way, its 5 to 10% too big. has anybody ever had this problem???? Thank you so i checked more into it, and
  17. I have created PDF plots of some AutoCAD 2011 plans that have layers in them and this have been carried over to the PDF which is great. When I open these in Acrobat 9 Standard they look perfect and I can turn layers on and off as I Choose which is also great. When I plot the PDF's from a REAL printer (in this case ix4000) the plot generation preview and subsequent plot has missing chunks of data where another layer passes above. The items in question that are doing the "blocking" are gradient fills with transparency. Attached is a copy of what the PDF looks like in Acrobat vs. the Physical
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