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Found 169 results

  1. Hello All, I tried to solve a problem lisp and DCL but it is clear that I have a lot to learn. With lisp's trying to insert text in Autocad list opens (see DCL). Any help is welcome. Dialog Text.zip
  2. Sorry for the new thread if this has been discussed before, but finding the solution to this issue anywhere has been...frustrating and I just need the answer so I can be done with it. So...I have a block with attributes. Double clicking brings up EATTEDIT dialog window per usual. Now up until about an hour and a half ago typing a quotation mark(") was simple. It was the right font and displayed properly on the drawing. Well after changing a lot of these attributes one after another in rapid succession, I tripped over my own fingers and now the same quotation marks show up differently in the input box(" is now ”)and display as a question mark on the drawing itself. It almost looks as if the font has been changed but when I check, it still says romans. So does anyone know if they're is a keyboard shortcut I accidentally used to have achieved this blunder? What else could have cause this that suddenly? It seems the problem is isolated to editing the attribute through the eattedit and attedit commands as it works just fine altering it through the properties palette. This problem also seems to be isolated to only the ' and " symbols. Direct help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello All, In trying to learn LISP and DCL (http://www.afralisp.net/dialog-control-language/tutorials/dialog-boxes-and-autolisp-part-2.php) I have a question regarding the attached example: selected values ​​can be inserted into the drawing (see attached dwg and jpg's site)? Best Regards All. Samp5.zip
  4. how do i do this?

    Text Atributes

    How would i insert a text atribute to a block that i have already made? AND, does it give me the option to make the text vertical & horizontal before blocking it for use?
  5. I'm be battling this all day and can't work it out. I've got a drawing and title block and a table with text on my model space. When i create viewports etc and try and sort out the layout, the text in the title block and key disappears. I'm probbaly doing something very basic wrong! Any ideas?
  6. In my current drawing, when I click into Model Space through a viewport and draw a leader, the leader is drawn with a Z coordinate of 0", but the text is being drawn at -9", so the leader is not associative and it doesn't have the tail on it. I just noticed it's also doing it in Model Space in the World UCS. How do I fix this?!?
  7. Could anybody help please, a text in the model space is displayed annoyingly thick. It was always ok but something changed beyond of my knowledge in one particular project only. Can't change it back, it plots ok though. You can compare the pictures: two different files with absolutely identical text settings... And, when I try to choose between text styles in text properties it says "The current style has been modified..." although I did not! I think both things are related some how... Any Ideas please? I have ACad 2011..
  8. rsl

    unrolling text

    Hello, is it possible to include text along unrolled polysrf and points? The texts are baked from grasshopper tagging the points on the surfaces. I've tried to explode them into curves, but they are still not appearing on my unrolled surface. I've attached the rhino file here. Thank you! octagons1.zip
  9. i have one peice of property with an 50' easement going through the middle. I want to combine the two halves to make one property. But i want to omit the 50' easement. I also vaguely remember learning about some sort of text that is annotative and is only visible in certain views. I have an overall view that is 1"=1000' and the other views are 1"=100'. Its very similar to having two sets of text on different layers and different sizes (and just freezing out one or the other in the viewport.) but it is all done with a certain kind of text. Any thoughts?
  10. Mike Gale

    Printing Help with ACAD 14

    Greeting all, I am now to this forum and have been trying to do sometime with my ACAD14 for some time now and just cant seem to figure out a good way to do it... I have been using ACAD14 (registered user) since 9... I have a customer logo that is both white on black and black on white, with the opposite color in the color. I send the plot or print out to a laser engraver. My material is black with white core (give me white letters when engraved) so where it is black letters on white, I need to remove the background and leave the letters... I tried solid hatching and putting text in to the hatch, but it removed it all... There is a rubber stamp mode but it seemed to make the text fuzzy. I have also printed a BMP and it too seems fuzzy (not crisp letters) Is there any good way any of you have used??? BTW the laser is a 40w co2 laser... Thanks Mike
  11. Hi, I'm familiar with creating hatch patterns using notepad, I have been scouring the web for any examples that meet what I’m looking to do: I'm looking to create a customer hatch pattern where text is defined within the pattern in the same way text is defined within a custom line-type. So far, the only examples I have found show the text being drawn line by line. I don’t know if it is possible to do what I’m looking to do, although I’d be surprised if it can’t be done in some way. Any help would be appreciated even if it's to tell me it can’t be done - as it would save me a lot of time going through the forums & AutoCAD help file. Thanks in advance Gman Running OS: XP, AutoCAD 2008
  12. Hi, I need to transfer some plumbing (or piping) from Autocad to a another program for specialist analysis. This analysis requires that I have the piping as 1m length pieces. I have found lisp code to measure the line and place a marker (block) every 1 metre, and also have a program to extract the block co-ordinates to a text file (which then allows me to reload the line into the the third party app). However this process cuts all the corners, so my re-constituted line is not exactly what i started with. I need a lisp code that measures the polyline, but also places the block marker at the vertex's of the polyline. As a secondary item is it possible to use text as the block, and modify the text so that it extends 1,2,3,... alond the line, - this would assist me ensure that the line is re-constituted correctly in the third party app - particularly when I want to do several lines at the same time. I've some experience with Autolisp way back at R10, and again R12, but not touched it much in the last 10 years. So I think I could modify code provided, to suit R2006, if you prefer to answer in code only tested on R2010 etc.. Cheers!
  13. I had created an entirely new layer just for text and when go to layout 1 and MV (Make view), everything is visible except for all the text. I tried drawing on that particular layer, the lines appear but the text are still missing When i tried plotting in workspace, it is visible. Anyway to solve this problem? Thanks in advance:D PS: Using Acad 2010 now
  14. Hi all, I just purchased Autocad 2010 and going through the mleader settings I can't figure out which settings will have the mtext come in at a 90 deg. angle. The option to have the text placed for "reading from right" places the text at maybe a 80 deg. angle w/ ortho on. The horizontal setting does its job. Could I be overlooking a setting? Greatly appreciate your suggestions.
  15. kari_sinkko

    Lat, Long csv

    Hi, I have a csv file that has let,long,meters and was wondering how to import it. I'm thinking there would be a script that would read it in the csv and show the lat long and meters. Been searching a bit now, it seems to be quite complicated. Using Autocad Architecture 2010.
  16. Hello everyone. I'm hoping one of you LISP geniuses can help me out. I dont know a whole lot about Lisp, but I think my question would be pretty simple for someone with a good LISP knowledge to figure out quite fast. I have attached a LISP and a DCL. Everything is working properly on it except for one thing. There are two checkboxes on the right of the dialogue box, one says EOL, and the other says Amber CKT. What I would like the lisp to do is, when one of the check boxes is checked, to add a fixed suffix onto the text string that the program is already building. They need to add these suffixes: EOL - "(EOL)" Amber - "A" Like I said, I think this would be pretty easy for somone who has experience writing LISP. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it! map.zip
  17. I looked around, and couldn't find anything that answered this question specifically. So here goes: I've got hidden viewports to show my 3D objects in. These objects require label text that I've created in paperspace to align with them. Is there any way to get the text to plot as solid instead of outlined from these viewports set to hidden? Thank you in advance!
  18. hi guys, noob here, been given since Friday to learn CAD, i need to have my work in the post tomos at the latest. my problem is text and plotting, heres a jpeg showing the issue, bottom jpeg (only printer available - lexmark P6350) when i view my project before plotting it is fine jpeg included. many thanks! peace
  19. I have a lisp that is supposed to create a Polyline box around selected text, trim lines within the box, and then delete the box. I am, however, having some issues getting it to run properly. Everytime I run it, I select the text that I want to use, but I get an error Select Text; error: bad DXF group: (-1 (13.3618 5.59898 0.0)) I am hoping that someone can help me out with this. ;;; This lisp routine creates a box around selected text, trims all entities within the box, and then deletes the box. (defun C:TTR (/ TEXTENT TRIMFACT TB GAP FGAP LL UR PTB1 PTB2 PTB3 PTB4 PTF1 PTF2 PTF3 PTF4 BX) (setq TEXTENT (entsel "\nSelect Text")) (setq TRIMFACT 2.0) ;Set trim gap and text height ratio HERE (command "ucs" "Entity" TEXTENT) (setq TB (textbox (list (cons -1 TEXTENT))) LL (car TB) UR (cadr TB) ) (setq GAP (* *TXTH TRIMFACT)) (setq FGAP (* GAP 0.5)) (setq PTB1 (list (- (car LL) GAP) (- (cadr LL) GAP)) PTB3 (list (+ (car UR) GAP) (+ (cadr UR) GAP)) PTB2 (list (car PTB3) (cadr PTB1)) PTB4 (list (car PTB1) (cadr PTB3)) PTF1 (list (- (car LL) FGAP) (- (cadr LL) FGAP)) PTF3 (list (+ (car UR) FGAP) (+ (cadr UR) FGAP)) PTF2 (list (car PTF3) (cadr PTF1)) PTF4 (list (car PTF1) (cadr PTF3)) ) (command "pline" PTB1 PTB2 PTB3 PTB4 "c") (setq BX (entlast)) (command "trim" BX "" "f" PTF1 PTF3 PTF4 PTF1 "" "") (entdel BX) (redraw TEXTENT) (command "ucs" "p") (princ) ) ;end trimbox (princ "\nType TTR to start") (princ); end TEXT TRIM.lsp Thank you in advance for your help
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